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Summary: What if things started out differently? What if Naruto had a family and friends? What if they discovered a power greater than anything they could ever imagine? The power of the Shinigami Kekkei Genkai

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"Non human speak, Special Jutsus"

"Non human thought"

Chapter 1: The legend

This world was not always what it is today. In ancient times when the Bijuu first awoke in this world, they brought destruction and misery upon the humans. The Shinigami (Death god) did not wish for more blood to be spilled pointlessly. He used his power to transform the souls of the bravest human and beast alike into his warriors. We humans call them Guardians.

They eight guardians fought against the Bijuu whenever they appeared stopping them from destroying what the humans worked so hard to build.

Peace settled over the lands and the people thanked the Shinigami for this blessing he bestowed upon them. we all know peace never last as long as we like it to.

The Guardians turned upon the world one by one and along with the Bijuu they destroyed everything in their path despite the Shinigami's orders for them to stop. Only one Guardian remained loyal to the Shinigami. He pleaded to his master to seal the Guardians away to stop them from destroying everything. The Shinigami was saddened by this but was left with little choice.

He used his power and was about to swallow his servants. But in the end he could not, so he sealed them away forever instead. To this day they have never been seen, but the Bijuu were now free to do as they liked.

The Shinigami could now only watch as the Bijuu were free to destroy the world. He cursed his weakness, he knew that the Guardians were turning evil but did nothing to stop them. He bestowed upon the humans a sealing technique to stop them in his place.

Itachi closed the book he had been reading to his little brother. Itachi was 8 years old and had graduated the academy two days ago. Since there were no teams with an open spot Itachi was going to do D-rank mission until there was an opening.

"My first missions as a genin is to baby sit my little brother." He thought and looked at the sleeping form of his 3 year old little brother Sasuke.

Sasuke suddenly started sucking on his thumb making the older Uchiha smile. He pulled up the cover to keep Sasuke warm. "But I guess it could be worse."

Two years later

A 10 year old Itachi was walking down the streets of Konoha with a 5 year old Sasuke. I Itachi had been a chunin for a little more than a week. He was not in the best of mode; he just had an argument with his father about taking Sasuke for lunch at the local ramen stand.

Fugaku didn't think that Uchiha should lower themselves to eat such simple food. He also added that such food was bad for you and would lower you abilities. Itachi sighed at his father's stupid pride. Sure ramen was not a healthy food to eat but you could just train to work of the calories.

Lately Fugaku was forcing Itachi to go through harder and harder training to improve his abilities. Itachi didn't mind training but Fugaku kept telling him to train to uphold the Uchiha pride. Fugaku never praised Itachi's abilities as a shinobi, only his abilities as an Uchiha. It was starting to piss him of a bit.

He felt a tug on his shirt and looked down on Sasuke. "Yes?"

"Are you okay Niisan? (Brother) You look angry." Sasuke said innocently

Itachi ruffled Sasuke's hair and smiled. "I'm okay I just think Otousan (Father) can be stupid sometimes." He said.

Sasuke nodded. "Yeah tell me about it. He won't train me at all he keep telling me that he is busy training you."

Itachi raised an eyebrow. "Really? I can train by myself just fine I will talk to him later." He said and Sasuke beamed at him.

Suddenly they heard a lot of angry voices heading their way. They saw a young blond boy about Sasuke's age running for his life. The boy ran into an ally that Itachi knew was a dead-end. Then five civilians judging by their clothing, armed with different kind of sharp objects ran into the same ally.

Itachi suddenly felt a cold shiver run down his spine. "They wouldn't?" he said quietly feeling Sasuke tighten the grip on his hand. The question was quickly answered by a cry of pain coming from the ally. Itachi dashed toward the ally. He reached it in a couple of second and saw five people beating and stabbing the child.

Itachi felt something he had never felt before, the urge to make these bastards suffer beyond reason. He quickly went through a set of hand seals. "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" (Fire element: Great fireball technique) he exhaled a large fireball giving all the attackers third degree burns. They cried out in pain as they fell onto the ground. Itachi jumped over them and looked at the horrible state of the blond boy's body.

The child was crying and whimpering. "P-Please no more." He said. Itachi picked him up and walked out of the ally. Sasuke stopped in front of his brother and was shocked at the sight of all the blood.

"W-What happened N-Niisan?" Sasuke asked.

Itachi looked at his little brother. "I can't explain now Sasuke I have to get him to the hospital." Itachi said.

Sasuke nodded. "Ok go I will be fine." He said.

Itachi gave his brother a proud smile before running full speed towards the hospital. "How could they do something like that, and why did nobody try to help him." He wondered as he saw his destination getting closer.

He stopped when two ANBU and none other than the Sandaime landed in front of him. "Oh thank Kami you found him Itachi-kun. I saw him being chased but I was afraid I wouldn't make it." The old man said while the silver haired ANBU with a dog mask walked over and took Naruto from him. "Take him to the hospital." Sarutobi said and the dog masked ANBU disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Itachi sighed slightly. "Sandaime-sama?" he said and the old man looked down at him. "How could anybody do something like that?"

