This story was meant as a funny epilogue to another story that never got off the ground. I was flicking through the fragmented mess that it is, and this jumped out at me as vaguely amusing. WARNING: Slash, silliness and Cloud-baiting.


Cloud crept silently into Tifa's bedroom. He looked around; everything was dark and quiet. He smiled to himself. Just as he wanted it, the full moon was shining in through the window, illuminating the ivory keys of Tifa's dusty old beechwood piano, Tiptoeing over to it, he was filled with excitement and anticipation. And now, he thought, to resurrect my beloved Aeris. His fingers skipped nimbly over the keys, playing the tune which had been dedicated to the memory of the beautiful flower girl.

"Damn," he muttered, as he hit the wrong note. Now he and Aeris would never get to be together.

All was not lost, however, as there came a strong light from the darkest corner of the room. A green flash, which reminded him of the Lifestream gushing around in the Promised Land. Yes, Tifa had told him what had happened when she had given the resurrection procedure of playing Aeris' Theme on the piano on a moonlit night, a try. She had seen a few wisps of green light, and figured that someone with stronger feelings for Aeris, someone like Cloud, would be able to bring her back completely. This light was a good, good sign, as a shadowy figure formed in the eerie glow.

"Aeris!" Cloud cried, holding out his arms to her.

It wasn't Aeris that emerged from the green light, but a man. A tall man with long, silver hair and bright blue eyes. He wore a black trench coat and carried a huge white sword on his back.

He squinted at the blond, spiky-haired boy. "Cloud?" he boomed, surprised that he, of all people, had chosen to resurrect him.

Cloud, frightened and angry, swiftly drew his sword. "Stay away from me!" he yelled. "Haven't you done enough? Leave me alone!"

Sephiroth grinned broadly. "But you brought me back. After I perished at your hand, you gave me a second chance at life. Thank you, Cloud." He approached the sword-wielding Cloud.

"It was a mistake!" Cloud hollered. "I was trying to resurrect Aeris, after you needlessly butchered her!" He wildly slashed his sword, narrowly missing Sephiroth, who smartly stepped backward.

"Hey, Cloud, calm down," he said, huskily. "I ain't gonna hurt you." He smiled and widened his Mako blue eyes.

Reluctantly, Cloud sheathed his sword.

"What I'm trying to say," Sephiroth continued, "is that some things just aren't meant to be." He reached over, touching Cloud's hand. "And some things are, if you get my drift!" He winked and pouted at Cloud, who felt no sense of the revulsion he had been expecting. He was confused, as he felt his erstwhile adversary squeeze his hand.

"You know... Sephiroth..." Cloud began. "I..."

"No, no," Sephiroth whispered, holding his hand up. "Call me Sephy."

Cloud swallowed hard. "Se-Sephy," he began nervously. "You know, I have always found you... attractive... in a bad-guy sort of a way..." He exhaled sharply. He'd never admitted something like that to another man before.

"Really?" Sephiroth exclaimed, a look of absolute delight in his eyes. "Even when I stabbed that flower girl?"

Cloud drooped his eyelids and pulled himself close to the man in the black cloak. "Especially when you stabbed that flower girl." He reached up and kissed Sephiroth's cheek.

Sephiroth grinned. "Let's get a room," he suggested saucilly, "so I can show you what else I can do with my sword!"

And so the two warriors wandered off hand in hand into the sunset, and lived happily ever after.