A/N: This story, like everything else is a random idea I came up with while writing one of my other stories. I've read tons of Dark Naruto Fics but to be honest I haven't found any I actually like either because they are too cheesy/cliché like the author is trying way too hard to make Naruto cool or it's just one dumb idea stacked over another the entire time.

But don't get me wrong I haven't read every one on this site so it's not like I'm trying to insult anyone in particular since I do search in a very narrow scope( which might explain my problem), but I'm going to focus on the things that I'd like to see in other people's stories.

Naruto will be dark but he won't be an omniscient being with no emotions like everyone else likes to do. He will still be himself to a point but there will be huge changes as well.

Also this is a Harem so be prepared from the start, I have this as a Naru x Ino story because the story is going to be told mostly from Naruto's and Ino's perspective and because she plays an important role in the story. Tayuya is in this as well, I'm not sure where I'm going to draw the line but be prepared for Sakura and Hinata, I'm not taking them out so don't ask.

Just as a side note: there will be rape, A LOT of Yuri, and bondage to some degree, and any other kind of freaky stuff I can think of later on. If this doesn't sound like something you want then read then continue at your own risk.

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Chapter 1: The Way I Am

The cold brisk air blew quietly against Ino's skin causing goose bumps to form along her soft skin of her toned yet feminine arms. She was running through the forest in an all out sprint yet she wasn't making an audible sound.

She travelled across the field and towards her destination with an absolute determination that couldn't be shaken. She had a mission and she wouldn't default on it at all cost even if it meant her life.

She found a clear area and decided it was a good spot to scout the area. She looked up into the sky and waited a few minutes for a target to introduce itself. She spotted an opening and prepared herself.

Shintenshin no Jutsu

Ino's body went limp as a raven was struck with the well aimed jutsu. While in control of the raven Ino flew over the watch towers of the city and circled around a few times just to make sure she counted the number of targets correctly.

Ino released the Jutsu and felt the weight of her body returning as she gained consciousness and stood up from the tree she let her body fall against.

" How many", a dark feminine voice spoke softly.

" Eight guarding the north gate, four ANBU beyond that.", Ino replied without turning around.

"Ha this really is too easy sometimes, we should take our positions and stand guard until we receive further orders", the voice commented.

" Understood", Ino said without looking back as she shot out into a sprint leaning forwards as he legs flung her across the ground at lightning speed.

She jumped over the wall of the city and dived into the shadows to avoid the line of sight from a guard no more than 30 feet away. He seemed startled by her entrance but he didn't see a single thing.

The guard looks around and starts to take a few steps to investigate the disturbance he felt when a needle stuck him in the neck. He grabbed at the needle as a gasp escaped his mouth but his eyes shut closed and his body went limp dropping before dropping to the floor unconscious.

Ino walked over to the guard and pulled the needle out before going through his pockets and taking some keys along with all his kunai and some explosive tags. This was a light mission so she only packed 5 needles dosed in a potent sedative.

She finished raiding the guard and jumped back into the dark after stashing his body in a bush. Ino glided through the city that she knew so well jumping from allyway to rooftop so gracefully she looked like she was being pulled by unknown forces.

Her destined zone came into sight and she lunged to the specified corner of the rooftop. From her position she had a clear view of the Hokage Tower as well as a perfect view of the south gate.

She crouched down low and leaned against a neighboring building successfully masking herself in the shadow that it casted. She was to stand guard and be ready to help in the rare chance that they needed to escape hastily.

She smiled as she thought about her fearless leader, if it weren't for him she would be the person she was today.

Naruto was leaning against the wall of the Hokage's office with his signature fox-like grin.

" C'mon Baa-chan, how about for old times sake", He pleaded with an almost sinister cocky grin.

" Naruto-kun I can't allow you to take Konoha property if you're a missing nin, besides what are you planning to do with them ?", Tsunade asked the Jinchuriki.

" It's my property and it belongs to me ! What I do with it is my own business", Naruto stated firmly.

" Naruto-kun you are in no position to come in here and demand things of me !",Tsuande said losing her kind and caring tone for a serious threatening one.

Naruto sighed and drooped his shoulders in a mix of mild annoyance and fatigue. He had been arguing with Tsuande for fifteen minutes and she was still denying him a simple curtsey.

" Baa-chan those scrolls belonged to my father and they should have been passed on to me, those are jutsus he invented ! How am I not entitled to them ?", Naruto asked softly as he tried to reason with the Sannin.

Tsunade frowned, she knew he was right and after all the village had done to him he definitely deserved those scrolls but she couldn't hand over secrets of Konoha to a Missing Nin.

" Naruto-kun I want to.. I really do but--"

She was interrupted as a pair of lips abruptly cut her off. Before she knew it she was against the wall with her hands expertly pinned down and Naruto pressing himself against her while his tongue probed her mouth.

Her tongue played with his while he tasted her eventually she slide her tongue into his mouth and reciprocated his ministrations. Her tongue brushed and rolled against Naruto's battling fiercely in a fury of passion. They remained like that for several minutes until Naruto broke the kiss.

Tsuande looked away still panting heavily and looking very flushed from the passionate kiss. She looked up at Naruto who was now sitting in her chair with his feet up on her desk.