Sarutobi's eyes were filled with sadness "Some people in this village are blind to the truth Itachi-kun that is all I can say."

Itachi didn't quite get it but he was in no position to question his leader. His eyes widened slightly. "I must go Hokage-sama please excuse me." He said and bowed slightly to the old man before running back towards his little brother.

Sarutobi smiled at the young boy "Itachi you are a good kid, who knows you might even become the next Hokage."

Itachi ran back and found Sasuke running towards him. "Niisan!" the little Uchiha shouted.

Itachi stopped in front of Sasuke and bent down to his eye level. "Are you okay Sasuke?" Itachi asked.

Sasuke nodded. "Yeah I'm fine Niisan. What happened with the blond guy?"

"Hokage-sama made one of his ANBU take him to the hospital." Itachi replied.

Sasuke looked a bit worried "You think the blond guy will be okay?"

"I'm sure he will be alright. If you want we can go and check on him after we had lunch." Itachi said earning a smile and a nod from Sasuke.

After having lunch at Ichiraku ramen Itachi and Sasuke made their way to the hospital. To their surprise they found Sarutobi walking out of the building with Naruto. (Like you didn't know who the blond kid was) "Oh Itachi-kun what are you doing here?" the old man asked.

Sasuke hid behind Itachi's leg having never met the Hokage before. "I actually came to see if he was okay." Itachi said pointing at Naruto who looked slightly nervous. "How did he recover so fast?" Itachi thought to himself."

Sarutobi could not help but smile at the young Uchiha. "That is very kind of you Itachi-kun, well Naruto-kun here is fine because you got to him in time."

Naruto's eyes widened "You're the one who saved me?" he asked and Itachi nodded. Naruto walked over to Itachi and bowed surprising the old man as he never bowed to him, or showed respect. "Thanks for saving me Itachi-san." Naruto said.

Itachi was about to reply but tackled Naruto to the ground as a Fuma shuriken almost hit the small blonde. Itachi was back on his feet Sharingan blazing. The man who threw the projectile was already subdued by the same dog masked ANBU he saw before.

The Hokage was livid and glared at the man. "Take him to Ibiki." Was all he said and the dog masked ANBU disappeared.

Itachi deactivated his Sharingan and looked down at the small boy who was trembling. "I-I didn't do anything w-why?"

Sarutobi calmed himself before addressing Itachi. "Itachi-kun please take Naruto to the Uchiha compound and watch over him until I get there."

Itachi nodded "Yes Hokage-sama, but my Otousan might not like it."

"If Fugaku have any problems with it he can speak to me about it." Sarutobi said and bent down to Naruto's level. "I have to go Naruto but stay with Itachi-kun and Sasuke-kun."

Naruto wiped his tears and nodded. Sarutobi sent one more look at Itachi before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Itachi sighed and looked down at the two younger children. "Well Naruto-kun looks like you're coming with us." He said and got a weak smile from Naruto.

Sasuke looked at the blond "My name is Sasuke nice to meet you." He said smiling slightly.

Naruto looked at Sasuke for a moment before smiling back. "I'm Naruto."

The trip back to the compound was uneventful except the glares Naruto received.

Itachi was not looking forward to his father hearing about Naruto's presence on the compound. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw his mother in the door way.

"Itachi, Sasuke where have you two been?" she asked. She was surprised when she saw Naruto standing beside Sasuke. "Oh who is this?" she asked as she walked over.

Naruto seemed a little nervous so Itachi answered "This is Naruto, he will be staying here on Hokage-sama's orders." He said.

"H-Hello." He said quietly.

Mikoto looked at the boy for a moment before smiling slightly. "Well hello Naruto-kun. My name is Mikoto; I am Itachi and Sasuke's Okaasan. (Mother) she said.

Naruto smiled slightly "Nice to meet you Mikoto-san."

"Sasuke-chan why don't you take Naruto to your room and play for a bit, I want to talk to Itachi." She said and Sasuke dragged Naruto to his room.

When the children were out of hearing range Mikoto turned to Itachi. "Why is he here Itachi?"

"He was attacked twice." Itachi replied.

"What do you mean attacked?" Mikoto asked.

"Exactly what it sound like, he was attacked in the middle of the day. He would have been killed if I hadn't been there."

Mikoto's eyes widened. "Who tried to kill him?" she asked.

"First it was five civilians and then when he came out of the hospital one shinobi tried to kill him right in front of the Hokage."

Mikoto was shocked, sure she knew that the Kyuubi was inside of him but to try and kill a child without remorse. "How could they even think about doing something like that?"

Itachi shook his head. "I don't know but they are scum." He said and clenched his fist.

Mikoto looked at her son."Itachi, you almost never show feeling except when you're around Sasuke."

The rest of the day passed by without much trouble, Fugaku was about to throw Naruto out but Itachi said it was a direct order from the Hokage so Fugaku left him alone.

