Hi, I was going over old stories and i saw this one. it is super old, yeah i know. but i was considering a sequel. Short, to the point but in all a sequel. i wanted my old readers to get a look at what i'm considering for the summary first:

Bella and Edward had their happy ending...right? RIGHT?! They still aren't married. And Bella seems to be wanting sex more than her man does. Jacob is more than happy to offer himself and he...has. but Bella wants Edward right? Can Edward keep up with her need? Can Bella geta damn grip?!

So whatcha think? You guys have given me the most reponse for this one. and i really would love to put my ideas for the sequel out there. give me ideas, give me criteria, and give me YOUR REVIEW!

Send me what you think through review or message me through my profile. Please! Oh, my grammar and spelling used to be horrible. they're still slightly dreadful but they've improved alot. Sooooo yeah. *Awkward cough*