Sasuke doesn't like sweets. It's a known fact throughout all Konoha. But did anyone ever wonder... why?

When Sasuke was little, he loved sweets. Lollypops, chocolate bars, cake, you name it. But what Sasuke loved more then sweets, was sharing them with Itachi. And Itachi delighted in the way Sasuke would share his sweet treats only with him. He loved the way Sasuke would run up to him shouting, "Aniki!" before glomping him. He would ruffle up the smaller boys hair each time, causing Sasuke to blush and stomp away, muttering about being treated like a baby. But Itachi knew Sasuke secretly liked when Itachi did that. Even when he poked him on his forehead, he saw Sasuke smile the tiniest bit. Even when Sasuke started to notice the change in his brother, he still diligently shared his sweets with him, hoping to cheer him up if only a little.

It had been the day that Sasuke had declared to himself that he would tell Itachi how he felt. His brotherly-love had grown into something much more. And he had a bag full of sweets to celebrate. Of course, when he entered the Uchiha compound, he felt that something was amiss. Finding the dead bodys of his family scattered across the ground, he ran to his house.

"Mother!? Father!? Aniki!?" he called as he entered the house

He quietly moved from room to room, looking for his family, before he heard a sound coming from his father's study. He raced to the door and was about to open it when he froze. Something- no, someone- was beyond that door. Sasuke's feeling of dread grew as he slowly reached for the door handle. He opened the doors wide and to his utter shock, he found his parents on the floor, dead.

"No!" he shouted, before realizing someone else was in the room. He looked into the shadows and saw, "Aniki! What happened!?" he asked.

He was immediatly shut up when a shiriken flew at him and landed in the door, that had closed on it's own, grazing his cheek.

"Aniki...?" he asked in shock

"That's right, little brother. I did it. I killed them all." Itachi said emotionlessly

Sasuke fell to his knees, his tears silently running down his cheeks. Itachi walked over to him, stepping over their dead parents. Sasuke hardly regestered his movement, but none the less, jumped up and ran out of the house.

Itachi sighed and followed Sasuke into the streets. He jumped down infront of him and Sasuke collided with him. Sasuke almost fell, but Itachi's strong grip kept him on his feet. Sasuke looked up at Itachi in fear and anger.

"Let go of me, Aniki!" he shouted, "I don't want to die!"

"Do you hnestly think I was going to kill you?" Itachi asked in the same emotionless voice

Sasuke trembled in his arms. Itachi took his chin in his hand and forced Sasuke to look at him. Obsidein locked with obsidein and before Sasuke could blink, Itachi captured his lips in a heart-stopping kiss. Sasuke tensed but melted into it all the same. He could taste the blood that mingled with the taste that was Itachi. Itachi broke the kiss and stared at his younger brother for a moment longer before he gave him a quick hit in the gut and sent him into unconsiousness.

"An...iki..." he was able to say before he passed out, the last thing he saw being Itachi's blood drenched face.

When he awoke, Itachi was gone and he was in the care of some medical ninja. His bag was still slung on his shoulder. He opened it and took out the bag of sweets. All they did was remind him of Itachi. He tossed the bag away, frowning.

"I'll never eat sweets again."

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