I like "The Sims"... I like to make my people touch the bug zapper...

Transformers and The Sims don't belong to me. That makes me sad.

"Sideswipe, she rejected me!" Sunstreaker whined from atop his berth. He squeezed his stuffed rabbit in his arms.

"It's okay, Sunny," the red Lamborghini comforted his brother. He stood up and walked over to his brother's berth and sat down next to him, putting his arms around him to make him feel better.

"Why doesn't she like me anymore? What's wrong with me?" he whimpered.

"Nothing's wrong with you, Sunny. She was just being a cranky bitch," Sideswipe said as he stroked his brother's head, which was now resting on his shoulder.

"All this time I've been providing for her! I invited her to my parties, I had her over for diner, I pleaded with the Grim Reaper and brought her back to life when she died in a kitchen fire, and she dumps me because "We don't hang out anymore"!" he complained.

"Hey guys! I was just checking on ya… Hey, what's wrong, Streaker?" Jazz asked as he poked his head into the room.

"He was playing "The Sims" and his virtual girlfriend dumped him," Sideswipe explained.

"Virtual me will never love again!" Sunstreaker whined.

Jazz backed out of the room. "I gotta remember to stop asking them that," he said as he turned to leave.