"Hinata-sama, let me go

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Summary: It's Hinata's first year at school. Already she's befriended the two most unpopular people in school, made a dangerous enemy, and captured the hearts of not 1, but 4 boys! Kindergarten isn't going well, especially when the most popular boy, Sasuke Uchiha begins harassing her! And then, she finds out that she's been promised to his older brother! But when Hinata could be taken away by social services, can Sasuke step up his act, and right all his past wrongs on the only girl he has ever loved? And can Hinata deal with the crazy situation she's stuck in? Who knew that kindergarten could be such a wild ride!


Tales of Kindergarten

Chapter 1: New School, and a New Friend

Hinata's POV

"Hinata-sama, let me go." The boy growled, glaring at the younger girl. The girl blushed, but did not let go. The older boy glared harder, but Hinata did not let go.

"Hinata-sama, if you do not let me go within three seconds, I will be forced to hit you. Then you will cry, and I will have to tell your father. Then, he will be angry, and he will hit you, so are you going to let go, or not?" the boy said, glaring at the small girl, who was his younger cousin. Hinata looked up at the boy, with pleading, lavender eyes, but she didn't let go. The boy raised his hand, but the girl did not let go.

Suddenly, Hinata found herself on the floor. She looked up at her cousin sadly, however, she did not cry. No matter how much her cheek hurt, she promised herself that she would not cry. Slowly, she got up, casting her cousin one last sad look, before entering the sliding doors to the academy. Just as the doors were about to close, she whispered,

"Goodbye Neji. I love you."

Neji watched, as Hinata's waist-long, dark blue hair swayed around the corner. A slight pang of regret tugged at his heart, but he pushed it away, irritably. He didn't have time for such emotions.

Turning back to the secretary who had a look of complete shock on her face, he signed the last form, and turned to go. The woman, a kindly looking lady named Shizune, called him back.

"Excuse me Hyuuga-san, but exactly where can I reach Hinata's parents? Or a legal Guardian? Or possibly a close family friend? They really should know that Hinata has been signed up for kindergarten."

Neji gave the woman a look of disgust, and patronizim, saying, "Her father works at Hyuuga Corporations. If you want a family friend, contact the Uchihas. Otherwise, just send all information straight to me."

Shizune frowned, "I'm sorry Neji, but I can't do that. You're only in second grade, so I'll need a note or something. Isn't there anyone else to contact? What about her mother?"

Neji flicked a note onto the desk. "I have instructions from Hyuuga-san to have all information about Hinata sent to me. And besides, her mother is dead."

Shizune gasped, "I'm so sorry Neji." Neji looked at her, with that same look of patronisim, "Don't be. Nobody accept Hinata cares anyway." And with that, he left.


Hinata tentatively peeped around the corner of the entrance. She found herself looking at a giant playground. Children were running all over the place, and screaming like crazy.

Hesitantly, Hinata took a step out of the entrance, onto the school grounds. Nobody noticed her, so she walked around. Suddenly, a boy, with blonde hair, and a brilliant smile jumped in front of her. He was wearing a neon orange jump suit, and he had beautiful sparkly blue eyes.

He smiled at her, saying, "HI! I'm Uzumaki Naruto! I like ramen and having a good time! My hobbies are eating ramen, and trying to make a difference in the world! My goal is to become the Hokage! Who are you?"

Hinata giggled slightly, blushing. "I'm Hyuuga Hinata. It's nice to meet you Naruto." She said shyly. Naruto looked at her shocked. Suddenly, Hinata found herself being embraced tightly. She gasped, and turned tomato red.

Naruto released her, and said happily, "WOW! You're the first person to ever say something that nice to me!" Hinata looked confused at him, but said nothing.

Suddenly, Hinata heard a shrill scream, and a boy ran past, followed by a pack of screaming girls. He dodged around trees, and bushes, pushing people down to get away from the girls. The boy made a swift turn, and slammed into Hinata, knocking her over.

Hinata gasped, as the boy fell on top of her! It seemed like everything was in slow motion, as the boy fell, and Hinata opened her mouth to scream, but was met full on, as the boy's lips, crashed down on her own. Everything froze. The girls all had tears in their eyes, and looked shocked, and hurt. Naruto simply looked hurt, and sad.

With a strength that she didn't know she had, Hinata pushed the boy off of her. Pulling him to his feet, she slapped him across the face. He stood there, in shock, as Hinata's face went from anger, to shock, to a blush, redder than a rose.

A burst of laughter broke the silence. Everyone turned, and saw Naruto, pointing at the boy, and laughing his head off.

"DANG SASUKE! You got slapped by a chick!" he said, rolling around in hysterics. Sasuke glared at Naruto, before kicking dirt into his face.

"Shut up dobe. Nobody asked you're opinion!" he said angrily. Then there was a shrill cry,

"SASUKE-KUN! How could you? How could you kiss another girl!" a girl screamed. She had bright pink hair, and beautiful emerald green eyes. She looked at Hinata, and then exploded,

"And you! How could you slap Sasuke-kun? You stupid little girl! You should be glad you kissed him! Don't you ever do that again! And watch where you're standing, you stupid klutz! You could have gotten Sasuke-kun killed, standing there like that! He could have broken his neck tripping over a stupid person like you!" the girl screamed.

Hinata looked down, sadly. Everyone else stared at the pink-haired girl shocked, and upset. Even Sasuke, whose face had remained emotionless the whole time, looked disapproving.

Naruto got up from the ground, and went over to Hinata. Putting an arm around her shoulder, he said, "Sakura-chan, please don't be mean to her. It wasn't her fault!"

Sakura glared at him, "Who asked you stupid?" Naruto looked at her, shocked, before taking Hinata's hand, and leading her away.


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