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Beep. Whirr. Bang!

The noises were loud, possibly ugly. It was easy to tell that they didn't belong. They were too... mechanically. A loud crunch came from the circular box, like gears crunching against each other. Various different buttons were randomly scattered out on the control box. Some were beeping others were just flashing. But the overall look was chaos. Complete and utter chaos.

A relatively skinny man was racing around the control panel. Banging with a hammer at certain points, muttering inaudibly and grunting when the panel continued to beep. There was a man's coat flung over a worn out old couch, on which was another coat. This one belonging to a girl. Due to the fact it was much tighter and light blue. The man started to pace nervously, fiddling with knobs every now and again. It wouldn't have been a surprise if he burned a hole in the rubber of his high-tops. Speaking of high-tops his clothing style was best described as... well it was hard to describe. A brown pin stripe suit, its top buttons undone slightly to reveal a bluish grey t-shirt.

"No, no no! Work! Come on old girl, don't die on me now," there was no one else to talk to in the room, so it could be presumed that the man was talking to the machine. The room in which they were standing in was... had an almost organic look. Like the walls were alive. A soft yellow light emitted from the machine, for lack of a better word, giving the whole room an eerie glow. But it was oddly comforting.

"What's the matter, Doctor?" A young blond haired woman was standing on what looked like a bridge. She swept a hand up to push stray strands of her blonde hair back. The man, or the Doctor, looked up gazing briefly at the girl before looking back down. The woman was watching with her head cocked to one side, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

"Oh, this old thing? Nothing's wrong at all. In fact I'd say we're very fair from anything being wrong," He felt his face become flustered. It always happened when he was around Rose. But luckily she passed it off as being him not having a clue. His hand stopped in mid air from hitting the panel when a low whine emitted. Then the light changed from red to green back to yellow. His face lit up. The famous smile of his, spreading right to his eyes, his gaze moved back to the girl. "See? I told you everything was okay..." He grinned again. "Fantastic."

Rose shook her head, the traces of a smile still there. This was an average day with the Doctor. He usually broke something before breakfast was even thought about by her. A grin broke out on her face. But he did look adorable, hammer in hand. Smiling like he'd just won the jackpot.

Especially with his hair ruffled like that, she said in her mind. The thought was quickly pushed to the back of her mind. She couldn't think about that with him just standing there. And he'd so obviously ignored her advances on him. She was content with being the best friend that accidentally fell in love with him. Even if he couldn't love her back in the same way.

The Doctor grinned again. His eyes moving over her body, almost without him realising it, as she bent to pick up her jacket. He swallowed as the black skirt she was wearing rode up ever so slightly. Oh, god. He was staring at her arse intently. Oh, god. That beautiful skin... and the skirt that was revealing a flash of lacy black. Luckily though she seemed to not notice, so he quickly he shut his eyes. Taking a deep breath before opening them again. The Doctor blinked once in the light, only to see Rose staring at him.

"Are you sure there's not something the matter?" She asked again, her right eyebrow rising slightly. She knew just what he'd been looking at. Because of the fact that she'd purposely walked past him. She'd purposely worn a short skirt. And she'd purposely worn a tight fitting top. She was going to get him to notice her properly if it killed her. Or him. She took a step closer, making her face fill with concern.

"Eh... no everything fine. Just wonderful. Eh... could you take a step back?" The Doctor swallowed quietly and emphasised a gap between the two with his hammer. Rose smirked softly but feigned a hurt face. "Aw... if you insist" she grinned before taking a step back. The Doctor nodded gratefully and turned his back on her so he could see the controls again. He sighed inwardly so she couldn't hear him and forced a smile on his face. Rose smiled and leaned back against the barrier. Her work momentarily done until the next time.

The Doctor and Rose both lost their footings as the TARDIS was shaken about roughly by time turbulence as the Doctor liked to call it. Everything shook to a halt. All that could be heard was laughter. "You okay?" He called out, into the blackness. The TARDIS' lights had momentarily gone on the blink. Rose giggled from underneath him. "Uh... Doctor... what's poking me in the stomach?" she asked.

The Doctor froze, his mind working over time. "Sonic Screwdriver..." He said hastily. Rose grinned. Yeah, right, she thought.All she could hear in the darkness was their breathing. Still the lights were off. Still something was poking her in the stomach. Suddenly something or somebody was breathing heavily against his neck. Her breath froze in her throat. What? This was her game, not his. He wasn't supposed to react this way till, much, much later.

The Doctor was grinning at his brilliance. Play the game. Learn the rules, and play the game. Still though... that didn't mean it wouldn't make his hearts beat wildly out of control. Ever so gently he kissed down her neck, before raising himself onto his hands. As his eyesight slowly grew used to the dark he could just make out the outline of her body. See her chest slowly rising then falling; see her flat stomach quiver--

And then the lights came back on.

Bugger it.

That wasn't part of the plan. They were just lying there against the grilled floor of the TARDIS. She could feel his hearts. Not to mention the blood pumping in her ears. He was just staring at her, with those big gorgeous brown eyes. And then she was leaning forward to kiss him. Her mind only stuck on one thing.

That wasn't part of the plan. The Doctor jumped up suddenly, a red blush showing on his face. "Uh... well better get back to... wherever the hell we are," He grinned and grabbed the long coat from the TARDIS' old seats and with his long strides walked to the door. Rose was just sitting there, feeling slightly dazed of all things. She was only twenty for god sake and he was... well over nine hundred years old. She sighed and sat up, using her arms to help her. But he did have a lovely smile and she had caught sight of his toned stomach when she barged into the shower room once...

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