" Naruto-kun..", She started in between desperate pants.

"…. That was very inappropriate!", she reprimanded.

Naruto's lips parted in a cocky grin, " But you loved it didn't you Baa-chan ? You certainly didn't stop me".

Tsuande's cheeks felt like they were on fire as she blushed feverously. She rubbed her forearm and looked away at the ground as she tried to find an answer for her actions.

" It's nothing to be embarrassed about, you are a woman after all. Tsuande we shouldn't play these games anymore, I know you have a soft spot for me which is why you never call the guards when I'm here so just let me have the scrolls and I'll leave.", Naruto said as he looked around the room just now noticing the small changes in the office from the last time he visited.

" What makes you think I'm going to break down just like that ?", Tsunade asked after a moment of thinking.

" Maybe you're right, I shouldn't underestimate the will of a strong-minded woman.", He said as he sighed deeply.

" Listen Baa-chan I'm kinda tired so If you really have to be this difficult we can continue in the morning.", He said as he stood up and stretching yawning very loudly as he walked over to her.

She tensed up as got very close to her but she relaxed when she felt his lips press against hers again, just as she started to kiss him back he pulled away and walked towards the window.

" Come back tomorrow, I'll have them both for you. Just promise me you'll never use the Shiki Fūjin !", Tsunade pleaded.

Naruto stopped at the window and his cocky smile returned, " If it comes down to it I might have to, just pray that I'm strong enough to not need to.", and with that he went through the window and disappeared into the night.

Tsuande stood in her office confused how technically a genin could get away with the things that Naruto did to her. It was the first time he had ever kissed her but she should have expected so much seeing how he turned out over the years.

At this point he was as perverted as Jiraiya maybe even more so but unlike the toad sannin he had the confidence and skill to get what he wanted. She turned away from the window and decided to head to her bedroom, it had been a long night and tomorrow she had a favor she needed to complete.

Ino stared at the brilliant moon shining in the night's sky, it was such a beautiful sight it almost made her forget why she was in Konoha in the first place. She was distracted from her thoughts as a kunai was dropped from the sky by a dark feathered bird.

The weapon dropped down straight into the roof going a few inches deep, Ino stepped out of the shadows and grabbed it ripping off the note wrapped around the handle. She unwrapped it and read over its contents.

Plan D , meet at the destination ASAP.

Ino set the piece of paper on fire and jumped from underneath the shadows towards her new destination. She was surprised they would resort to plan D but it was a welcomed change of pace.

She could use the little vacation although she knew she probably shouldn't get to comfortable. Ino re-focused on the task at hand and moved expertly around the city until she reached the small apartment building before jumping to the ground and patting the south wall before finding the hidden entrance.

She opened the hatch and crawled inside navigation through the tight quarters of a large air vent for several minutes until she climbed out and found herself in a large room. She closed the door to the vent behind her and locked it tightly.

" Took you long enough you lazy bitch", a cold voice laughed.

Ino just smiled, " You fucking slut who told you you're allowed to use Kirio, my raven is for scouting purposes only not to deliver massages that you aren't skilled enough to deliver in person."

" It's not my fault I found a better use for your pet"

Ino sighed as she walked over to the other woman and grabbed one of the bottles of sake that was set on the counter next to her.

" What are our plans for tomorrow, are we on alert all day or can we get some air ?", Ino asked the woman next to her.

The mysterious woman had long red hair that flowed sensuously from the sides of her black bandana which was tied tightly around her head. She had on tight black Capri pants with a thick blood red cloth-like belt hanging from the left side. She was wearing a tight grey long sleeve shirt with loose sleeves that covered her hands and had slits on the sides as well as a very large u-shaped neck which showed a lot of cleavage.

" I'm not sure yet, you should ask Naruto-Sama what are orders are if you're curious", she said as she took a long sip of her sake.

Ino frowned, " Tayuya you shouldn't drink so much, you're a complete slut when you're drunk".

" Oh and what's wrong about that ?", Tayuya said in a seductive tone as she leaned closer to Ino and licked her lips.

"Naruto-Sama might want to get some sleep tonight so it would be wise if you aren't hounding him for sex all night", Ino said ignoring Tayuya who was getting closer and closer to her.

Ino felt Tayuya grabbed her hips and pressed herself against the blonde she leaned forward and locked lips with her. Ino kissed back and brought her arms around Tayuya's neck as they kissed passionately.

Tayuya parted her lips ever so slightly and slide her tongue out and let it brush against Ino's full lips. Ino granted the redhead entrance and moaned as she felt her mouth being explored by the foreign tongue.

Ino brushed her own tongue against Tayuya's and twirled it slightly trying to wrestle with the older girl. Tayuya's hand moved from Ino's hip to her ass and squeezed her plump ass as hard as she could causing Ino to moan into her mouth. They stood there making out for a few minutes until Ino broke the kiss.

" We shouldn't be fooling around right now, we're still on a mission remember ?", Ino said forcing herself away from the redhead and sat down on the small couch in the room so she could take off her gear.

"Aww you fucking tease", Tayuya complained as she took down the rest of her bottle and took a seat on the couch next to Ino.

