Gibbs- Always suspect the spouse

Ducky- Speaking from personal experience Jethro?

Abby- That's why I'm never getting married…


McGee collided with Abby for the fourth time that day. "Sorry…"

She smiled. "I'm beginning to think you're doing that on purpose McGee…"

He looked a little embarrassed, but shrugged it off. "Hey, you busy?"

"Nope, just doing laps…burning off some calories…all that sugar doesn't burn itself off you know?"

He watched her roll around in circles for a few seconds before waving her to a stop. "Uh, I came to ask you something…"

She tried to slow her breathing down and took a few deep breaths. "What is it Timmy?"

"You really don't want to get married?"

She set her hands on his shoulders. "Oh Tim, I was just making a joke…"


She kissed him quickly before continuing her laps. "I promise."

After her second one he grabbed her arm and twirled her into him. "Pinky promise?"

She gave him a reassuring look as she put out her pinky to intertwine with his. "Pinky promise…"