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She smiled up at me from the couch

She smiled up at me from the couch. A piece of hair was caught from the breeze from the open window; a breeze I couldn't feel. Her cheeks were slightly flushed; her lips swollen. I could feel her small hands along my back, tortuously rubbing the bare skin there. She was so, so, alive. And here with me. And even more fantastical, she wanted to be here with me. I still can't wrap my mind around that concept. I felt the slight hum of thoughts swirl around in my mind, but I shut them away, focusing on her completely. I bent down and kissed the slight dimple near the edge of her mouth. I loved that dimple. Especially since I only saw it when she was being playful, like now. Playful meant she was happy and content, and after so many days and months filled with worry and anxiety, she was happy and content; with me.

"Edward, it was always you; forever."

How did she know? How could she look up at me, so happy and content with her life? And I was still deathly worried she would change her mind, that she would realize she had chosen wrong. But she was still smiling, I could still see that small dimple. A hand soothed my back while the other reached for my face, so warm, and smoothed out the line between my brows. I closed my hands, enjoying the feel of her small hand tracing my face.

I had missed this. I loved the feel of her warm body pressed against mine, as I smelled the sweet smell of her body and blood, and could see the love and trust in her eyes. The hellish months apart before Italy. I had been so possessive of her when i had come back; knowing that I could never live without the feel of her next to me. Being apart for even a few hours had felt like torture, had been the basest kind of pain. I missed her in those few hours apart, and worried that she would change her mind, would wake up and realize that I had hurt her. She had lived without me once, I knew she could do it again. She was so much stronger than I am. But through everything, after the battle with Victoria and her army of newborns, with her new knowledge of her love for Jacob, she had chosen. She chose me. And she didn't regret it. So far. Yet. And everyday I feared she would wake up and realize her mistake. He could, after all, give her things I never could. A family, a full life, her soul. All I could ever and have ever given her was pain, and loss, and regret. I never wanted her to feel that. To make her feel like she had to give up everything she was, to be with me, and in the end, I could never give anything to her. She did nothing but make sacrifices for us and I give nothing to her in return. She wouldn't even let me give her presents.

Her finger traced my lips, and I felt my answering moan. She chuckled, and I opened my eyes to see her face once more. Wicked and devious she was still smiling. "None of that matters. I will always be yours." How did she know? How did she always know? I thought I was supposed to be the mind reader. I looked down and noticed her lips again, still slightly swollen from my kisses. Fuck it.

I growled and attached my lips firmly to hers. She was mine. I had given her the choice; she was mine now. And if something in the future ever changed that, I would fight for her. She was mine. Would always be mine.

I felt the kiss change. It started out a little less controlled than others we shared and possessive, just like many of the kisses he'd been giving me since I had agreed to marry him. And suddenly it was more. It was explosive. It was like every cell in my body was finding and connecting to his. My hands grasped his shoulders as I rose to meet his kiss. His arms encircled me and held me there. His weight falling a little more on me. His mouth opened and I felt his tongue reach out and lick across my bottom lip. Automatically my own mouth opened and sought his. I felt myself begin to grow dizzy as we fought for dominance.

He broke away, kissing down my neck. I began to breathe again. I began to shiver as his tongue began to suck on the skin of my neck. I felt myself moan in response and he own lips sought further down my neck, to my collarbone. The next thing I knew, my shirt was gone and he was kissing at the skin of my chest, a hand moving to cup me in my bra. It felt so good. But it had to end. We couldn't do anything here, not yet. How had this happened? We had just finished making out and I was trying to soothe his worries, that this was what I wanted, when suddenly he was attacking me.

I would've loved for him to have attacked me a few months ago. Hell, if I was being completely honest, I was loving it now. But I wanted to do this the way we had agreed to months ago. I wanted this to be about us, and the fulfillment of the things we had wanted before. Before Jacob. But if I didn't stop things now, it would not end. He wanted me, thank god!, and had even been pushing our careful boundaries for weeks now. But I couldn't give in, not with the wedding so close. Not when everything I had ever wanted was in my grasp. Not when everything, he ever wanted was in our grasp. I could do this, I could.

And then, his lips touched my nipple. And all bets were off.