It was almost a new day when the Hokage knocked on the door. He was currently sitting in the kitchen with Fugaku and Mikoto drinking tea. "I hope Naruto haven't been too much trouble?" he asked.

Mikoto smiled "No Sandaime-sama he was no trouble at all."

Fugaku snorted "Perhaps not but I will be glad once you take that 'thing' from my house."

Sarutobi's eyes darkened slightly "Naruto is not a thing Fugaku he is a child."

"Put a pretty ribbon on a monster and it is still a monster." He said.

"I really hoped you could see that Naruto is not a monster Fugaku. But I suppose that Sharingan of yours isn't up to the task." Sarutobi said.

Fugaku decided to not reply to the insult and merely asked "When are you removing that thing from my property?"

"Fugaku." Mikoto said making both men in the room look at her. "Maybe he should stay here."

"Have you lost your mind Mikoto?" Fugaku asked.

"No but Itachi told me that poor kid was attacked. I cannot let him go when he might be killed."

THAT'S ENOUGH!!" Fugaku screamed shocking the other occupants of the room. "You see? That thing has already affected you we should kill him before he..." Fugaku stopped when the door opened.

"Otousan you should keep it down people are trying to sleep." Itachi said as he stepped into the room.

"Itachi go to bed this does not concern you." Fugaku said.

"I agree with Okaasan, Naruto should stay here."

Fugaku was shocked first his wife now his eldest son. That the demon could manipulate the Hokage and his wife he could understand, but Itachi was an Uchiha he could not be manipulated so easily. Before he could say anything Itachi spoke again.

"I watched him play with Sasuke today; I have never seen Sasuke having fun like that. It would do him good to have friend."

"No I will not have Uzumaki under this roof he is to dangerous." Fugaku said cursing the Sandaime's law.

"You mean that the Kyuubi inside of him is dangerous?" Itachi said. The occupants of the room were stunned; the Sandaime chocked on his tea and started coughing.

When he recovered he looked at Itachi "How could you possibly?"

Itachi smiled "Because you just told me."

Sarutobi cursed his mouth "But how could you even think of it?"

"Tried to figure out why the villagers hated him so much that they would resort to violence. He had to have done something horrible, so I looked in the library for recent events that would cause something like that. First would have been the Hyuuga kidnapping that almost happened but that made no sense, so I looked into the second most recent event." He paused slightly "The Kyuubi attack 5 years ago, on the same year Naruto was born."

"But the history books clearly state that my successor defeated the Kyuubi at the cost of his own life." Sarutobi said.

Itachi smiled "Yes but I remembered a book I once read to Sasuke. It basically said that the Bijuu could not be defeated by human hands. So the Shinigami created a sealing technique to stop them."

Sarutobi sighed heavily "You are a very bright boy Itachi-kun. But you don't seem to hate Naruto." As serious as this situation was Sarutobi could not help but be impressed with Itachi.

Itachi shook his head "No I don't hate him, how anyone could blame him for the Kyuubi attack is beyond me."

"That does not change the fact that the seal might break." Fugaku said "Should it break we will all surely die."

"There is no need to doubt the Yondaime's sealing skills." Sarutobi said narrowing his eyes at Fugaku. "I believe that you are merely looking for a reason to hate him."

Fugaku glared at the old man. "Can you truly prove that the seal will never break?" he asked and the Sandaime could not answer. "But if you truly wish for Naruto to stay under this roof then how about we make a bet?"

"What kind of bet?" Sarutobi asked not trusting Fugaku.

"Hatake Kakashi became Jounin at the age of 13 correct?"

"Yes but I don't see what this have anything to do with this."

"I was getting to that Hokage-sama." Fugaku said. "Itachi is an Uchiha so his skill should match those of Kakashi. My bet is that if Itachi make it into ANBU before the age of 14 then I swear upon the name of Uchiha Madara that I will let Uzumaki live here for as long as he likes."

"And if Itachi fails?" Sarutobi asked.

"If Itachi should fail...Uzumaki will be executed."

"I will never agree with something like that." Sarutobi said glaring at Fugaku.

"Then remove him from my house this instant." Fugaku replied "But think about it Hokage-sama, if Itachi succeeds then Naruto will never have to fear the villagers again since my clan will protect him. And if he fails Uzumaki will at least live here in safety for 3 years, and the threat of Kyuubi will be gone forever."

"The answer is..." Sarutobi was interrupted by Itachi.

"I agree with my Otousan." Itachi said "If Naruto must die then let him be happy until then. If he leaves this house then you must put him under surveillance or he will be attacked and maybe killed before you can get to him."

"I cannot gamble with his life like that." Sarutobi protested.

"Please Hokage-sama...just trust me. I am high chunin level already, in three years I will definitely be ANBU quality."

"I can't..."

"Hokage-sama please trust my son he will succeed. Naruto is not safe on his own" Mikoto said.

The old man could only look at the Uchiha's in the room, until finally he lowered his head. "Naruto will be staying here under the protection of your clan, and if Itachi fails to become part of ANBU in 3 years...Naruto will be executed." He said in a defeated tone.

