Ginny was trying to put off telling her mother for as long as she could

Ginny woke up the next morning, looked across at Draco who was sleeping peacefully and sighed. His blonde fringe fell onto his face and when he let out a deep breath, it rose slightly and then dropped. He was sleeping with a smile on his face, something she hadn't seen for a while since he had told her about his mother. He looked so graceful and Ginny didn't want to wake him as she just wished to look at him like this forever. She reached up and brushed the hair away from his face, and she gently caught his face. His eyes shot open, trying to register who would touch him when he was asleep but when he saw Ginny, he relaxed and pulled her close to him, so their noses were touching.

"Hey stranger!" He muttered as he lifted his head only a few centimetres and kissed her on the tip of her nose.

"Nice sleep?" Ginny asked her new husband, a smile forming on her face. His smile was infectious and Ginny caught it fast.

"Perfect, like you!" Draco whispered as his hand snaked across her naked back and as usual Ginny melted when he touched her. She gave into temptation and kissed him, but he didn't mind, it had been the reaction he was hoping for. This kiss was different than the other ones they had shared. This wasn't pure lust, there was no demand, and there was no rush. This was a kiss filled with love and it was a proper kiss for a man and his wife to share. Ginny knew that she could get used to this and she had the rest of her life with this man to kiss him like this.

"What time is it?" Draco asked, after pulling away

Ginny turned over and looked at the clock on the bedside table. "Ten thirty"


"What's wrong?"

"I have a meeting at ten forty five" he said as panic set into his features and Ginny couldn't help it. A giggle escaped from her mouth and then she couldn't stop herself. It was made a lot worse when Draco decided to get his own back and tickle her. She screamed at him to stop in between laughs and when he did eventually stop, he kissed her once again and Ginny felt the happy feeling once more. Getting up quickly, he performed the scourgify curse on himself and put on his suit. Ginny didn't want her husband to get a big head so she never told him how sexy he looked in the suit, but she guessed that he already knew as he gave her a quick wink before exiting the room.

As soon as she heard the entrance door to the suite click, Ginny kicked off the covers and ran to the wardrobe. Now would be the perfect time to check out the locked doors as Draco was gone and she was alone in the cabin. Pulling on a blue sundress and some flip flops she ran to the first door. It led to a study where she looked around and saw a computer. She debated in her head whether she should look and the evil side to her kicked in. Of course she could look, she was his wife. They held no secrets from each other. She would answer any of his questions if he had any so this entitled her to be able to search through the files on the folder. There were some boring ones which were entitled 'Malfoy Estate' and 'Malfoy Manor' and Ginny didn't bother looking through them because she knew there would just be numbers. However, there was a folder named 'Draco's Will'.

Intrigued by what she saw, she double clicked on the folder to open it up. It led to a Word document where there was tons of writing on the pages. She scanned through quickly and noticed that Draco hadn't changed anything since they were together. Everything, she was shocked to notice, was left to Pansy. All his money, all his houses, everything was Pansy's if he died. She would have to get him to change his will later without him realising that she had seen it. She looked at the date when it was last modified, it had only been a month ago. So, Draco and Pansy had only been serious for a month before she had come along. She had known they were hot and heavy in Hogwarts but she was still delighted by the thought that Pansy could never get to Draco again. She continued to scan the pages with her eyes until it came to the bottom of the page where all the numbers were inserted. She had known that the Malfoy fortune was big but she had never seen so many zeros in her life. She bit her lip as she accidentally clicked something and it saved.

'Crap, now Draco is going to know that I looked at his computer' she realised as the Word document told her that it had saved her changes. She quickly decided to get out of that folder because she would do more damage than good. The other folders on the computer were nothing special except one which said 'Childhood'.

She double clicked on this folder and found photographs, however they were Muggle photographs which she hadn't really seen much of. She would never have picked Draco to be the one who had Muggle photographs but she noticed that non of them had Lucius or Narcissa in. They were all of a young Draco and someone who must have been Aurelious. Draco had been the spitting image of his older brother and they had identical smiles. She flicked through the pictures until she found her favourite which was one of the two of them fishing. Like the Muggle photographs, Ginny found it odd that Draco would do something as Muggle as fishing. It seemed funny to Ginny and she looked at a very dishevelled Draco at seven years of age. After what Draco had told her, this must have been shortly before Aurelious died, his death causing Draco years of pain and suffering by the hand of Lucius. Rivers of tears ran down her cheeks onto her hand and when she went to wipe them away, she knocked the mouse again but this time it didn't do anything. She shut the computer down and left the room in the state it had been when she had first stepped foot in it.

