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"She drives me crazy with all her incessant movie references…" – Lock to Ziva

Tony DiNozzo resisted the urge to grab his pistol at the sound of the loud pounding at his front door. He squeezed his eyes tight and blinked them furiously to make out the time on his alarm clock. 3:26AM. He reached for his phone and noticed no missed calls. Now he was really curious. He didn't throw on a shirt or attempt to look civil, whoever this was deserved to see him just the way he was.

"If it's anyone but Gibbs…they're dead."

He peered through the peep hole then suddenly fixed his hair in the mirror before opening the door. "Ziva David…how nice of you to stop by in the dead of night… "

She looked him up and down and couldn't help but smirk at the kill bill boxers he was wearing. "Yes, well, don't blame me…I am not the one who killed it…"

"Uh huh, well no bars are open but if you're thinking of taking me up on that drink, I think I got some stuff in the fridge."

"I am here because I could not sleep…"

"Did you try a cup of warm milk?"

She stared back at him for a few seconds, as if to say, 'why in the world would I do that?'

Tony then realized he still hadn't let her in and moved aside. "You know if I were a betting man, I thought for sure you'd be all lovey dovey with Michael about now."

"Well not everything is so black and blue Tony."


"White what?"

"Never mind…I'm gonna go put on some clothes…"

"Don't do that on my account."

Tony almost blushed. "Yeah, I'm gonna go put on some clothes…make yourself at home." He practically skipped into his room and threw on a tee shirt and jeans, but not before readjusting his hair and rolling on some deodorant. He reemerged from his room in record time. "So, bout that drink?"

"Not thirsty."

"Cold pizza?"

"Not hungry."


"Not sleepy."

"Okay, I'm out of the bare necessities here…"

She took a few steps towards him. "You forgot one."