" Is Naruto-sama asleep ?", Ino asked as she removed her boots and weaponry.

" I don't think so but he looked irritated so I didn't want to disturb him, he's in his room", Tayuya said as she started rubbing Ino's thigh slowly letting her hand move closer and closer up Ino's skirt.

" I'm worried about him, he's been rather reclusive lately", Ino said as she got up leaving a very horny Tayuya to herself on the couch. Tayuya groaned in frustration at the lost of her 'sex kitten', as she liked to call Ino.

" I'll be back, If you're really that horny just play with yourself until I get back or maybe if you're lucky Naruto-sama will be in the mood", Ino called back as she left the room and walked through the small apartment.

They were in the remains of Naruto's old apartment building which he turned into a hidden base years ago after it was closed down. On the outside it was an old boarded up dilapidated apartment complex but on the inside it was a well taken care of base which connect to all the separate apartments in the building into one.

Since it was boarded up and in a bad part of town no one bothered to tear it down and since Naruto made a deal with Tsunade to preserve the land since it wasn't in demand anyway.

All the small cramped apartments on the top floor were turned into a large living room and a master bedroom with the individual rooms of the original housings turned into guest rooms or equipment rooms.

It took a lot of work and effort but almost all the interior had been redone to fit Naruto's needs.

Ino walked through room after room towards the back off the top floor with the large double doors that led to the master bedroom. She tapped on the door lightly because she knew the Kyuubi had enhanced Naruto's sense of smell, taste, and hearing.

"Come in", a deep masculine voice beckoned.

She pushed opened the door slightly and stepped inside to see the massive bed the filled the room. Naruto stood sitting on the side of the bed that faced the window which his hands resting on his knees.

He was hunched over and his head hung low so Ino could not see his face. He was only wearing black ninja pants and his bare back was onlined in the moonlight. His back and chest were covered in strange symmetrical black markings that resembled an elabotate tattoo.

" Master, may I speak to you? You've been very withdrawn lately and I was worried about you", Ino confessed as she approached him.

" I'm fine, the seal is getting weak, that's all", Naruto said as he stood up.

His muscular body covered in the demonic markings made him look more like a god than a man to Ino and she had to fight her impulses so she wouldn't throw herself at him in lust.

" Is there anything I can do to help, Tayuya and I will do anything we can !", Ino pledged as she walked up to his side.

" There's nothing you can do. We all have to fight our own inner demons in life, mine just happens to actually be a demon though", Naruto said with chuckle as he turned to Ino.

His irises were glowing red and his pupils were thin slits, Ino just jumped to him and wrapped her arms tightly around him. She buried her head in his chest and exhaled deeply. Naruto wrapped his arms around Ino's back embracing her lovingly.

" It's not funny master, you shouldn't joke about such morbid things", Ino scolded him as she tried to stop herself crying.

" Be strong Ino, I won't leave you or Tayuya, I promise." Naruto said as he squeezed her tighter.

"I know, but it's my job to worry. Tayuya can be careless sometimes so I take it upon myself to worry if things are going to go wrong.", Ino told him.

" Good, but doubt is you're enemy. Once someone destroys your resolve your body is soon to follow. You and Tayuya should have some fun tomorrow you've both been working really hard recently and this is one of the few breaks we get from Orochimaru. Just make sure to blend in as Leaf Nin, I need my solitude right now but I'll see you in the morning okay ?", Naruto whispered softly into her ear.

" Alright Master, sleep well", Ino said as she leaned forward and kissed Naruto passionately before parting and taking her leave closing the large doors behind her.

She walked through the rooms slightly irritated at the whole situation. She knew that when the Kyuubi was fighting against Naruto he needed his peace but she disliked sleeping so far away from him.

Ino walked back into the kitchen to find Tayuya on the couch with her pants off rubbing herself through her red and white striped panties.

" Is Naruto-sama coming out ?", Tayuya asked as Ino sat down on another couch opposite of the one Tayuya was on.

" He's trying to calm the Kyuubi again so we won't be seeing him tonight", Ino informed her with sorrow.

Tayuya growled in anger but continued to touch herself. Ino watched her with mild interest but only because she was looking for something to distract her from Naruto. He had to battle with the Kyuubi more and more lately and it broke her heart to see the man she loved slowly being devoured from the inside out.

" I'm going to bed", Ino announced as she got and started to leave the room before Tayuya stopped her.

" Wait !Naruto-sama will be fine, you need to stop worrying about him. He's never broken a damn promise to us and he's not going to start now so have some fucking faith !" she yelled to her blonde compatriot.

Ino smiled at her, " I know Tayuya, I just need some rest I'm exhausted. We're going out to have some fun tomorrow so get some sleep because I'm leaving early with or without you".

" Where the fuck are we going ?", Tayuya demanded.

" Shopping, maybe the hot springs and to get that Ramen which Naruto-sama loves so much", she said before she left.

Ino head towards her room and locked herself inside. She really was tired and she didn't want to have to worry about Tayuya stumbling in her room for sex in the middle of the night. She stripped because she preferred sleeping naked and cuddled up in the warm sheets.

As she laid there she reminisced of how her new life came to be.

