What would their signature be?

They've all wondered, all given it more thought then they think they should, all lain awake in the dark and thought about it.

Reid thinks his would be an obscure book reference, written on paper and stuffed into his victim's hand – an perverse tribute to his mother.

Emily thinks it would be a playing card stuck to the forehead. The 'mob look' – for some reason it appeals to her. A throwback to macabre Hollywood glamour – to speak-easies and flappers. She wonders if this makes her a nerd.

JJ knows what her would be. Her victims would be clean. She would make them presentable, she wouldn't massacre them. Their families could have an open coffin if they chose.

Morgan's would be a broken neck – something quick, painless. A counterpoint to the earlier violence. Ultimately a nice, swift death.

Hotch decides on a wire, left tied around the throat.

Gideon never had one.

Rossi does though.