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"Completion," I finish

"Completion," I finish. Great god! She can feel this too? This madness? This need to have her with me always. This desire. And it burns. Always burning along my skin. Every touch, every look. And when I'm not with her, it's like there are pieces missing, gone, and my heart the largest piece of all. But when we're together, it's like finding home. Finally finding the other part of me, the most vital part, that's been missing all these years. Because Bella is everything. My everything. Forever. Nothing will ever change that. "So we wait."

We wait until the time is right, until after the wedding, my wedding, our wedding. I can't help but feel the surge of elation that runs through me at the thought. I'm getting married. After a century of waiting, I'm getting married, and not to just anyone, but to Bella, my soul mate. And in this moment of elation and perfect contentment and understanding, I know that if I've ever had a soul, it's in Bella's small hands. My long dead heart is useless now, but my soul that she can keep. It's the part of me that she keeps with her. And I'll never want it back. It's hers; always.

"Yes," she answers. I lift a finger to her chin, forcing her to look in my eyes. I take in her beautiful brown eyes. Eyes that tell me more than anything else ever could. I can see her slight embarrassment, but her never ending love as well. Love for me. And I see the yearning. For the beginning of our life together. for our marriage; the binding of our souls together for all time. And, to maybe even finish what we've started here.

I know I want all those things. I can't wait for them. And for the first time, I can finally understand. She's been pushing me to change her, to make her a vampire while I've done nothing but try to thwart her. How could I not? I wouldn't, couldn't, hurt her, damn her to this life. Steal her from her family, her soul, and even from the sun. I couldn't. I loved her too much.

And if I was being completely honest, i was afraid that after she changed and realized what she had given up, she wouldn't love me anymore, that she would hate me for everything i had taken from her and could only give the endless blood lust in return. Or that maybe as a vampire, she would see through whatever it was that compelled her to love me as a vampire. She would leave me, hate me. I couldn't even think about it if that happened. Couldn't survive. Not again. Never again...

"Edward, you are my other half. We're two parts of a whole. But, even together we'll never be completely whole because we'll never be on the same playing field. You have to become a human or I have to become a vampire. There's no other way really, not be completely happy, to really let our love grow and become fulfilled. We'll always be missing something. Since you can't become a human, it just means I'll have to become a vampire. But when I do, Edward, we'll be together. Forever, in every possible way connected. And if it's this incredible now, can you imagine a hundred years from now. It will be forever, then Edward, our forever."

She reached for my hand and when I felt our hands connect and the warmth spread through my body like electricity it hit me and I finally understood.

She wanted to love me forever. Wanted to start the rest of our lives together. To be able to give ourselves to each other fully. Forever. Eternity.

I had only seen marriage as the symbol of our commitment and devotion, but Bella, she knew that we needed this - The Change - to really, physically and emotionally, devote ourselves to each other. To ensure that we would in fact be together; forever.

My hands shift to cup her face and I stare intently into her eyes, really understanding the commitment we were making to each other. I know that, here on this couch we were declaring ourselves for the last times that we were in complete sync with the other; accepted the other. Bella and I would marry, marking the merge in our two souls as one and the transformation of Bella into a vampire marking our equality physically.

"It will be for eternity then. You will be mine for the rest of my existence. And I will be yours." And then she smiled, and it was my whole world, everything I had ever wanted made real.

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