FLASH BACK (start)

Ino was sitting in a hospital room looking down at the hole in the chest of a young boy. Sakura and Ino had both been volunteering since the sound four had taken Sasuke because most of the injured were their own teammates.

Everyone that went against them was utterly defeated and sent back complexly unconscious or with their tails between their legs. Despite all the battling going on Naruto still seemed to have it the worst.

Not only did he get beaten within an inch of his life but by the person he was trying to protect too. Ino remembers being pushed out of the way as Tsunade grabbed Naruto's body from the bed Kakashi brought him to and ran down the hall to the OR.

Everyone from the Konoha 11 was brought in one after another from the battle but Naruto had come in last and in Kakashi's arms. Kakashi put him in the first room he found which Ino happened to be in as well and ran to go get a nurse.

Ino had never seen Tsunade appeared so shaken up, it looked like the Hokage was going to break down and cry in grief at just the sight of Naruto's body. Ino herself felt guilty that she wasn't out there fighting with them, which was why she rushed to the hospital to help out and do her share.

From that day Ino had a very different opinion of Naruto, he didn't seem like the immature prankster anymore but a troubled youth who would risk his life for those he loved.

He was out for over a week but when he came to he was overwhelmed with misery that Sasuke got away. As soon as he got out of the hospital he started planning his rescue relentlessly until he decided he was going to rescue Sasuke by himself.

The day he decided to leave was burned into Ino's memory because that was the last time she talked to the Naruto that Konoha had known. From that point on that Naruto died and from the ashes a stronger being was born, not from hate or resentment but from grief.

Ino walked into Naruto's room since he was going to be released the following day because she thought it would be her last chance to talk to him before he went on another mission and continue his life goal as being Hokage. The boy was sitting up in his bed staring out the window at the sunset completely mesmerized by it beautiful.

" Hey Naruto", Ino said as she approached his bed.

His grazed didn't stray from the horizon, " Hey'.

"I brought you some flowers", Ino said as she placed them in the empty vase next to his bed.

He turned around and offered her a smile that quickly faded as soon as they broke eye contact.

"Thanks Ino, the ones Baa-chan got me died".

"Are you going to be okay ?", Ino asked sympathetically.

"I'll be fine", Naruto replied simply.

"Naruto you shouldn't blame yourself for what happened to Sasuke, it was something he did on his own accord", Ino said.

"I know but I'm bringing him back either way", Naruto said stoically.

"Naruto you can't mean that, I talked to Sakura and she's just as mad at him as everyone else is. You don't have to do this for her !", Ino said trying to talk some sense into him.

"I'm not doing It for her, I'm doing It for everyone.", Naruto informed her.

"Everyone ?", Ino asked confused.

"Sasuke has no right to leave this village that has done nothing but love him, he has no right to turn his back on me, on Sakura, and on Kakashi. He owes each and every one of us for not only being his friend but helping him whenever we could. As his teammate and as his friend he owes me more than that bullshit speech about his stupid brother", Naruto said getting louder and louder as he went.

"I'm going to bring him back because I didn't just promised Sakura, I promised myself and I never go back on my promises, that's my nindo ! You can tell anyone you want but no one is stopping me I'm going back to get Sasuke so he can apologize to those that he hurt and pay for his crimes", Naruto declared boldly.

"He may be like a brother to me but he can't get his life together unless he does the right thing and I won't stop until I get the Sasuke I knew back, that Sasuke wouldn't have abandoned his friends", Naruto said sadly.

Ino just stood there shocked at how determined he sounded but she didn't try to change his mind. She didn't even know what to say after hearing a declaration that strong, so she said nothing at all. She placed that thought in the back of her mind and when Naruto disappeared that night she knew he left after Sasuke but was too afraid to say a word to anyone.

It wasn't until after Tsunade sent out search parties did she confess to the Hokage. For the following month Tsunade sent search party after search party to find Naruto but none of them found a trace of him.

She was finally forced to give up her efforts but Jiraiya decided to look for Naruto in his spare time. Naruto was considered M.I.A from that point on and was never found. Ino always held herself responsible for his disappearance since she was the only one he told about his plan.

She carried the guilty with her for years after even though everyone blamed Sakura for pushing Naruto so hard to bring Sasuke back but eventually everyone took their own share of the fault.

Everything got quiet without Naruto and everyone sorely missed him since he seemed to bring everyone together. Sakura took it the hardest since she had always been mean to Naruto and was the one who asked him to bring Sasuke back in the first place.

Since that day forward she searched for him relentlessly whenever she got the chance but all the leads she'd follow turned up to be dead ends. Eventually she gave up since even Tsunade couldn't find him.

Even the Jonins were affected by his absence; Asuma and Kakashi were particularly distraught. Asuma had always liked Naruto and without Naruto his nephew Konohamaru lost his will to strive, he no longer tried in anything he did and became more hopeless than Shikamaru but without the genius level intelligence to make up for his slack.

Naruto was his role model so without the goal of surpassing his idol he just didn't feel motivated to do anything and even gave up his dream of becoming Hokage.

Kakashi went into a brief depression since the only team he ever passed fell apart because of him. He always failed genin because he was more concerned about his teachings being misused and as fate would have it the only team he was ever confident in tore itself apart all because of him. He showed favoritism towards Sasuke after a while and at one point even refused to train Naruto for the chunnin exams.