"Good then it is settled." Fugaku said. "This is perfect; the old fool will never be able to deny Itachi a position in ANBU now. Now I just need to train him to be as strong as possible before then, and when the time comes we will kill the old man and the Kyuubi brat. Madara-sama Konoha will rise to its former glory."

The 3 years at the Uchiha compound was the greatest time in Naruto's short life. He played with Sasuke when they were not receiving training from Itachi or Mikoto since Sasuke thought it would be unfair to Naruto if he was the only one who received training.

The problem with this was that no one except Itachi and Mikoto would train the boys because they refused to help the demon child.

However Naruto was having trouble with his training, no scratch that Naruto couldn't perform any Ninjutsu no matter how hard he tried. Not only did he have problems with the Katon (Fire element) Jutsus of the Uchiha clan but also normal Jutsu liked Henge and Bunshin.

No one could figure it out; Itachi with his Sharingan could see that Naruto performed it perfectly. He moulded the chakra just right but used more then necessary but that should only increase the power of the Katon Jutsus. It went to the point when they took Naruto to the hospital to have him checked. But the doctors could find no problems with his chakra system.

But a young boy by the name of Rock Lee had the same problem so they figured they were somehow connected. So Naruto focused all his power on Taijutsu to compensate for it. But neither Mikoto nor Itachi were taijutsu specialists so they could only teach the boy so much.

In the Hokage office 2 years from the start of the bet

Sarutobi was sitting behind his desk with Itachi and Naruto in front of him but Lee was also sitting there slightly nervous. "I must say Itachi this is a great idea." The old man said and smiled at the young Jounin. "If you are up to it Naruto you and Lee you will both receive Taijutsu lessons from Gai starting today."

"Arigato Hokage-sama!" Lee said loudly and bowed his head at the Hokage.

"Yeah thanks Ojiisan." Naruto said and got a startled look from Lee while Sarutobi only laughed.

"You will still go to the academy though so you will have to follow Gai's morning routine. If you wish to train early or train after academy time"

"Ok sure when does he start?" Naruto asked

Sarutobi smirked. "5 in the morning." The old man said counting on them both to be horrified.

Naruto and Lee both got very determined expressions. "Ha I get up 5 in the morning to train with Itachi-san and Sasuke everyday BRING IT ON!!" Naruto shouted

"YOSH I WILL NOT LET IT STOP ME FROM SUCCEEDING!!" Lee shouted equally loud.

Both boys smiled at each other, it was the beginning of a strong friendship.

Sarutobi smiled. "Good, now get going Gai is waiting at the bottom of the tower."

Both boys bowed and ran out of the door.

"I will take my leave then Hokage-sama." Itachi said and got up.

"Actually Itachi, stay I wish to talk to you." The old man said having dropped the honorific months ago. Itachi sat down again. "You truly seem to care about Naruto a great deal don't you?"

Itachi was surprised by the question but answered "When I first meet him I could tell that he was special. At first I just wanted to make sure he lived, but I can't deny that I think of him as a second little brother. You cannot spend time with him and not start to like him."

Sarutobi chuckled "I am sure both Hiashi and his daughter would agree with you."

Itachi showed one of his rare smiles. "Yes I believe you are correct Hokage-sama." He said and remembered what his mother had told him.

One month after the bet was made

Mikoto had taken the boys to the park to play while Itachi was on a mission. The day went peacefully no one tried to force Naruto of the playground or screamed at him.

"Is this seat taken?" a voice asked Mikoto who looked up to see a very pregnant Hyuuga Ami.

"No not at all Ami please sit down." Mikoto said and moved slightly to let the slightly blue haired woman sit down.

Ami smiled and slowly sat down "Thank you Mikoto." She said and then turned to her side and her 5 year old daughter Hyuuga Hinata. "Hinata dear why don't you go and play." She said.

Hinata seemed a little uncertain but walked off none the less.

"She is such a sweet child but she is terribly shy." Ami said.

"Yes but as you say she is a sweet child." Mikoto said. "Just like my Sasuke and Itachi sometimes."

"I miss having you two over at my house where have you been?" Ami asked pouting.

Mikoto laughed "I'm sorry Ami but I have been busy training Sasuke and his new friend."

Ami's eyes widened slightly. "New friend?"

"Yes the blond child over there with Sasuke." Mikoto replied.

Ami looked over at the play ground and saw Hinata sitting next to Sasuke and Naruto. "That is...Uzumaki Naruto right?"

Mikoto suddenly felt slightly nervous "Yes he is such a sweet child, despite what this village put him through."

Ami nodded and absently stroke her belly. "If anyone tried to treat my Hinata like that I would beat them to a bloody pulp."

Mikoto felt relieved. "I'm so glad to hear you say that. Kami (God) know that he needs all the allies he can get."

Ami turned to her friend and smiled. "Say why don't you bring him and Sasuke over to the Hyuuga compound? I'm sure Hinata would love to have someone to play with."

Mikoto thought about it and nodded "Sounds great how about we go now? You shouldn't sit on this hard bench in your condition."

