Chapter 1

Gone, But Still Here

Edward was gone.

It has been 3 months now, since he left. We had gotten married and had our honeymoon. But the Volturi had come and Edward had to take me to Los Vegas. Then he went back to Forks to see if our family was okay.

He had never come back. But for some reason i know that he is still alive, why he hasn't come back I have no idea. I haven't been doing very well though. The hole in my chest is back, but it isn't as bad.

I have a job as a waitress. It isn't the best job in the world, but it could be worst. I have been waking up everyday and spilling my guts out, getting dressed eating and finally going to work. But today is different i am going to the doctor's after work.

I am waiting in the front. Finally after about 10 minutes a nurse comes out and calls for a Mrs. Cullen. I go with her to get my height and weight taken. Then to a room a was to wait. After about 5 minutes the doctor came in. he looked like he was in his late 30's.

"So, why are you here Mrs. Cullen?" he asked. My heart flipped at the name.

"I was wondering if I am pregnant," I said looking at the floor.

"May I ask why you would like this test?" Dr. Collier asked writing some stuff down.

"Well, I have morning sickness every morning. I have also been moody." I replied while he wrote some more stuff down.

"Okay," Dr. Collier said, "I need to get some equipment so I can see if you are. I will be right back." I nodded as he left.

When he came back he had a ultra sound thing. He put some gel one my stomach and a cylinder thing. A picture showed up on the screen and I saw my baby.

Dr. Collier then said, "Come back in 3 months, but take these pills they will help." He gave me a slip of paper.

"Thank you." I said getting up and walking out.

When I got home I laid on the bed staring up at the ceiling thinking I have Edward's child inside of me. Over and over again. Tears were streaming down my face as i drifted off to sleep. For once it was a dreamless sleep.

3 months later I went back to the doctor. I had another ultra sound. The doctor said I was going to have a girl. I left in a daze. When I got home I decided to call Rene.

Phil answered. "Hello?"

"Hi Phil," I said.

"Bella!" he exclaimed and the phone was taken from him. Rene got on and started firing off questions. When Rene finally stopped talking I said.

"Mom, I'm pregnant and its going to be a girl!" I exclaimed as I said it a warm glow came through me.

"That's wonderful!" Rene exclaimed, "You have to come down so we can see you."

"Of course, mom." I said with feeling.

A couple weeks later I was in Florida with Rene and Phil. Once Catherine Elizabeth was born I rented a house by Rene.