A/N: Um... hi again. I had stuff I wanted to say, but it was becoming longer than the actual poem. So.

This started off as my results of a school assignment... turned into a little something more. It's rather sad testimony to how obsessed with SPN I am when it shows up in schoolwork. Oh well.

I am by no means a poet, so please, let me know what you liked/didn't like/think needs improvement. Mild spoilers for AHBL1, and I don't own. Enjoy!

He stares up at the star-speckled sky,
His back resting against cool glass,
Solid metal below him.
Warmth brushes against his shoulder –
A firm, reassuring presence.
He holds out an offering,
Fingers and palms stained with rainbow dye.
Long fingers accept the gift,
The rainbow passing from one to another.
The wind stirs, rustling dust.
Words are shared –
But neither speaks –
Beneath the star-speckled sky.

He stares up at the star-speckled sky
Framed by a halo of rotting wood.
Iron bands bind his chest
Even though the breeze caresses unrestrained skin
Under the ripped cotton.
The ground vibrates with heavy steps.
A face appears, pleading – entreating –
Bleeding –
The bands loosen, giving way to concern for the other.
A dimpled grin – reassuring;
A warm hand outstretched –
A thousand words in one gesture –
Beneath the star-speckled sky.

He stares up at the star-speckled sky
Veiled by stormy clouds.
A scream fades away,
Drowned out by faint rolling thunder.
A limp weight –
Soul-crushing –
Rests in his trembling, grasping arms.
Water rains down from the sky,
Mixing with the salty tracks on his cheeks –
He and Heaven both weeping.
The familiar warmth rapidly fades –
Taking a million words never spoken –
Beneath the shrouded sky.

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