He wasn't trying to be mean or hurt Naruto's feelings but he felt like his teachings would be wasted on Naruto and were better suited for Sasuke. And his reward was finding out that the Jutsu he spent a whole month teaching Sasuke was used to put a hole in Naruto's chest, all his teachings were used for the very opposite purpose he intended.

With Asuma so down team eight shared in the anguish and Ino couldn't have felt worst knowing she could have stopped all this from happening. Despite the lost of two comrades the Konoha 11 pushed on.

Two Years 1/2 Pass Since Naruto Left

Ino was walking through the streets toward one of the training grounds. It was getting late but she had been restless lately and desperately wanted to improve. She still didn't know what her specialty was and everyone seem to be surpassing her more and more everyday.

She tried being a medical nin like Sakura but she got left in the dust so fast that she didn't even notice at first the huge gaps in hers and Sakura's skill level. Ino tried to make up with it by excelling in other areas but it was an extremely long and slow process.

Everything had been rather quiet and uneventful but she didn't really talk to her friends anymore. It was just her team and Sakura when she got the chance, everyone has been slowly drifting in other directions since Naruto had been declared either dead or a defector.

Ino had about another hour or two before diner so she decided that she'd start squeezing in all the training she could in her free time. As she walked towards the training ground for team 8 she heard something that sounded like a small explosion.

She froze, the training grounds were at the edge of the city so there was a chance it could be actual danger but who would be attacking Konoha. She decided to check it out telling herself it was probably just some Jonin sparring.

She ran through the dense foliage as her curiosity clouded her judgment and jumped onto a tall branch so she could get to a better look. In the distance she could hear the familiar crackle of flames burning and she could see the smoke up ahead.

Ino ran faster as she closed in on the source of the flames. She stopped high in a branch as she heard the two voices talking.

" Ahhwwg, what did I tell you ?", someone said sounding slightly irritated but somehow amused.

" How was I suppose to know, the little fucker was making so much noise it could have been anything ! I was only trying to keep you safe, it could have been an enemy.", an angry women said defensively.

" I know but don't you think you overdid it a little, that rabbit is charred beyond recognition now and you set a ton of trees on fire. That smoke might attract unwanted guest.", the first voice said in a forgiving tone.

" I understand, I'm sorry master", woman said in shame.

" Don't apologize we just have to relocate, since you're feeling so bold today we can actually try your plan this time",

" Do you mean it ? It'll be so much fucking fun I swear you'll love it ! Plus those bastards won't see it coming.", she said sounding very excited.

"Hmm looks like it's too late, you wanna handle it or should I ?", The man asked sounding slightly bored.

" It was my fault, I'll deal with it", the woman said happily before spinning around and launching six kunai at Ino's position.

Oh Shit !, Ino thought as she tried to avoid the oncoming barrage of knifes but was caught off guard in the process and sent flying by a well aimed kick to the gut. Things were moving too fast for her to follow and by the time she realized she was kicked it was too late.

She was on the ground with someone's arm around her neck using the joint of the elbow to choke her. Ino coughed and struggled as she was pulled to her feet but soon the arm was retracted and a Kunai was poised at her jugular.

Ino felt a wave of panic hit her as she realized that she already lost. The kunai was pressing against her neck breaking the skin and causing blood to trickle down her neck, whoever had her really meant business.

"Alright bitch, lights out!", the mysterious woman said happily.

Ino was scared stiff, she had never been so close to death then she was now and it was the most terrifying experience in her life. She was really going to die and there was nothing she could do about it.

" Wait !", a voice yelled.

" Why ? Keeping her alive would only be a liability!", the woman said in disappointed.

"Is that you Ino ?", the man asked in confusion.

Ino snapped out of her fear at the mention of her name, she turned over to see the man that she was watching from a distance a few moments ago. He had shaggy long blonde hair that stopped about three above his shoulders and deep blue eyes.

He was wearing a formal battle kimono that consisted of a white top and black pants with a orange rope wrapped around his waist(basically what sasuke has but sasuke has a purple belt). There was one thing that stuck out though, his whiskers.

" N-N-Naruto ?", Ino spoke still frighten but more shocked than anything else.

His face broke into his classic fox-like grin, " The one and only", he said happily as he pointed to himself proudly with his thumb.

He walked over to her still with his shit eating grin plastered to his face.

Ino started at him in complete disbelief, Oh my god he's gorgeous! This can't be Naruto he's totally different it's almost scary. What the hell is going on ? They declared him as being dead almost a year ago but here he is right in front of me !!

" It's been a while huh ?", He said scratching his head sheepishly bringing her back from her thoughts.

" Naruto what are you doing here ?! Everyone thinks you're dead ! Where the hell have you been all this time? How come you haven't told everyone you're still alive?", Ino spat out as she started to feel overwhelmed by the ghost she was being forced to believe was really her long lost comrade.

" Whoa one question at a time", Naruto joked as he laughed merrily at Ino's reaction.

" Tayuya you can let her go, she's an old friend", He said to the woman still holding Ino at knifepoint.

