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Epilogue: April 19th, 2008

It was nearly ten p.m. when they finally said goodbye to Ethet and her family. Sam felt better for knowing he'd fulfilled a promise not made lightly. Dean knew now why he had to keep that promise. After exchanging numbers with Eliza they left the house and checked into a motel for the night. Once settled in and ready for bed Dean watched his brother, wondering as he took in Sam's troubled eyes what was really going on. He opened his mouth to ask, but Sam beat him to it as he came to sit on the opposite bed, lowering is elbows to his sweat clad thighs as he leaned forward and met Dean's green gaze.

"It was hard, Dean." Sam breathed a laugh that sounded more like a strangled sob. "I saw these people, maids and sailors. I talked to them. They were hard working, happy with their lives, y'know? It was so hard to look at them and not shout for them to run screaming from the lower decks. It was just… so…damned… hard… to let them die." Sam raised a hand to his forehead and rubbed at it before allowing it to drop back to his lap, his eyes sliding to take in the floor, their lids blinking rapidly.

"I know I couldn't have looked at those people and kept my mouth shut. You're strong Sammy, way stronger than me. You did the right thing."

"How do you figure?" Sam said, raising his eyes to look at his brother again.

"Those people were already gone. You said that yourself. And even if they weren't, if some of them got off, like Ethet, if you had warned them and they beat another survivor out of a place on a boat who knows what would have been changed. Man, that ship sinking affected the whole world. It had to go down, in 1912 and again that night." Dean reached across the small space that separated him from his brother and brushed back Sam's hair. "I'm glad you were strong enough to come back Sam. Not sure I would've been." Dean let go of Sam and leaned back on the bed. "It's good to have my sidekick back in action."

Sam glared at his brother before breathing a laugh. "Jerk." He said, grinning as he grabbed his pillow and whipped it at Dean. Dean sat up, catching the pillow. He whipped it back at Sam, the younger hunter catching it just before it hit him in the face.

"Get some sleep, bitch." Dean said, flopping back on his bed. "Sammy?"


"Do you want to try and find out what happened to Emily? I'm willing to help."

"Y'know, I don't think so. I think she needs to rest... wherever she is...undisturbed."

Sam laid back and Dean fell asleep after he heard Sam's breathing deepen and even out.

The next morning as they were loading the car Dean called Bobby to let him know they were on their way to South Dakota. The hit the road, talking amicably over the quiet music.

Dean had pulled into a gas station in Illinois several hours later to fill the car. He was inside paying when Sam's cell phone rang.

"Hello?" Sam answered when he didn't immediately recognize the number.

"Sam? It's Eliza." Something in the tone of the voice on the other end brought him to attention and he straightened in the seat.

"Eliza, what is it?"

"Gran died in her sleep last night."

"Oh God." Sam whispered, blinking back tears. "I'm sorry."

"She wrote me a letter and said I was supposed to read something to you from her album. There's a new sketch and a note in it."

"There is?"

"It's of the two of you. She memorized your faces so many ways. You and Dean are sitting on her couch. My daughter is between the two of you in the sketch. Did she sit with you before I brought the tray in last night?"

"No she didn't."

"Then the little girl is Gran. That's what I thought."

"What does the note say?"

"It says "Meeting true heroes twice in a lifetime is a rare and wonderful experience. I hold that joy in my heart as I go off into the mist." Eliza sobbed once over the line and took a breath. Sam steeled himself as she continued to speak. "'I wished to be a legacy for a hero, two heroes, but I realize now that a legacy lives, more powerful than I. I am but one of many grateful lives saved along the way.'" Eliza sighed. "She wished for me to send you the four drawings and a sealed letter. That was written in the note she left me. She wrote that last night too I imagine."

"It's really not necessary Eliza. Seeing it was enough."

"Please Sam. It was her wish. We have a lifetime of memories with Gran. That's enough for us."

Sam gave Eliza Bobby's address in South Dakota and said he'd call her when he got the package. Dean got back into the car just as Sam ended the call.

Dean looked at his brother's pale face. "Sammy?"

"Ethet died in her sleep last night. She was happy. Eliza's sending us what Ethet drew and the letter she wrote after we left last night. It was her last wish that we get those things. Told her to send 'em to Bobby's."

"I'm glad we found her Sammy." Dean said as he turned in the seat and clasped Sam's shoulder.

"Me too."

April 21st, 2008.

Bobby stepped out onto the porch of his house nestled in the center of his salvage yard as a familiar rumbling greeted his ears. He watched as a large black car glided to a stop next to his beat up blue truck. He was off the porch and at the car as the boys, his boys, climbed out of the Impala. The sun was just setting.

"Hey Bobby." Dean said, hugging the older man as he walked up to them.

Bobby returned the hug complete with a pat on the back. "Good to see ya boy." Sam came around the car.

"Hey Bobby." Sam echoed Dean's earlier words. Bobby turned as Sam clapped him on the shoulder. Bobby shrugged off Sam's arm and jerked him in for a rib breaking bear hug.

"Damn, it's good to see you kid." Bobby said as his normally gruff voice softened. He lifted a hand to the back of Sam's neck and held him tight. "You had me worried." He pulled back and put both hands to Sam's jaw, looking at him with sharp but happy eyes.

"I'm sorry Bobby."

"Don't be sorry boy. Just be okay."

"I am." Sam promised as he hugged the old man once more that he'd come to think of as a second father. Dean had their bags in hand and the three of them went into the house, their only other real home next to the Impala. If the Salvage Yard had ears, quiet voices and laughter would have been heard for most of the night.

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