Ami pouted "Are you saying I'm going to break the bench because I'm fat?"

Mikoto laughed and hugged her friend. "Of course not Ami-chan but it is not good for your back."

Ami smiled at her friend and they both went to collect the children. Ami suddenly stopped and Mikoto turned to look at her and saw a huge wet stain on her dress "Oh my god."

Needless to say Ami was rushed to the hospital and now Mikoto was sitting with three 5 year olds of which one was fidgeting and casting glances at the room her mother was in.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan Ami-chan will be alright and you will have a little sister." Mikoto said trying to calm down the young girl.

"B-But what if something happens?" Hinata asked.

Naruto suddenly walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her giving her a hug. The poor girl blushed crimson. "N-N-Naruto-kun w-what are you d-doing?" she asked.

Naruto smiled "I'm giving you a hug. That always makes me feel better." He said.

Mikoto smiled at the small blond. She remembered the first time she gave him a hug.


Mikoto opened the door to Sasuke's room and saw him sleeping peacefully in his bed. She closed the door and walked past Naruto's room. She heard a strange sound coming from the room and opened the door. She saw Naruto tossing and turning, she heard faint mumbling "No stop don't..."

Her maternal instinct took over and she gently shook him awake "Naruto, Naruto wake up."

He shot up all covered in sweat. He looked around panicky not recognising where he was. "Where am I!" he said sounding terrified.

Mikoto hugged him trying to calm him down but he started struggling. "W-What are you doing?"

Mikoto hushed him. "I'm hugging you Naruto. Have you never gotten a hug before?""

"No never (sob)" he chocked out.

Mikoto tightened her embrace "Shh shh shh it's ok Naruto shh shh shh."

Naruto held onto her sobbing quietly until he fell asleep. Mikoto tucked him in and sat next to his bed for a couple of minutes. "You poor child." She said quietly.

Flashback end

After that he would sometimes walk up to her when no one else was around and ask if he could have a hug. It truly pained her to see him afraid to ask for such a simple thing.

"Naruto and Hinata sitting in a tree." Sasuke started singing making Naruto blush and pull away from the still blushing Hinata.

"Shut up Uke-chan!" Naruto said making Sasuke frown.





Mikoto sighed at the two boys.

Hiashi had arrived only seconds later to see the boys bickering and Hinata blushing. He turned to Mikoto who just smiled.

Hinata saw her father and ran over to him "Otousan!" she said and rushed over to him and hugged his leg.

Hiashi bent down and picked up his daughter. But before he could say anything to her a loud wail was heard from the other side of the door, a female doctor exited the room and smiled at Hiashi. "Congratulations Hiashi-sama, the birth went perfectly you may see your wife now." She said and stepped aside as Hiashi walked in still carrying Hinata.

Mikoto smiled again and looked down at the two boys. "We should probably go now. Let's leave those three alone." She said and walked off with the two boys.


Mikoto sweat dropped while Naruto and Sasuke looked frightened.

Present date

A cough brought Itachi out of memory lane. "Sorry Hokage-sama." He said.

Sarutobi just smiled. "No problem Itachi now I didn't ask you to stay for small talk." The old man said and Itachi straightened slightly. "The reason I asked you to stay is that I would like to congratulate you."

Itachi blinked "I'm afraid I don't follow Hokage-sama."

"I wish to congratulate you for your acceptance into ANBU." Sarutobi said.

Itachi smiled again. "Thank you Hokage-sama."

The Sandaime wished that Itachi would show more emotion but could tell he was happy. He opened one of his drawers and pulled out a ANBU mask looking like a weasel. "Wear it proudly Itachi you deserve it."

Itachi stood up and took the mask and bowed. "Thank you Hokage-sama." Itachi looked at the mask and raised an eye brow. "Hokage-sama this is an ANBU captain mask."

Sarutobi leaned back into his chair. "Yes it is Itachi."

Itachi bowed again. "I will not disappoint you Hokage-sama."

Yet another year passed Naruto and Sasuke had become good friends with Hinata, but Mikoto and Ami could tell that Hinata was looking at Naruto a little differently then she looked at any other boy. Hiashi had to the surprise of Mikoto and Ami had no protest about Naruto playing with Hinata. Mikoto had expected Hiashi to view Naruto like many other villagers and her own husband she added sadly.

Maybe it was because Naruto always made Hinata smile and laugh. Unknown to both women Hiashi had noticed that Hinata was very motivated during her training sessions whenever Naruto was around and she also became less shy the more time she spent with the blond boy.

But sadly not all was well. Mikoto and Itachi noticed that Fugaku became more and more distant and cold during the 3 years since Naruto arrived at the compound. Mikoto had no idea what could cause her husband to become so cold. Itachi on the other hand knew, and it terrified him. During his career as a shinobi he was never meet an opponent he could at least fight on even ground or stall until help came. But his teacher, who had taught him, trained him and driven him...that man he truly feared, because he stood no chance.

