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The Dark Lord was defeated at the end of Draco Malfoy's sixth year at Hogwarts. During his seventh year he developed a friendship with his rival, Harry Potter. They soon grew to best friends, but never anything more. Draco soon developed a crush for the boy, but he chose for it to remain a secret.

It is now just after their seventh year, and Draco's parents are already discussing whom Draco will marry.

The Lie


"Draco, you will marry who you are told," Lucius announced in a finalizing tone, trying to stop any further argument on the matter.

The Malfoys were located in their sitting room in the Malfoy Manor; Narcissa was sitting next to Lucius on a sofa, sipping at tea from a lovely china cup, and Draco was sitting across from them on another sofa.

"I will not!" Draco protested angrily, his mouth shaped into an arrogant pout. This was not a subject he ever had a passion for; being told who to marry was not how Draco wanted to live his life. "I cannot!"

"You will" – the next words were said slowly and menacingly – "do as you are told." Lucius said, his teeth loudly grinding.

Narcissa calmly took another sip of her tea, as if there were no strong debate currently in session.

"Father," Draco started. He had to defend himself. "There is already someone."

This wasn't true, although he wished it were. In his last year of Hogwarts he had befriended Harry Potter. After the fall of the Dark Lord, they had put their differences aside. They became friends, to best friends, but nothing more – even though Draco wanted more. He always wanted more, but with Harry it was different.

"A secret lover?" his mother asked calmly, glancing over her teacup. This was the first thing she had added to this conversation all night.

"Yes," Draco gulped. Oh, what was he getting himself into? He couldn't get away with a lie this big.

"Who is it?" Lucius spat. "Someone from school?"

"Yes," Draco echoed. Oh boy, he was getting himself in deep.

"A Slytherin?" his father questioned.

"Lucius," Narcissa started. "That is more than enough interrogating. Draco, may I ask you something?"

Draco figured his mother asking him questions would be better than his father by far, so he nodded, indicating her to continue.

"Draco, you do know it is your responsibility to carry on our bloodline and family name, so I have one very important question." Narcissa smiled; her smile was warm, calm, and inviting – that only meant she was trying her best. "Is this person Pure-Blooded?"

Draco glanced in his father's direction quickly, fearing how he would react. "No."

Surely enough, Lucius jumped from the couch quickly, his anger rising in record time. Narcissa calmly sat her tea on the coffee table in front of her and shot Lucius a glare which caused him to sit back down.

"Draco, you do understand you must pass on our bloodline, don't you?" Narcissa asked, still calm, but Draco knew she was angry inside; it was impossible for her not to be. Plus, she was incredibly skilled at hiding her true emotions.

"Yes," Draco nodded. "But even if this person was Pure-Blooded, Mother, they would still not be able to… pass on the bloodline." Draco said quite awkwardly, playing with his fingers.

"What are you getting at?" Lucius glared, his anger rising again.

"Lucius, calm down. This must be hard enough for Draco as it is." Narcissa warned, obviously she had noticed Draco's nervousness. "Now, Draco, what do you mean by that?"

Draco gulped hard, he wasn't sure if he should say it. This relationship was only in his fantasies, anyway.

"Get on with it," Lucius continued his glare, clearly impatient.

Draco once again took a hard gulp, this was the hardest thing he ever had to do by far – all the stuff for the Dark Lord was nothing compared to whatever this was, even his N.E.W.T.s were not this difficult. "It's a he."

Lucius's face went blank; he was completely shocked. Narcissa's eyes widened for a fraction of a second, but her mask was in place again so quickly Draco wasn't sure if he had imagined it or not.

"And who may this he be?" she questioned, her voice still calm.

Draco didn't gulp this time; actually, he didn't do anything. He just blurted it out without giving it thought, "Harry Potter."


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