Ziva stood in front of a door, she sighed, lowering her head. She gently knocked three times.

The door slowly started to open, she raised her head, seeing Tony.

Tony just stood there, silent. He stepped back, allowing her to come in.

She stepped inside, shutting the door behind her.

Tony turned, walking down a small hallway that opened into the living room, he moved to a couch, sitting down.

Ziva slowly moved to the doorway, looking towards Tony.

Tony stared at the TV, watching a baseball game.

Ziva cleared her throat..."Tony..."...She spoke, wetting her lips..."I..."

Tony gave her a quick glance, but he didn't say anything.

Ziva took a step towards him, she stopped in the middle the living room..."I would like to have that drink now."...She fought to get out.

Tony sat up, picking up his remote, he turns off the TV..."Sorry, it's past my bedtime."

Ziva looked at her watch..."Just one drink, Tony."

Tony rose from his couch, he moved to in front of her..."No."

Ziva closed her eyes, a single tear escaped, rolling down her left cheek..."Please."

Tony raised his right hand to her cheek, wiping away her tear with his thumb..."No."...He repeated. He slid past her..."Let yourself out."

"What do you want me to say, Tony? That I slept with him?!"...She turned quickly..."I did it! I slept with him!"...She cried out.

Tony stopped for instant, shaking his head, he continued on.

"Tony..."...She took a step toward him, she wiped her face with her jacket sleeve. Tony didn't stop..."I hate you!"...She hurries through the doorway, heading towards the front door..."You don't give a shit about anyone but yourself!"...She grabs the doorknob and starts to turn it, she gets the door open about halfway before Tony slams it shut with his palm.

Ziva turned, pressing her back against the door, he was in her face..."I don't care? Is that what you said? I don't care about you? You're my partner, my best friend...I would fuckin' die for you! If-if I didn't care, do you think I would've went through hours of being poked and prodded just so you can spend more time with a dying man?! You can bad mouth pretty much anything about me, but not that, Ziva. Not that. I care more for you than you'll ever fuckin' know!"

"You are jealous!"...Ziva exclaimed angrily.

"Why? Because you fucked some guy?! You know, maybe I am, but I at least have the balls to say it!"...Tony raises his hands, they were shaking..."What gets me is that I tried to help you, but no, you tossed it back in my face. I've known you for three years and you've known this guy for what? A week? And you go to him? How do you think that makes me feel? Huh?!"

"I could not come to you, Tony."

"Why not?"

"Because I love you, okay?!"...She buried her chin into her chest, crying, finally admitting her feelings.

Tony moved his hand under Ziva's chin, lifting it until he was looking into eyes..."I know."

"You know?"...Ziva replied, still crying.

"Of course, I know, I'm not an idiot...if you haven't noticed, my track record with women sucks."...He groaned..."Either they leave me, die or accuse me of fuckin' murder!"...He moved his hands to Ziva's face, cupping her cheeks, he swallowed hard..."But you're different, Ziva."...Tony presses his lips against Ziva's forehead, he pulls his head away, she leaned her head back, thinking he would kiss her, but he took a step back.

She stepped towards him.

He raised his hand..."No."

"Why?"...She asked, tears streaming down her face..."I love you, Tony."

"I don't want to lose you, too."