" Grr fine", Tayuya huffed as she let go.

Ino looked at the violent redhead behind her but chose to get back to Naruto.

" I've been in Otogakure training with Orochimaru. I came back to speak with Baa-chan", Naruto said in a serious tone.

" But why ? Why would you train with Orochimaru and what do you need to talk about with Tsuande-sama?", Ino asked still as confused as before.

Naruto just sighed at her questions, " I couldn't beat Sasuke and it's the only way I can keep up with him. I realized when I found him that he never cared about anyone besides himself but seeing him and Orochimaru opened my eyes".

" I was stupid and naïve to think that becoming Hokage would change anything around here, if I really want the respect and safety for my precious people there's only one thing I can do", Naruto said in a grim voice.

" What is that ?", Ino asked truly moved by Naruto's maturity.

" Start my own hidden village", Naruto proclaimed with a grin on his face.

" Your own village ?! Naruto you can't just start a village because you feeling like it, how on earth do you plan on accomplishing that ?", Ino asked sarcastically.

" I'm going to kill Orochimaru and Sasuke and take over Otogakure and turn the remains into a new village, one that won't mistreat its citizens and that isn't corrupt. It will be easy once Orochimaru falls since most of Oto is filled with Nin desperate for a leader, all I'd have to do is build over the wreckage", Naruto said as he took a seat on a stump.

" Why do you want to kill Sasuke ?", Ino asked now feeling scared again.

If Naruto would murder the man he thought of as of a brother, what would he do to the rest of Konoha who mistreated him for years?

" To show him he's wrong." Naruto said bluntly.

" Wrong about what ?", Ino inquired.

" About everything in his life that he holds so dear; His thirst for revenge, his traitorous ways, and his pompous attitude just because he was born to a powerful clan. I want to show him that he sacrificed everything for nothing "

Then Ino felt a frightening force as Naruto stood up abruptly, his eyes glowing a deep red and his fist shaking in anger.

" When you want to hurt someone like Sasuke you can only attack their pride, nothing else matters to him. He cares about no one other than himself so you can't influence him with loved ones, and he would take whatever pain you could give to him as long as his pride is intact."

" But if you hurt his pride…he collapses, and in the end that's all Sasuke ever cared about. I'm going to break him Ino, make him regret every decision he has ever made, show him that despite all his efforts and sacrifices at the end of the day a failure like me was the one who defeated him. He'll have those thoughts haunting before I kill him", Naruto said in almost a trance.

" But is that really worth it ? Do you think that will make things better ?", Ino asked timidly, she still wasn't sure what this new Naruto was capable of.

"Don't you see ! Sasuke stabbed each of us in the back one by one and thinks that he can use our corpses as stairs to sleaze his way to the top. I'm going to knock him off his high horse and end his worthless life so such a despicable clan never walks the earth again ", Naruto said in a deep blood thirsty voice.

Ino started to step back slowly in fear, This isn't Naruto, it cant be him! Naruto would never say something like that, he's crazy and dangerous now !

Naruto's body relaxed as his eyes turned back blue and his cocky grin returned, " Do you still want to know why I'm here?", he asked back in his friendly demeanor.

" Y-yes", Ino stuttered in fear.

Naruto turned around and pointed to a small symbol on the back of his Kimono right under his neck. It was a small swirling design that Ino recognized from the old clothing he wore.

" What's that Symbol for ?"

He turned around with an even bigger grin, " It's my clan symbol", he said proudly.

Clan symbol ? Only powerful bloodlines have clan symbols, either his clan must have a bloodline trait or they are all really power shinobi but I've never heard anything about the Uzumaki Clan.

" But enough of that, why don't we catch up since I haven't seen you in years", He stopped and turned towards his accomplish.

" Tayuya I'm putting you in charge of our new camp"

" It will be done Master", She said before jumping into the forest and disappearing without waiting for further instructions.

Ino watched her go in confusion, " Who is she ?".

" Don't worry about it right now, but how have you been ?", Naruto asked with a big smile.

" I've been okay but seriously what have you been doing in Otogakure, everyone has missed you so much. Tsuande-Sama and Sakura have been frantically looking for you for months.

Naruto sighed heavily, " I'm the only one that can build I place where everyone will be accepted, where people like me and Gaara don't have to worry about being used as tools or feared as demons. Somewhere without royal families and the political bullshit that turned Konoha to what is it today, I don't want anything to do with a place like this anymore"

" But didn't you miss us, what about all your friends and the people that really do care for you ?", Ino said feeling slightly hurt that Naruto didn't think of them.

" There are times were I feel sad because of all I missed out on here but it has to be done, but believe me I really wish it didn't have to be this way. Everything has changed so much", he turned to face Ino and they made eye contact.

" Especially you, you've become so beautiful over the years", He said as he reached out and gently cupped her cheek.

Ino's heart fluttered as his hand made contact with her cheek and she suddenly felt hot as blood rushed to her face turning her bright red.

A devious grin came on Naruto's face, " You shouldn't be embarrassed, it's the truth and you should hear It more often".

" Naruto !", She said in a flirty tone being caught absolutely speechless.

" C'mon its getting late", Naruto said as he looked up at the moon in the nights sky.