One month after the bet was made

Itachi had just gotten his gear and prepared to leave on his mission. He said good bye to his Mother and two little brothers. He was just by the border of Fire country in the valley of the end when he meets his Father.

"Otousan what are you doing here?" Itachi asked.

"I told you this would be a training mission didn't I?" His father replied. Itachi nodded. "Then obviously you need someone to train you."

"So you will be training me Otousan?" Itachi asked annoyed at the fact that he would not be free of his father for a month.

"No actually, but I am here to introduce you to your new Sensei, (teacher) he should be here soon."

Right on cue a man appeared out of the forest walking towards the duo. "Hello Fugaku-san sorry I am late but a black cat crossed my path."

Itachi raised an eye brow at the figure. He wore strange clothing a black cloak with red clouds and a straw hat on his head. But the thing that stood out most for Itachi was the orange swirl shaped mask on his face.

"You are my new sensei?" Itachi asked to surprised to be wary of the man.

Fugaku seemed a little nervous but the man just waved his hand. "Yep that would be me." He answered casually.

Fugaku bowed to the man "It is an honour to meet you again Tobi-sama."

Tobi looked at Fugaku and smiled not that you could see it."Haha Fugaku-san there is no need to use that silly little nick name. After all since I am going to train Itachi he should know his sensei's name."

"Then what is your name sensei?" Itachi asked.

Tobi seemed happy so he turned back to Itachi. "My name is Uchiha Madara." He said and a Sharingan appeared in his eye.

Itachi's eyes narrowed. "You're an Uchiha named after the founder of our clan?"

Madara smiled again. (Not that you could tell) "Oh you done your homework I see good good, saves me the time of introducing myself."

Itachi didn't like this man something about him rubbed Itachi the wrong way. "You actually want me to believe that you are Uchiha Madara? That's impossible you would be over 100 years old."

"Pretty much, let me tell you that living this long is not easy it takes a ton of work." Madara replied seemingly humoured by the young boy. "But if you don't want to believe me then that is your problem, I'm just here to train you. Come let me see what you can do."

Itachi scoffed at the fool but got ready anyway.

Present day

Itachi had been completely defeated by Madara, not a single blow hit the man no matter what he did. Itachi had figured out that Madara had used some sort of Sharingan technique, but no matter where he searched in the Uchiha library he found nothing on that particular Jutsu. Even the scroll hidden beneath the Uchiha shrine gave only vague clues except that it had to be a Mangekyou Sharingan technique. It also described how to activate the Mangekyou Sharingan which sickened Itachi. Kill his best friend. His clan had been doing this for such a long time in hopes of gaining power.

But the thing that frightened Itachi was that the Sharingan had the power to control the Kyuubi. "Madara you bastard you made Kyuubi attack Konoha and ruined Naruto's life and killed so many people." He clenched his fists. Itachi was lost, in three days time he was ordered to murder his entire clan. He had asked Madara why, the bastard had only laughed before giving him an ultimatum.

You can refuse and fight me to your death and I will kill everyone of the Uchiha clan, or you can help me and I will let you spare your little brother. He had already made Itachi murder his best friend to gain the Mangekyou Sharingan. Itachi was not even sad, he had discovered what kind of person Shisui truly was.

Itachi punched a nearby tree leaving a large dent in it before turning back to the river in front of him.

"Frustrated Itachi?" a voice Itachi didn't want to hear said.

He turned around and saw Madara. "I came to inform you that the plan will be executed in two days time instead of three, seems Fugaku is growing suspicious." Madara said and disappeared.

Itachi turned back to the river again. "Sasuke, Naruto, Okaasan please forgive me." He said quietly to himself. Itachi decided what to do. He would make Sasuke and Naruto hate him, then they would seek power and one day kill him.

Next day

Itachi had just gotten his gear on and was walking toward the door. "Niisan." He turned around and saw Sasuke and Naruto standing behind him. "Can you show me and Naruto a new Jutsu?" Sasuke asked innocently.

It pained Itachi to even look at the young children. "Sorry Sasuke I have to go on a mission, and Naruto can't learn any Jutsu." He added.

Naruto looked down making Itachi feel worse. He looked at Sasuke who pouted. "You're always busy with missions when we ask you."

Itachi had to get away he couldn't deal with them right now. He bent down and gestured for them to come at him. Both boys smiled and ran towards him. He raised his hand to poke Sasuke in the forehead but Sasuke dodged and jumped at Itachi who was slightly startled and leaned backwards to doge. But Naruto crashed into him making all three of them land in a pile on the ground.

Both of the two children laughed and hugged Itachi. "We got you Niisan!" they said at the same time. Itachi raised an eye brow. Naruto had never called him Niisan before but seemed not to notice. On a whim Itachi sat up and hugged both boys. "Kami-sama forgive me." He thought.

