A/N: Written for a livejournal challenge community 78 tarot. First in line: #15 – The Devil. Might or might not evolve into something bigger.

Warnings: None.

Disclaimer: Kazuki Takahashi owns, I'm just borrowing the characters and canon bits to play around for my and your amusement.

Virtual Reality

Bakura stared dumbfounded at the being in front of him, not being sure that the person he was seeing was real, even if he felt so. The world he had been thrown in was not real; he had sensed it upon entering this place.

"Who are you?" he asked sharply. Suspicious and distrustful, and slightly confused about the strange devilry that was at work in this strange space, Bakura was already trying to think of a way out, or a way to take control over this world by destroying it if need be.

A thin, superior smirk was his answer before the child-like being spoke, sounding all too smug for the Thief's liking. "I am the one who created this world."

"You don't look like a god," Bakura snapped, feeling annoyed and slightly insulted. Only gods could create, and he had never heard of any who would willingly sport the physique of a twelve-year-old child.

"God?" Noa laughed amusedly before tilting his head and pondering Bakura's words. He had thought of it himself before and liked to view himself as such for he had created the Virtual World from nothing. He had taken bits of undeveloped materia that his father had played around with to make it a three-dimensional dwelling for his son. Noa had expanded on it and turned it into an independent multi-dimensional space, outside of the laws of physics, ether and time.

"Is it my appearance that troubles you?"

It was the right question to ask and Bakura's non-answer was the answer Noa had been expecting.

"If so," he spoke matter-of-factly, "that is easy to change." And right in front of Bakura's eyes he morphed. Shimmering like a passing glitch in the computer systems, he grew in height, age and looks, now bearing a striking resemblance to someone Bakura was already familiar with, and as the Thief's eyes widened, Noa smirked in satisfaction, knowing that he had picked his appearance well.

They were, after all, of the same family: Kaiba Seto and Kaiba Noa. Not blood-related, but related on an entirely different level. And from Bakura's initial reaction Noa could tell that his semi-uninvited guest would have quite a handful to think about and guess at.

"Welcome to my world," he laughed. "No one who enters here may ever leave."

The Sennen Ring flashed, Bakura ground his teeth in a sudden spur of anger, but the deceptive being was already gone and only his laughter trailed behind, echoing around him from all directions at once.

Bakura found himself unable to influence his surroundings with the magic of the Ring; the place simply did not yield. It was a hindrance, but he was not going to give up quite yet. If several millennia old power was of no use here, in such a recent world that obeyed no laws of the aged outside world, all he had to do was find a different way to take over the control.