Damn it I forgot about dinner ! How long have I been here ?

" Are you coming ?", Naruto asked looking back at Ino from a few feet away.

" Where are we going ?", she asked as she walked up to him.

" Yes or no", He demanded.

" Okay", Ino said giving in and following him towards the city.

They walked through the city talking and laughing jovially to their unknown destination. Ino was having so much fun, she never knew Naruto was so funny or interesting but since his time away he compiled quite a few exciting stories.

He had been telling Ino about his many adventures in Otogakure and all the people he's met since then. His missions in Oto have been so dangerous and exciting compared to the missions Ino has been given over the years.

Ino laughed heartily as Naruto stopped in the middle of the street as he looked around at the surrounding buildings.

" Hmm here we are !" Naruto exclaimed as the made it to an old abandoned apartment building.

" Hey isn't this where you use to live ?", Ino said as she eyed the building suspiciously.

" Yep, let's go", Naruto said as he led her up the stairs and towards the door were he knock then immediately said something in code which Ino didn't understand.

The door opened and the redhead ushered them inside. The place looked pretty run down but Tayuya obviously made an attempt to clean up in the time they spent talking and reminiscing of old times.

Everything was falling apart and dusty besides the couch and some of the chairs which appeared recently tampered with.

" I spent most of the time attending to your room, I stole some fresh sheets and pillows from some of the neighboring houses", Tayuya reported as Naruto looked around the place.

" Thanks Tayuya, you're a life saver!", Naruto said happily as he motioned her to come towards him.

She walked up to him and he whispered something in her ear that she obviously wasn't too pleased about because she started pouting immediately.

" But Why ?! You really can't be sure already its too soon !", She complained.

" My instincts haven't failed me yet", Naruto said simply.

" I hate sharing !", Tayuya mumbled under her breath as she walked over to the couch and dropped herself on it.

" C'mon Ino", Naruto said as he turned around and walked to his old room without waiting to see if Ino was following him.

She walked in the room after him eyeing the place very closely. The redhead had taken the time to completely clean up the place and it appeared to have been recently swept and dusted along with the new sheets for the bed and some packs lying in the corner.

Ino took a seat on the bed since there were no chairs and looked around for anything of interest but turned to ask what his reason for dragging her here was. Naruto took a few steps towards her suddenly and started taking off his shirt.

"Naruto what are you doing ?", Ino asked in surprise.

He didn't answer her but walked closer and leaned forward capturing her in a kiss. Ino's stiffened up at the touch of his lips but she lowly relaxed and even started kissing him back. She opened her mouth just as he opened his and their tongues played with each other.

Naruto broke the kiss and Ino tried to move but saw that he had her pinned down with his hands and was now on top of her.

"Naruto, this is happening too fast. You need to stop!", She demanded but Naruto's face showed no recognition of her request.

He released one of his hands but only to start undoing her top. Ino freaked out and started to struggle frantically but the more she fought it the faster he worked her out of her clothes. Soon he discarded the purple top she was wearing and his hand went down to her skirt.

" Naruto I said stop!", Ino yelled in fear as she felt her skirt leaving her body.

She kicked and struggled under Naruto but he seemed to get stronger and stronger as time continued. He was slowly unwrapping her bandages with her free hand and then he ripped her bra in two and pulled the remains off her shoulders.

Ino was on the verge of crying in frustration as she just laid there helplessly as Naruto had his way with her. He released her other hand so he could grab her by the waist and pull down her panties.

Ino twisted her body and tried to get away but he just pulled her panties down further as she crawled away. She was completely naked now and almost off the bed before Naruto grabbed her ankle and yanked her back towards him.

He pulled out the belt and took off his pants in one shift motion before yanking his own boxers off and crawling on top of Ino who was in a panic at this point.

" Please Naruto ! Please don't do this, I know I was mean to you when we were little but I'm sorry! I won't tell anyone about you if you let me go I swear", She pleaded desperately as he grabbed her legs and forced her thighs open.

Naruto reached out and grabbed her by the throat so she wouldn't try to fight him anymore. She grabbed his hand and tried to pry it off but he was too strong. Tears streamed down her face in agony as she finally gave up.

Once she stopped resisted Naruto released his grip and as his hand retracted from her neck it reached out and grabbed her right breast. Ino moaned as she felt Naruto squeeze the large mound of flesh before his thumb and index fingers caught her erect nipple.

He pinched and pulled the pink nub ruthlessly causing Ino to squeal in pleasure underneath him. He leaned forward and caught the opposite nub in his mouth and nibble on it right below the point where it hurt.

Ino was squirming in pleasure as she danced the line that separated pain and pleasure. Naruto leaned back and grabbed both of her breasts so he could massage and kneed them. Warm tears were still falling down Ino's face but they were slowly ebbed by the pleasure Naruto was making her feel.

He stopped with her breast and started rubbing the head of his manhood against her wet pink lips. Ino gave him a throaty moan as he rubbed her dripping slit harder and harder. She leaned up on her elbows and then saw his manhood for the first time.

" Oh my god ,there's no way that's going to fit inside me", she pleaded but her cries fell upon deaf ears.

