Chapter 13: End of Term

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Chapter 13: End of Term.

As Harry, Ron and Neville watched from the stands, Gryffindor took to the pitch. Proudly flying her Nimbus, Hermione waved to Harry. She looked great, Harry thought, so confident.

He'd been able to talk Madam Pomfrey into letting him watch the match. "Don't get too excited Mr. Potter, you still haven't regained your full strength yet," she warned.

Go get 'em 'Mione, he thought to her.

I'm on it Potter.

Madam Hooch blew the whistle and tossed the Quaffle in the air.

Lee Jordan was narrating again: "The Quaffle is up, and it's grabbed by Spinnet of Gryffindor. Passes to Johnson. Bell races to the goal and Johnson passes to her. Katie scores!

Meanwhile, Hermione was high above the pitch, searching for the Snitch. The Ravenclaw Seeker tried to fake Hermione out by racing down the pitch, but she wasn't fooled. The score seesawed back and forth, with neither team gaining a clear advantage.

Suddenly Harry spotted the Snitch, idling beside one of the Ravenclaw Beaters.

Hermione, I just spotted the Snitch, it's beside the Ravenclaw Beater to your left, reported Harry.

I see it. I'll try to sneak up on it.

Slowly working her way over to the beater, she suddenly accelerated and snatched the Snitch from behind the ear of the startled Ravenclaw.

Madam Hooch blew the whistle and the game ended with the score one hundred and ninety to forty.

The Gryffindor stands erupted in cheering. Even the Hufflepuffs cheered, glad to see Slytherin beaten for the cup.

Harry raced down to the pitch and joined in the group hug. Grabbing Hermione, he gave her a victory hug and kiss. She blushed bright pink and kissed him back.

We make a great team Potter, thanks for the well spotted tip, she laughed.

You did a fantastic job of flying 'Mione, the Beater just about fell off his broom when you charged in like that!

Harry needed to see Dumbledore. He couldn't bear the thought of spending the summer with the Dursley's and without Hermione. Catching the Headmaster at lunch one day, he approached him and asked to see him privately.

"Of course Harry, I'll see you in my office in an hour."

An hour later, Harry and Hermione made their way to the Headmaster's office. Harry had told Hermione about the meeting and she insisted on going with him.

Entering the office, the pair were bade to be seated.

"Now Harry, what can I do to help?"

"Sir, I was hoping that I wouldn't have to return to my relatives place this summer. Can I stay someplace else? They treat me horribly."

Hermione spoke up, "Harry can stay with me at my parents place, sir."

"I'm sorry Harry, there are blood wards at your relatives place that will protect you. Since we believe that Voldemort may return, you must stay there to replenish the wards. You will be allowed to leave once the wards are replenished, but that won't be until after your birthday each year. When you are of age, the wards will automatically expire and you won't have to stay there anymore. I hate to have to subject you to your Aunt and Uncle, but your Aunt Petunia is your only living relative. Staying with Hermione would only put both of you in danger."

"But I can visit Harry, can't I?" Hermione asked.

"Certainly my dear, but you must be careful. In fact, I would suggest you visit as often as possible since the bond is still forming."

Sighing in resignation, they bade goodbye to the Headmaster.

"Well, it was worth a try. I'm sure my parents will let me visit," Hermione said dejectedly.

End of term exams came and went. Harry and Hermione tied for top marks, with Neville and Ron a close second and third.

Relaxing after packing for the trip home, Hermione thought, Harry, how are we going to see each other over the summer?

I have to go back to the Dursleys, but maybe we can work something out. I know the Dursleys barely put up with me, but I couldn't stand being separated from you for the whole summer.

Ron poked his head in at that moment. "Mum says to invite you two over to the Burrow for the summer, can you make it."

"Sorry Ron, Dumbledore says I have to return to the Dursleys until after my birthday.

"I'll be staying home, Ron," Hermione sighed. "If Harry can't come, then there's no point in me coming over until we can both come."

"If you two can make it, I'll get Dad to pick you up," Ron replied. "He's got this muggle car he's enchanted to fly."

"I should tell you Ron, muggles aren't used to seeing flying cars."

"He's installed an invisibility booster, so it should be alright," Ron remarked.

"Minerva," said the Headmaster, "I think we can treat our two bonded students to a bit of relaxation this summer. I'll go to the Dursleys and have a talk with Petunia. There's no reason Harry should have to suffer while he's there. In any case, he'll have to stay a minimum of two weeks, in order to recharge the Blood Protection Wards.

"I agree Albus, maybe you can make it more comfortable there as well. I'll tell Harry. Hermione may as well be able to visit him. Can you connect her parent's place to the Floo network?"

"Good idea Minerva, yes, that should help settle him down. We still don't have any idea how or why the bonding took place, but I suspect something in Hogwarts is involved. I'll keep looking, but it's a big place. I haven't even discovered all its secrets after all these years.

Hermione! Dumbledore just told me that I only have to stay at the Dursleys for two weeks! We can go to The Burrow after all. I'd love to meet your parents as well.

Oh Harry! That's wonderful. I'll talk to mum and dad when we arrive at King's Cross.

Holding hands on the way to the train, they thought of all that had happened that year. That eventful meeting on the train, new friends Ron and Neville, Quidditch, flying, Norbert the dragon, the Philosopher's Stone, Voldemort and most importantly finding out they were wizard and witch, Soul Bound to each other, mates for life.

Many questions would haunt them, but together they could face them.

Arrival at King's Cross was a mad house, people everywhere. Hermione spotted her parents first and dragged Harry over to see them.

"Mum, Dad, you've met Harry."

"We're glad to meet you again Harry," Mrs. Granger said. "Hermione's told us so much more about you. We were quite worried at first, but after talking to your Headmaster again, we feel a bit better. But Harry, remember, we don't want to become grandparents too soon!"

Harry and Hermione flinched at this, but Harry answered. "Don't worry Mrs. Granger, we love each other very much, but we won't be taking foolish chances."

Hermione blushed a deep scarlet and nodded.

Mr. Granger then said. "Our little girl seems to have picked very well Harry. You're both so young, but Mr. Dumbledore explained that in the wizarding world, people mature earlier. Jean and I married right after college, so I hope you'll wait a decent amount of time."

Hermione asked, "Mum, Dad, may I invite Harry to stay with us for a few days at the end of the holidays?"

"Certainly dear, you've told us all about him, and after our talk earlier, I think he's a fine boy," her mother replied. Your father still has some reservations, but I think we can work something out.

"Harry, I don't want you to think that you aren't welcome. All fathers tend to be protective towards their daughters. I can see you are a fine young lad.

Harry blushed and thanked her parents. He waved goodbye, pecking Hermione on the cheek. Spotting Uncle Vernon waiting, he sadly made his way over to him.

"Come on boy, I don't have all day!"

"Yes Uncle Vernon."

Trudging back to the car, he wished he could stay with Hermione instead.

End Part 1.