Burger King and Extra Olives, Please

Ten Things Tony Knows about Pepper That She Doesn't Know He Knows:

1. Pepper Potts has an insatiable love for the movie A Hard Day's Night. In fact, Pepper is a huge Beatles fan, and has a bizarre attraction to George Harrison, often going "fan-girly" when he appears on the screen.

2. She has three separate cell phones: one for work, one for personal usage, and one that automatically dials Rhodey when Tony doesn't return on time from a mission.

3. Pepper is a coffee addict. But surprisingly it is not the rush of caffeine that she needs; rather, she genuinely loves the taste of a pot of black decaf in the morning.

4. She is a fervent supporter of Barack Obama, and even campaigned for him on every day she had off. Of course, before Hillary Clinton was eliminated from the race, she was a closet supporter of the ex-First Lady.

5. Pepper wants to go to India on a spiritual sojourn but doesn't want Tony to think she is abandoning him by going on vacation.

6. Pepper does not like children but apparently loves dogs.

7. On weekends, she sometimes volunteers at a soup kitchen in Skid Row.

8. Pepper has a very low tolerance for alcohol. Very, very low. To the point of nonexistent. And she likes kissing people when she hits that point. Or at least, she likes almost kissing people when she hits that point.

9. She wrote her college essay about her favorite book, To Kill a Mockingbird, and got in to all but her dream school—Brown. A Boston University BA hangs in her apartment study.

10. Pepper loves photography, and someday wants to open a studio to display her work.

Ten Things Tony Realized While Writing The Previous List:

1. Tony once took a 'Which Beatle are You?' Quiz and got George Harrison, even after he found out about Pepper's preference for him. He knows it's true because he retook it four times.

2. Tony has one cell phone, but only four numbers on it: Pepper's work cell, Pepper's personal cell, Pepper's apartment landline and Rhodey's cell (he doesn't have a landline.)

3. Tony is a coffee addict. Or rather, a caffeine addict. He'd shoot the stuff, if he could. It doesn't have much to do with coffee, really.

4. He voted Obama because Pepper made him promise he would. And then take a cell phone picture of the ballot proving that he did.

5. Tony is not a spiritual person. The only god he believes in is the one on the Simpsons that has a beard but no head. He thinks that that is strangely appropriate for a deity.

6. Tony wants kids, which is why he wound up with the pair of brown eyes staring up at him at this very moment with need—Humphrey's gotta pee.

7. Tony's volunteer work is… extensive.

8. Tony has a high tolerance for alcohol. So he just has to drink twice as much as he would with a normal tolerance. And he fucks people when he's drunk.

9. He wrote his college essay about his favorite band, the Rolling Stones, and got in to all but his dream school—Stanford. An MIT Doctorate hangs in his workroom.

10. Tony has a love of redheads, and really, really wants his own private studio filled with them.

"Or," he contemplates with a smile, "one would be just fine."

A/N: I actually did take several Beatles tests as Mr. Stark. And he did get George Harrison, even after I chose him for Pepper. I was originally going to just stick with John or whoever Tony was going to get, but that made it all the cuter.