Summary: It's April fools day, and Emmett decides to pounce on the unsuspecting students of Forks high

Summary: It's April fools day, and Emmett decides to pounce on the unsuspecting students of Forks high.

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Ahh April fools. A lovely day. A lovely day for PRANKING! You see, April fools is like my Christmas. My family always has a holiday that is very special to them. Mother's day for Esme, Father's day for Carlisle, Fourth of July for Jasper, Halloween for Edward( The man can be very scary sometimes), Christmas for Alice, Valentine's day for Rose (My goodness…) and Earth day for Bella.

I had quite a time trying to figure out what pranks I wanted to pull on the students of Forks high. Of course I wasn't about to waste it on my time at home. I did it during class. I swear the teachers here are so dense.

But the only thing I hadn't planned out was that my own siblings wouldn't help me. Edward had forbidden Bella, Jasper is just afraid I'll take something out on him, Alice said she wanted nothing to do with this, and Rose just huffed.

What a wonderful family.

But I had a problem.

Who would be my target?

I looked around the cafeteria, seeing who would make a good bulls eye for me, when I saw him.

Michael Newton.

I laughed evilly in my head, when Edward glared at me, clearly questioning my sanity.

"Were you dropped on your head when Carlisle changed you, Emmett?"

"Possibly," I grinned.

I thought of pranks all of that day. Whoopee cushions, jacked up phones, etc. Then I thought of it.

Everyone knows that Mike is obsessed with Bella, so why not toy with him? I went up to Mike after school, hiding behind his locker hinges, where he was getting god knows what. A moment later, he closed the locker, and when he saw me he screamed. Loudly. Very much sounding like a girl. I snickered uncontrollably.

"So Mikey, let's take a walk shall we?" I threw my arm carelessly around Mike's shoulder, and walked over to the bench, where I plopped us both down.

"W-what do you want from me?" Mike stuttered.

"Oh Mike! I'm here to tell you a little secret. So you know, Bella doesn't really like Edward." That was all I had to say. The fool's eyes immediately brightened at the prospect of Bella not liking Edward, but then turned to confusion.

"Then why is she still dating him?" Mike said, in a 'duh' voice.

"You know how Bella is, can't stand seeing anyone unhappy. Plus it would break her poor little heart if she saw Edward's expression." I explained.

"Huh, well thank you for telling me that Emmett," He grinned a creepy smile. Now I know why Edward loathes him. Hopefully he won't kill me after I told Mike this….


YES!! Bella doesn't like Edward. Bella doesn't like Edward. Bella doesn't like Edward. I sang that in my head, until I was caught by Tyler and Eric.

"Dude, what are you doing?" Tyler asked incredulous. Eric just nodded his head in agreement both testing my sanity.

"HAH! For your information, I'm going to win Bella's heart!" I said proudly, glad that these two dweebs wouldn't of that.

Crap. I just told them, didn't I?

"What?! How?!"

I shook my head. There was no way in hell I would give up my secret about Bella not liking Edward.

"BELLA DOESN'T LIKE EDWARD?!" They both shouted. I said that out loud didn't I? My mother always told me I had such a loud mouth.

I sighed. "Yes. But Bella will be MINE!" I snapped.

"Hah! You wish, Newton!" Eric declared. I glared at him. Like Bella would like THIS loser.

"Why don't you try back in a million years Yorkie?" I retorted. I stalked off towards my van, refusing to let those two get the best of me, and most importantly, Bella.



Yes! Today was the day! The day where I would sweep my Bella off her feet. I looked towards her face-ahem ok body, AND face (yea I'm not like other guys. I actually LOOK at the face.)

I walked over to Bella, who was getting out of Edward's Volvo. Edward. How could she love someone like that? But then I thought, she doesn't love him! It's only to make him happy! My sweet Bella……

As I walked over, I swore I could have heard Edward growl at me. Probably jealous of my good looks….

"Hey Bella," I said in my suave voice. Edward snorted. I swear it's like he can read minds or something.

"Oh. Hey Mike." She so wants me….

"So…I was wondering you want to have dinner with me tonight," I said.

"Um…Mike?" Yes darling? "I'm dating Edward, you know that!" Bella said softly.

"But you could do so much better then him!" I whined.

"Mike, I'm not interested."

Just as Bella was about to walk away, I grabbed both of her hands and pulled her to my chest. "Mike! Let me go!" I saw Edward growl at me and was starting to come on our side, and that's when I knew I had to do it.

I grabbed Bella's face, and kissed her.

It was lusty, and rough, so that's when I knew that she loved me too.

But suddenly I was torn off of Bella, and punched in the gut. That's gonna bruise in the morning.

"If you EVER, lay your disgusting paws on Bella again, I will make your life a personal hell." Edward snarled. His eyes were coal black, ready to kill. Bella set her small hand down on Edward's shoulder and he relaxed a bit. A bit. But I wasn't about to give up without a fight.

"Whatever Cullen, you're just jealous because Bella doesn't love you," I answered proudly.

"WHAT?!" I heard both of them scream. I grinned like Cheshire cat.

"Yea. That's right. I heard from a personal resource that Bella is just too afraid to hurt your feelings. But honestly, who cares about your feelings?" I laughed like a maniac. I was so glad that Emmett tipped me off.

"Emmett," Was all Edward said. Well more like snarled. "That idiot always takes a joke too far,"

"Mike," I heard my angel call my name. "I don't like you! You're extremely stalker-ish! And it scares me! And I LOVE Edward. Mike please, go save your dignity."

I couldn't believe it. My angel didn't love me. She was lying. I knew it! Much too selfless Bella. I'll teach you how to be selfish…..

"Mike," I heard Cullen sneer. "I have to say I have a little surprise for you though." Oh I wonder what that could be.


End of School Day.

I was in the school office. I was currently suspended for five day due to sexual harassment. And I was missing a few teeth. Plus some black eyes.

Jeez some guys are so obsessed.

"Ughhh………" I heard two voices come into the office. It was Tyler and Eric. I started laughing hysterically. They looked just as bad as me. Well not really. We all know I still look good-looking even when beat up.

"What happened to you morons?" I choked out.

"We both kissed Bella," Eric admitted. They stole MY idea?!

"And we got beat up by Edward," Tyler groaned. "For someone who looks like he doesn't have any muscles, he's got a good punch,"




Hadn't actually thought about what Edward say about this little prank……

"It was a prank?! A stupid prank?! Emmett how could you let it get this far?! What ever happened to the good old whoopee cushion or something?!" Edward exclaimed. I snorted. Whoopee cushion? What are you, five?

"Are you happy?! Bella's probably traumatized right now!"

"Yea, but the cool thing is I killed three birds with one stone!" I said excitedly. Edward smacked his forehead.

"Where the hell is this 'stone'?" He said through gritted teeth.

"Silly Edward! The stone was you!"


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