Dean was currently sitting in the auditorium of Sam's high school waiting for the ceremony to start. He couldn't believe his baby brother was graduating from high school, it seemed like it was just yesterday when Sam was toddling around tacky motels rooms, 'blankie' trailing behind him…

Six-year-old Sammy Winchester was standing in his kindergarten class trying not to cry as he looked around the room. All of his friends were surrounded by their parents smiling faces while here he was all by himself. Where's Dean? He thought. Something much have happened to him! After all Dean had made Sammy a promise that he would be there and Dean never broke his promises to his little brother.

"Alright class, time to line up." His teacher, Ms. Harvey called. "We have to get ready."

Sammy sighed and walked toward the door. He had been standing in line when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to see Dean standing behind him.

"Hey squirt." Dean smiled, being sure to keep his surprise hidden.

"Dean!" Sammy squealed happily. "I couldn't find you, I thought you weren't gonna come."

"Sorry it took so long, I had something I had to do." Dean explained.

"What?" Sammy asked curiously.

"You'll see." Dean replied. "I'll see you in a few minutes." He said ushering his brother back into line.

Sammy nodded enthusiastically before giving Dean a hug. "See you!"

Dean smiled and walked to join the group of parents. Together they went to the cafeteria and everyone took a seat while Ms. Harvey led her class of graduating kindergarteners to the stage.

One by one she called each name and watched as they walked toward her, just like they had practiced. She placed a construction paper cap on their heads before handing them their 'diplomas'.

"Dean! Look, look at what I got!" Sam yelled running towards Dean, his cap almost slipping off. "I gaduated! I'm a big kid now!"

Dean laughed. "You mean you graduated." He corrected.

"Yeah, yeah, that's what I meant." Sam smiled. "And look, it says my name… right here!" He stabbed his little finger where his name had been printed.

"It sure does." Dean agreed.

"Dean?" Ms. Harvey asked somewhat suspiciously. "Don't you have class, what are you doing here?"

"Oh hi Ms. Harvey, I did have class but I got excused because dad and I didn't want Sammy to be alone today." He explained.

She nodded and smiled. "Well it's good someone's here for Sam. He's such a good kid and after all this is a big day."

"Yup." Dean replied.

"Dean?" Sam asked tugging on his brother's jacket.

"What squirt?" Dean asked looking down into Sam's eager face.

"What's that?" He asked pointing to the box behind Dean.

"Oh that, I don't know." He grinned.

"Can I open it?" He asked.

"How do you know it's even for you?" Dean asked teasingly.

"It says my name! It says Sammy Winchester!" Sam argued back. "It's for me!"

Dean put his hands up in mock surrender. "Geez kiddo, don't attack me." He smiled. "Go ahead, open it."

Sam set his 'diploma' down and tore the top off of the box. "Cookies! I got cookies! But I thought I wasn't allowed to have cookies, not before dinner!" Sam yelled excitedly.

"I think we can make an exception." Dean ruffled Sam's hair a little. "You want to offer some to your friends?"

Sam nodded. "Dean." He said putting the box down for a sec.

"Yeah kiddo." Dean replied.

"You're the best! I love you!" Sam wrapped his arms around Dean's waist before running off to share his chocolate chip cookies with his classmates.

Dean came out of his memories just in time to hear the start of some girl's speech about the past and how it affected where they were going. He tried to listen for a few minutes before he found himself back in another time listening to kids giving speeches…

Dean was sitting against a tree on the lower field of his brother's middle school. The graduating eighth graders had walked out, one girl paired with one boy. The speeches had been said and the awards handed out which Dean was quite grateful for. He really didn't feel like listening to someone drone on and on about something he really couldn't give a shit about. In all actuality, there was only one person there who mattered to him… and he was way at the end.

Dean groaned and put his head back. This was taking forever.

"You bored too?" A blonde haired girl asked standing behind him.

"You could say that." Dean replied.

"Wait, didn't we have English together?" She asked sitting down next to him.

Dean nodded though he didn't remember her.

"So who are you here for?" She asked.

"My kid brother, what about you?" He asked.

"Sister." If it wasn't for my parents, I'd have ditched a long time ago. I know a way to pass the time quicker." She grinned.

Dean knew what she was implying and as much fun as that sounded, he didn't want to skip out on the kid. Sam was feeling down in the dumps already, he didn't need Dean adding to it. Sam and John had had a fight a few days ago. John had left on a hunt and Sam was upset that he didn't stick around long enough to go to his graduation. Plus this town hadn't been very kind to Sam. He'd come home almost every day with either a black eye, a split lip or missing or torn papers until Dean had set the record straight that if anyone ever touched his brother again, they would need a handicap placard and a motorized wheelchair for the rest of their lives.

"Sorry but I'm going to have to pass." Dean replied. "It's nothing against you, I just gotta be here when they call the geek's name."

She nodded and walked off.

Another half hour passed before Sam's name was called and soon after the ceremony ended. Dean got up and walked through the sea of pre-teens before he spotted his mop-headed brother standing by himself. "Sam!" He called walking faster.

Sam looked up and smiled a little, at least Dean had cared enough to show up.

"Hey," Dean smiled back and put an arm around Sam's shoulders. "Next year, we're together."

"Aren't I lucky?" Sam replied sarcastically.

"To be going to school with this face, you're damn lucky." Dean answered. "C'mon, let's go. I got something for you."

"Dean what?" Sam groaned. His brother's idea of a surprise and his were fairly different.

"You'll see but it's at home so we gotta go." Dean walked toward the car, Sam following after him.

"Close your eyes." Dean ordered as they stood outside the front door to their shabby two room house. Sam didn't obey. "Do it or you're not getting your surprise!"

"Fine." Sam mumbled placing a hand over his eyes.

"No peaking." Dean reminded him leading Sam into the kitchen. "Okay, hold on… now open!"

Sam removed his hand and looked around the kitchen. On the wall was a sign that said 'Congrats Sammy!' and there was a chocolate cake on the table.

"You want first piece?" Dean asked moving toward one of the drawers and grabbing a knife. He then pulled out two plates from the cupboard.

Sam nodded. "Thanks Dean." He said after swallowing a large bite of his chocolate cake.

"No problem, I know it's not much but…" Dean smiled sheepishly.

"It's perfect." He replied.

Dean was brought out of his memories when he heard clapping and cheering. He looked up to see one of Sam's friends cross the stage and accept his diploma. Thank god! He sighed. Luckily, this school was fairly small and he hoped that this part would go quick.

It took longer than Dean anticipated but soon enough they had gotten past a large section of the class and were almost done. A few minutes later, Sam's name was called.

"Samuel Winchester." The principle called and Dean stood when Sam did.

Sam shook hands with the man and accepted his diploma. He smiled when his eyes met Dean's.

"That's my boy!" Dean said proudly.

After Sam had talked with his friends for a few minutes he met up with Dean. "Hey man." Sam smiled.

Dean shook his head as he looked at how grown-up his brother looked. "I can't believe you're graduating." Dean stated.

"I did graduate." Sam replied cheekily.

Dean smiled and lightly punched Sam on the arm.

"C'mon, dad and I got something for ya." Dean said leading the way to the car.

"Really?" Sam asked surprised.

"Sammy, I'm offended." Dean feigned hurt but smiled.

They arrived home a few minutes later, both surprised to see John standing on the porch fuming mad, holding something tightly in his hand. The 'party' John and Dean had planned totally forgotten as John held up Sam's acceptance letter.