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Lucius smirked as he dug through his pocket, and threw the small packages down on the dressing table. He threw a glance at the brown packages with white writing, and after a little contemplating to himself, he decided to pick one up again and open it. He'd never actually used such a muggle invention like this, anyhow, and he was curious.

Who wouldn't be? Right?

It read 'LARGE CONDOM – CHOCOLATE FLAVOURED', which made him frown in disgust that this had previously (yes, previously, but not anymore) belonged to Potter.

But nonetheless, he tore open the plastic packaging, and plucked out the little bit of rubber. It was slippery. He wasn't expecting that.

"Disgusting," he muttered to himself, but continued to investigate the slime-covered hollowed rubber.

It stretched a fair way, but he didn't force it anymore, scared he would break it and his curiosity would force him to open another. Lucius then brought the rubber up to his face to smell it, and was suddenly interrupted with, "Lucius! What in Merlin's name are you doing?"

Lucius quickly stuffed the rubber behind his back, and innocently said, "Nothing, my dear… Nothing at all."

Narcissa narrowed her eyes as she approached him slowly, and glanced quickly at her dressing table, and said, "Are those… muggle contraptions that are used for protection during sexual intercourse?"

"Uh. Yes, my dear, yes they are." He may as well tell the truth.

"And where on Merlin's Earth did you get those?" Merlin, Merlin, Merlin.

Lucius looked to the floor. His wife could be so intimidating sometimes, when she wasn't in front of her darling son. "I found them. In a trunk."

She gave him a stern look and swept up the remaining condoms in a swift movement. "Harry's trunk, I assume, then?"

Lucius cleared his throat and walked off to the bathroom. "Maybe."

She ground her teeth together, quickly said, "I'll talk to you when I get back," and walked off.

Harry had just gotten out of the bathroom, and was drying his hair with his towel, when Draco said, "There are easier ways to do things, you know?"

Harry furrowed his brows in confusion as he asked, "What do you mean?"

Draco sighed. "You know, like, drying your hair, cleaning in the shower, brushing your teeth… There's a spell for basically everything, Harry."

"Oh." Harry said, giving a shrug. "I guess I've never thought about being that lazy."

Draco gasped and threw a pillow at Harry. "Are you implying something, dear?"

Harry dropped the towel and threw the pillow back, with more force than intended, and knocked Draco off the bed. "Of course not, honey."

Draco hid behind the bed as he threw the pillow back, and grabbed another. "I think this means a pillow war, babe."

Harry laughed, snuck around the bed, and caught Draco off guard as he smacked him with the pillow. "Don't you mean a 'pillow fight', snookums?"

Draco jumped up and ran away, yelling, "No! This is war, sugar-lump!"

There was a sharp knock at the door, but the two boys failed to hear it, due to their running around. Draco was fleeing, dodging attempts of Harry's pillow whacking, and Harry was running after him, crazily.

"Don't make me tie you up, pooky!" Harry yelled, laughing in a panting type of way.

The knock became loud enough for the two boys to hear, and it made Draco stop suddenly still in his tracks, which caused Harry to run into him violently, forcing them both down on the ground with a huge bang.

Draco tried to untangle himself from the mess that was him and Harry on the floor. Together. Closely.

"Ha–Harry… that's either Mother or Father at the door…" Draco tried to say, but he wasn't sure if it came out coherent or not.

"Let them wait." Harry smirked. "I've got some tying yo do. And then some pillow abuse."

Draco's eyes widened. Harry couldn't possible want to tie him up, could he? Definitely not in the way Draco was visualising.

Another loud, abrupt knock occurred.


Harry grinned and basically leaped off Draco. "Fine, honey-bun, go answer the door. I'll be waiting for you in bed."

Draco laughed. "You're an asshole, you know that?"

He, too, leaped off the floor and headed towards the door. Opening it, he gave a nervous grin at the sight of his mother.

"Mother! How can I help you?" he said, trying not to make his nervousness apparent. She was already giving him the 'I know what you were up to' grin, even though she had it all wrong.

"Just returning something your father accidentally took." She said, smiling, whilst handing Draco a load of small plastic packages.

Draco's eyes widened as he looked down at his hand, realising what he had been handed. "Oh. Thanks."

She gave him a weak smile and trotted off, saying, "Goodnight, Draco!" in a lovely, almost singsong voice.

Draco closed the door, and yawned quickly. Why wasn't this day over already? He assumed it would be bad enough if this was a real situation, but it wasn't – that made it even more difficult to deal with. Draco had never considered himself an actor, but now he'd have to try.

"What did she want?" Harry asked from the bed.

Draco threw the condoms at him. "Returning stolen property."

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