Misfortune of a Mushroom Boy

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla: Well, this is the first of my many one-shots based on events that occurred to me on Mario Kart Wii, though technically speaking this is the second fanfic (the first fanfic being Princess Rosalina's Farting Problem, which was the third and final entry in the Princess Farting Problem trilogy that started off with Peach). Anyway, since I've been having lots of fun in Mario Kart/experiencing a bit of anger issues as the computers in 150 cc use cheap tricks, I decided to write one-shots about this awesome, something else that rhymes game. And that's all I have to state. Ladies and gentlemen, read and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Toad and everything else representing Mario Kart Wii in fanfiction form belong to Nintendo.

"Come on, mushroom boy! Show us what you got!"

"Yeah! Stop being such a wimp, shorty!"

Dry Bones and Bowser Junior were taunting Toad as they drove far ahead of him on their standard, color coordinated bikes on the SNES Mario Circuit 3. Toad, riding in a small, blue-colored kart, was struggling to catch up to the other two bullies as he turned around the right bend with a drift, but slipped on a banana peel tossed by, driving off course onto the sand.

"Urgh!" Toad exclaimed as he slowly got back onto the road, drifting towards the left and then being blasted by a random green shell hurdling past him. The mushroom boy tried to start his engine, but as he did got off again, he grabbed a banana peel out of the item box. Toad grimaced, chucking the banana peel behind him.

"What good will that do for me..." He asked himself as he drifted to the right and swerved to the middle, bouncing over a small puddle of black oil, before bumping Peach into the sand to the right and then turning around the left bend, heading straight towards the finish line. Toad glanced, to see Bowser Jr. up farther, while Dry Bones stopped.

Curious, Toad slowed down his kart as he cautiously approached Dry Bones. Before he knew it, Toad screamed as he was flattened by Dry Bones, who turned giant from using the Mega Mushroom, which he obviously kept secret as he started off to the road, turning on the left bend and squishing all of the other racers. Toad grumbled as he returned to normal, but he sighed as he thought of giving up, now being in twelve place, and quite several feet behind the competition. It surely was not the mushroom boy's day.