This will just be a colleciton of shorts featuring an OC of mine. I like sparklings. Sorry. I live out in the high desert so some of these are inspired by real-life.

I don't own anything.


A gust of heated wind sent millions of grains of sand pelting into his frame. He instinctively shut his optics to block the dust from getting into sensitive optical circuitry, momentarily losing sight of the small blue and black form he had been watching. He should have kept his optic band on. It would take hours to get all the grit out of the seams around his face.

Personally, Onslaught preferred their desert base to the Nemesis. Decepticon HQ was crowded, wet, cold, dark, and had tons upon tons of water sitting on top of it. Out here though, it was nicely quiet. The air was dry and warm. Even if it got hot enough to make his circuits uncomfortable, there was cool shelter in the caverns they cut out of the rock for their base. The wide open spaces and rocky formations provided excellent training ground to keep his small band of soldiers in perfect fighting condition, and what was even better, there was no one to bother them. But still, that persistent sand that could so easily get every where was constantly infuriating.

When the gust had finally passed, Onslaught turned his optics back on the miniature dune buggy he had been observing. It skittered across a dry lake bed, chasing swirling vortexes of sand and pebbles as they sprang up from the ground. The small vehicle threw itself into a sharp curve, balancing on two wheels before springing into a transformation sequence. Now on two legs, the little robot jumped head on into another cyclone of dust that rushed toward him. Onslaught could hear him screaming in delight as the swirl temporarily overtook him completely. The Combaticon leader sighed as he watched from his safe distance on a protruding rock. He wasn't looking forward to picking the sand out of the sparkling's joints later in the evening.

Once the swirl set him free again, the sparkling turned and ran up to the larger mech, his golden optics bright and smiling. "That was fun! Why don't you try it, Father?"

Onslaught studied the little one. The sparkling's frame was dusted all over with dirt and there were even a few dried up twigs caught in his armor seams. Onslaught tried not to look annoyed. "I'd just rather not, Rainburn. Now if you're finished, let's get back. You're going to need a good scrubbing down after this."

Rainburn walked alongside his father up a small slope. "But it's fun to chase those things!" Onslaught just grumbled in reply. Once at the top and on level ground, both of them transformed and headed to the base.

Rainburn rolled beside the Combaticon leader, dwarfed in size by his father's vehicle mode. Onslaught drove effortlessly over the terrain, maintaining a slow and steady pace so his sparkling could keep up. He glanced over to Rainburn, who was playfully making light swerves at imaginary targets and springing over rock piles. Onslaught took him on the smoothest path back to the base, keeping his sensors alert for anything that might be considered a threat lurking in the rocks.

They made it back home without incident. Onslaught let Rainburn pull ahead of him as they made their way down into the basin of their desert headquarters. Blast Off was there waiting for them, watching the two approach from below. Rainburn stopped and transformed, running up to the shuttle.

"Well look at you, " Blast Off said, looking down at the blue and black sparkling. "Chasing the dust again, I suppose?"

Onslaught sidled up beside the two. "Unfortunately, yes."

Rainburn just grinned between them. "Where are the others?"

"They're on their way," Blast Off replied, then looked to Onslaught. "They've reported in and should be here shortly."

Onslaught nodded and then motioned to Rainburn. "Come Rainburn, it's time we get you cleaned up."

The sparkling frowned at the thought of getting another bath, but obediently followed his father nonetheless. Before they made it inside though, Rainburn felt sudden gushes of wind swirl up around him and he heard the familiar beating of Vortex's rotor blades. Onslaught stopped in his tracks as Rainburn started to giggle, and when he turned around, he found himself consumed in a violent flurry of sand.

The air and dirt flew past his audios in a sound that mimicked falling rain. He roared furiously over the din of wind and sand at Vortex as the helicopter swooped down, transforming and landing on two feet. "VORTEX! What have I told you about kicking up dust!?"

Vortex only ignored his brother's outburst. "Well, I'm happy to see you too, Onslaught!"

Onslaught muttered something angrily but incomprehensible, which was good since Rainburn still stood next him, grinning. He turned and stomped away inside, yelling over his shoulder, "Rain! Come!"

Rainburn looked up at Vortex with a knowing smirk. "Thanks Uncle Vortex!" he said happily, and then ran to catch up with Onslaught.

"Anytime, kiddo!" Vortex replied after him.

Blast Off just stood by, shaking his head. "I can't believe you would engage Rainburn in your abhorring activites."

Vortex laughed and looked at Blast Off. "What? It was his idea!"