She went to the next door and found the door to be locked. She had been prepared for this and had brought her wand with her. Muttering 'alohamora' the door opened and Ginny saw nothing but a cupboard. She was confused. Why on earth did Draco just have an empty cupboard locked in his room? She stepped into the room and the door shut behind her, causing her to jump. She reached for the handle, but the door dissolved into thin air and Ginny was left in the room by herself.

A cackle of laughter rang through the room and Ginny jumped. She wasn't easily scared but this laugh was so malicious and daunting that Ginny couldn't help feeling weary. The room started to transform and once again, she was in Hogwarts, walking the corridors, however she was heavily pregnant. A door opened to her left and she had no choice but to walk through it, becoming more and more afraid of what could be lurking in the room. She recognised the room instantly; it was her Transfiguration classroom that she had spent many a year fantasizing about Harry Potter and then Draco however, there were no lights and she could only see outlines. The laugh echoed around the room once again and Ginny turned sharply as two arms seized her. Twisting against her captor Ginny tried to break free, screaming her lungs out for anyone to hear. Pushed against the desk at the front of the room, she was bound and levitated onto the table at the front of the room and above her loomed a figure that had haunted Ginny for many years. Voldemort looked down at the pregnant girl and sneered, his snake like eyes dancing with enjoyment as he brought up a knife and pressed it to the girls dress. Ginny screamed for Draco but he wasn't coming to her rescue. Lord Voldemort spoke in Parsletongue and there was a murmur of excitement ran through the dark room until he spoke in plain English.

"I must congratulate Master Malfoy here for bringing this girl to me. Long have I since envisioned an heir and one comes into my path, brought none other than the youngest blood traitor Weasley. Well, once my heir has escaped its prison, the girl will be appropriately disposed of, but not before fun has been had with her."

Ginny screamed once again for Draco to rescue her and she heard footsteps approaching the table. She felt a cool breeze on her face and heard Draco speak to her.

"Ginny" he said in a cruel, taunting voice "when Potter dumped you for the mudblood I couldn't believe it. He was giving away his best asset and you happened to fall right into my lap. Who wouldn't take advantage of you? Not only did you help provide the Dark Lord with an heir, you also betrayed everyone you ever knew. Goodbye sweetheart"

"Draco" she pleaded "Please don't do this! I love you. You love me! You said so yourself. Please don't do this." Her sobs filled the room as she realised the man she loved, had given her up and had never really loved her. Voldemort raised the knife above Ginny and was about to plunge it into her stomach when she was pulled backwards and the room dissolved around her, and everyone in it.

Draco pulled a sobbing Ginny to him, never wanting to let her go. She pulled and twisted away from him, but he kept a strong hold on her and didn't allow her to go anywhere. He would not let her move because she had no idea what was reality any more.

"Get away from me!" she yelled, still twisting to escape his grasp

"Ginny calm down. It's me. I won't harm you!"

"You! You did this to me!"

"I haven't done anything Ginny. Please stop twisting. I love you. Come back to me!" he pleaded, his eyes brimming with tears as he had known what she had seen.

She looked up and saw that the room had vanished and Draco was holding her in the cabin in the room. She broke down into tears and clutched him to her, never wanting to let go.

"It was awful"

"I know"

"I was going to die"

"I know"

"Voldemort was there"

"I know"

"You were helping him"

"I know"


"That is a room where I keep my thoughts and dreams. Its rather like a pensive but it is much more powerful. That was a dream I had last night and before you woke up, I left the room to fill it. It affected me that much I knew I couldn't keep it in my head. I am so sorry you found it. I love you and I wouldn't do anything to harm you. You must know that."

"I love you too" Ginny said as she vowed to herself that she would never go looking for something that she knew was forbidden. In time Draco would tell her what the other rooms were but she had had enough exploring for one day.