Day of the massacre

It had been such a nice day, birds singing and crap like that. In the evening however things went horribly wrong. Itachi started the massacre with the help of Madara and soon bodies littered the streets. Itachi was shocked, not a single member the clan was a good person they were all consumed by greed and lust for power. His aunts his uncles his cousins all were corrupt. Itachi realised why Madara wanted them dead, they were fools who would put any plan he conceived into jeopardy. They were to proud of their linage to even understand what kind of power they were fighting, Madara killed anyone who attacked him with ease and Itachi had little trouble doing the same.

Madara stopped on the street and watched as more Uchiha came at them. "Itachi, go to your house and murder your parents I will deal with these pests."

Itachi could do nothing except obey. He entered his house and saw both his mother and father.

Fugaku looked at him with anger. "What is going on Itachi?" Fugaku asked. Mikoto looked at Itachi and saw his blood covered sword.

"Madara-sama has ordered the execution of the clan." He said coldly and raised his sword.

Fugaku growled while Mikoto looked confused "What are you talking about Itachi?" she asked.

Itachi's eyes widened "You don't know." He turned to his father and glared at him Sharingan blazing. "Why didn't you tell her about our 'guest'?" he asked.

Fugaku grabbed a kunai. "She would just ask me to spare that pathetic demon child when we took over. She didn't need to know."

Mikoto looked horrified at the casual way her husband spoke about killing Naruto. Itachi however was furious. "I knew you were a bastard Fugaku, I have always known. Killing you will be easy."

Fugaku charged at Itachi who blocked the Kunai with his sword and punched Fugaku in his face. He then slashed Fugaku across his chest killing him. Mikoto gasped and covered her mouth as her husband fell dead to the floor. She backed away as Itachi turned his eyes onto her. Her back touched the wall and he walked towards her. Even though her son was shorter then her Mikoto felt like she was looking at a towering monster.

Itachi raised his sword and a single tear ran down his cheek. "I'm sorry." He said.

Mikoto raised her arms to shield herself from the sword strike. But it never came. She opened her eyes and saw that Itachi had halted the strike an inch from her arms. His eyes were staring at her stomach.

Itachi didn't want to believe what he saw. "You're pregnant." He said.

Before Mikoto could respond there was shouting outside the door. "OTOUSAN! OKAASAN!" Sasuke shouted.

Itachi thought fast "SASUKE GET IN HERE NOW!!" he turned around and grabbed his mother's shoulders ignoring her flinch. "Listen Okaasan we have to get out of here, soon Madara is going to come and he will kill you and Sasuke. You have to take Naruto and Sasuke to the Hokage tower I will stall him a long as I can."

The door opened and Sasuke followed by Naruto ran in. "OTOUSAN!!" Sasuke shouted and rushed towards his father's dead body.

Itachi pulled Mikoto along and grabbed Sasuke "Listen I will explain everything later but you have to run." Itachi stopped and suddenly went pale. Before anyone could figure out what had happened Naruto was sent flying into the wall.

"NARUTO!" Mikoto shouted and rushed to the boy.

Itachi let go of Sasuke who stared at the stranger in the door. "You disappoint me Itachi, I gave you a chance to spare the life of your little brother and you reject my generosity?" Madara said looking at Itachi with his Sharingan.

Itachi didn't bother to answer. "AMATERASU!" Itachi shouted and black flames hit Madara who stumbled back screaming. "Hurry get out through the back door and run!" Itachi said.

Mikoto knew better then to question her son when he was in ANBU mood. She grabbed both Naruto and Sasuke's hands and ran through the back door.

Itachi grabbed his sword and ran after Madara, just as he expected Madara was completely unharmed.

"Itachi that was very rude of you. You could have ruined my favourite cloak." Madara said.

"Go to hell." Itachi said.

Madara sighed. "I probably will." He glared at Itachi with his Sharingan. "But I will kill your family first." He suddenly disappeared.

Itachi's eyes widened in horror "NO!" he shunshin'd (Body flicker) away.

Mikoto was running as fast as possible toward the exit of the compound. She ignored the dead bodies to the best of her abilities. The safety of her children was her top priority, both born and unborn. She stopped dead in her tracks when a figure appeared ten feet in front of her.

Madara waved at her. "Hello."

Sasuke and Naruto both got free of her grasp and threw a Kunai at him, only for him to catch them effortlessly. He threw them back right into Naruto's legs making him fall down.

Mikoto rushed over and wrapped her arms protectively around him.

"Aww isn't that sweet, a mother protecting a child." Madara said and crunched down to Naruto's level. "Hey kid, want to know a secret? Do you know why everyone hates you?"

Naruto looked at the masked man. Mikoto paled.

"The reason is that you are a de..." that was all he said before a foot collided with his face sending him into a nearby building.

Itachi looked after him. "Did I really hit him?" he got his answer when Madara appeared behind him and stabbed him with a kunai. Itachi coughed up blood and fell onto his knees.

Madara kicked him sending him tumbling across the ground. "Don't worry I didn't hit a vital spot. Now just lie there and watch while I kill these three." He started walking slowly towards them.

Itachi struggled to stand but his body felt numb. "KUSO!!" (Damn it) he shouted.

Sasuke stood up and looked at Madara. "Go away." He said.

