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Rose had always wished she had twin hearts like the Doctor, but she speculated that heartbreak would be twice as bad. As the Doctor disappeared, her heart shattered. She stood in place for a few minutes, wishing with all of her might that the Doctor could have finished his sentence. That she could have heard those three little words, the ones that now tore at her own heart. She turned and ran into her mother's arms, though they didn't have the same effect as the Doctor's.

They all stood on that beach for a few hours, Mickey tip-toed around Rose, not wanting to show her that he was there. Pete understood somewhat what she was going through, but kept his distance. Only Jackie truly understood how Rose felt. Her husband Pete had been killed, when they had only been together for a few years. Though, now she had him back. Rose sat alone, on a large rock, staring into the glimmering sea. She hadn't stopped crying since she had last talked to the Doctor, but she now walked to the van that her father owned, sitting in the back, trying to fall asleep on the long drive that was ahead of the group.

She couldn't even bear to close her eyes. Every time her eyes were closed for longer than a blink, she saw his brown eyes, his suit, his silly shoes that were always dirty, his worn brown coat, his "brainy specs", everything about him that made him unique. Mickey now tried to comfort her, but he couldn't even begin to help her. Rose felt torn apart, like she could never be happy.

The weeks seem to fly by after that encounter. About a month later she returned to work, large bags under eyes, she couldn't sleep. It wasn't that she dreamed about the Doctor, is was that when she woke up, she no longer heard him calling her name. The silence was harder to stomach than the faint calling. Soon though, the bags too flew away, and Rose went to work at Torchwood a seemingly happy young woman. And to Rose, she was a seemingly happy young woman. She thought of the Doctor often, but she blocked out those three little words, pretending she had never said them, nor felt them.

Months passed, and soon a year was gone. And one night, a regular night in the life of Rose Tyler, she went to a pub with Mickey, smiled, laughed, and went home to go to sleep. Then, the callings started again. Faint as ever, but she knew they were there.

She awoke the next morning and told her mum and Pete that she had to go on a quick trip for work. Pete gave her a hug, and left the room, but Jackie knew better. She knew that Rose was leaving for longer than she was letting on, but she smiled bravely and gave her daughter a peck on the cheek. Mickey didn't react as badly as Rose thought he would. He nodded slowly and then took Rose into his arms. He kissed the top of her head and wished her good luck. Rose packed up quickly and bought a ticket to Norway.

She practically ran from her rental car down to the beach of Bad Wolf Bay, and stood in the same spot that she did one year earlier. And soon, he was back. This time, he wasn't faint. All the Doctor said was,

"Rose Tyler, I love you." Then he disappeared. Rose slowly walked away, this time, she cried but not because she was sad, but because she didn't have to deny those three little words any longer.