Madara laughed. "Sure kid as soon as you and your Okaasan are dead."

"Go away!" Sasuke said louder this time. Madara could feel Sasuke's chakra level rising.

He ignored it and kept walking.

Suddenly Sasuke's eyes turned yellow and white chakra surrounded him. Every one present stared at him in wonder. "GET AWAY FROM MY FAMILY!!" Sasuke screamed and his chakra flew at Madara who used his technique to dodge it. Only to get hit full force and got sent flying and screaming into a building.

Mikoto, Naruto and Itachi stared at Sasuke. "Sasuke." Mikoto said quietly. Just as suddenly as it appeared the white chakra disappeared and Sasuke's eyes returned to their normal colour. Sasuke collapsed onto one knee and was panting heavily.

"Sasuke!" Naruto shouted and yanked out the Kunais in his legs and tried to stand up only to fall down again.

Mikoto placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder "Don't strain yourself." She got up and walked over to Sasuke and picked him up before walking back to Naruto and bent down again." "See Sasuke is ok." She said.

Naruto calmed down slightly.

Suddenly Madara appeared in the opening of the house and walked out. "Hahahahahahaha, I can't believe it." He said.

Itachi forced himself to stand and stood in front of his family shielding them from Madara.

"Itachi you shouldn't strain yourself. That paralyzing poison will wear off by itself." Madara pulled out two Kodachi and pointed one at Itachi. "Itachi I got good and bad news." Thunder rumbled in the sky. "The good news is that I am going to let you and your remaining family live. The bad news is that I will be taking Sasuke."

Itachi didn't wait and activated his Mangekyou Sharingan again. "Amaterasu!" black flames again flew at Madara but this time he disappeared and the flames set fire to the nearby buildings. "Shit!" Itachi cursed and dropped to his knees because of chakra exhaustion.

Madara appeared again as a bolt of lightning lit up the sky. "It is over, give me the boy and you will be spared." He started walking towards them again. Mikoto hugged Sasuke and Naruto tightly.

Suddenly every cell in Madara's body told him to jump back. He did as the spot he stood on was hit by lightning. He turned his head to the left and saw a cloaked figure standing on the wall of the compound. "I would back off if I were you." He said in a childish tone.

The person was short and sounded like a kid, so Madara drew the simple conclusion he was dealing with another brat. "Now who the hell are you?"

The kid stretched out his right arm and lightning coursed around it. Suddenly the lightning took the shape of a spear. The pole was dark blue and the hilt was the same colour and was decorated with gold. It had three blades one pointing straight up and the other two were placed at the sides in a 45 degree angle. The blades themselves looked like they were made of silver as they shimmered. "I am Raijin!" (God of lightning)

Madara snorted "Well be a god baby god and go away."

Raijin jumped into the air and raised his spear into the air. Lightning struck the spear and he started falling toward the ground aiming the spear at Madara who leapt backwards. Raijin crashed into the ground but leapt into the air again. Madara sheathed his Kodachis and started doing hand seals. "Katon: Goukakyuu no jutsu!" out of nowhere a large fireball flew at Raijin who started spinning his spear. The flames didn't get past his spear that started crackling with electricity.

He landed on a building and threw his spear into the air. "Raiton: Shuurai no Jutsu!" (Lightning element: Lightning strike) the spear hovered in the air and a blue glow surrounded it. Suddenly lightning bolts burst forth from it and rained upon Madara who was hard pressed to dodge. The boy jumped again and grabbed his spear and placed it on his back. He was surrounded by electricity and held out his left hand. A new spear made completely of lightning appeared, he dropped it and it levitated behind him. He did the same thing with his right hand and an identical spear appeared. He repeated the process until he had ten spears floating behind him as he fell towards the ground. He grabbed his original spear and landed in front of Madara.

Madara drew his Kodachi and looked at the boy. Raijin charged at the masked Uchiha and attacked with his spear. Madara blocked with his Kodachi and knocked the spear aside, he was forced to jump backwards when one of the floating spears flew at him. Madara made hand seals and launched another fireball. The lightning spears appeared in front of Raijin and stopped the fireball. Madara jumped over the spears and slashed at his exposed back. Raijin back flipped over Madara and drove his spear through him only for him to disappear in a puff of smoke.

He received a kick in the back and flew forward skidding across the ground. He flipped onto his feet and glared at Madara. He sent his spears flying at him. Madara drew his second Kodachi and slashed the first spear destroying it. Then he proceeded to destroy the other spears.

Madara sheathed his Kodachis and made more hand seals. "You got some sparkly tricks there brat. But I don't have time for this."

Raijin gulped and raised his spear, this was bad.

Madara suddenly stopped and looked towards the exit. "Whoops looks like times up." He turned to Itachi. "Well Itachi I guess I will have to come back for Sasuke another time." And he disappeared.

Raijin looked towards the exit and jumped onto the wall. "Good bye." And he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Itachi and everyone ells was confused. They turned toward the exit and saw the Hokage and 20 ANBU approaching. This had been a weird and horrible day.

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