" Relax", was all he said as he grabbed her hips and thrusted inside her slowly going as deep as he could and breaking her barrier in one smooth motion.

Ino gasped in pain at the sudden shock of Naruto's penetration. Her tears were flowing wildly again as her body became aware of its current position. Naruto slowly started thrusting despites Ino crying pitifully underneath him.

He started off slow but after a few minutes he started getting impatient and threw restraint to the wind. He started pounding her with full force pulling almost all the way out before slamming back into her.

" Naruto it hurts, you're being too rough", Ino cried out in pain as Naruto fucked her like an animal.

Whenever it started to feel good he just fucked her harder ruining the pleasure for her and making her cry more in regret that she even found him in the first place.

" I hate you , I fucking hate you !", Ino yelled in between sobs as Naruto fucked her.

She tried to stop the tears but she didn't have control anymore. She closed her eyes and looked over to the side as Naruto rammed his huge cock into her again and again forcing her to moan even though she didn't want to give him the satisfaction.

Ino got use to the pain that pleasure slowly started seeping into her body until it consumed her like a powerful fire. With every thrust of Naruto she felt a ripple of pleasure rush through her body like a tsunami and it felt amazing.

She was panting heavily as their bodies collided over and over again and the feeling of Naruto filling her up became very pleasant. She closed her eyes and tried to Ignore the feelings she was getting but it only made it worst.

Without even knowing it her mouth was open and she was moaning and screaming his name. The unknown feeling was growing in her lower stomach and she felt like she was going explode. She grinded her teeth in rage at the fact that her body was enjoying the torture her mind had to endure.

"Stop it you monster !", Ino yelled.

Suddenly Naruto stopped thrusting and remained perfectly still.

Ino opened her eyes and looked up at him, he was staring at her with no real expression on his face. They sat there for a few seconds but the burning sensation in Ino's stomach started to eat away at her.

She was so close to cumming when he stopped and now she would go crazy if she didn't reach her orgasm.

That fucking piece of shit, he did this on purpose. He just wants to humiliate me, I hate him so fucking much. I'll kill him !

Grudgingly Ino started moving her hips slightly and closed her eyes as she welcomed the returning pleasure. She lost all control and started grinding herself into Naruto in desperation to cum.

Just as a moan escaped her mouth she felt two large hands grab her hips holding her in place. She looked up at him in disgust because she knew what he wanted to hear and she didn't want to say it but it looked like she had no choice.

She turned her head to the left again so she didn't have to look at him and closed her eyes hoping to find the strength to resist but she didn't.

" Fuck Me.", She said bitterly.

He didn't make a move. Ino turned around in anger and glared daggers at Naruto who seemed content in making her suffer.

" Didn't you hear me you stupid son of a bitch, I said FUCK ME !", She yelled in a violent raged before Naruto slammed into her with amazing force causing the muscles in her stomach to contract as she came instantly.

She arched her back off the bed and screamed," OOhhhhh Fuckkk Yesss".

She thrashed around violently for a few seconds as she was engulfed in absolute bliss but Naruto didn't stop pumping into her. She came down from her orgasmic high to realize Naruto wasn't slowing down but instead speeding up.

" Narutooo", she pleaded as he pounded her wet pussy mercilessly.

She shut he eyes tight as she took it quietly but then the indescribable heat started forming in her lower stomach again. She tried to fight the pleasure but it was too much with Naruto filling her up.

" Uhhhg Naruto enoughhh, you're innn sooo deep", Ino cried as she felt another orgasm on the verge of rippling through her body.

She wrapped her arms around Naruto clawing at his bare back as she moaned out in pleasure. Naruto gave two final strong thrust before Ino came again in another wild seizure as Naruto emptied himself into Ino, pouring his hot sticky seed deep in her.

Naruto pulled out and laid down on the bed next to Ino with his hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling pensively.

Ino sat there completely dazed for several minutes as she tried to catch her breath. She turned over to see Naruto looking rather pleased with himself and she felt tears flowing down her face again.

She turned over so her back was facing Naruto and she curled up into a ball. No matter how much she wanted to she couldn't stop him and now that he was done with her, he paid her no attention.

Ino was so confused, one minute he was a nice and gentle guy and the next he was raping her, how could Naruto do something like that to her and act like everything was fine. As her eyes wandered around the room she noticed a kunai laying on the floor next to her side of the bed.

She quickly grabbed it and spun around to sink it into Naruto's chest but just as it made contact with his skin she stopped. She collapsed into his chest crying hysterically and pounding her fist into his chest in frustration.

" I hate you !", she mumbled in sorrow.

" No, you don't", Naruto said calmly.

" How the hell could you do that to me Naruto ? What the fuck is wrong with you?!", Ino yelled at him.

" It's what you would have wanted and you did enjoy it after all", Naruto said as he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

" How the fuck can you say I wanted it you bastard!! I don't know who the fuck you think you are but you're just as sick and twisted as Orochimaru now", Ino retorted bitterly.

" Then why didn't you stop me ?", Naruto asked sarcastically.

" I couldn't you asshole, you're too strong !", Ino said as she wiped away her tears.

" You didn't even try, in fact you used less and less strength every time you attempted to resist.", Naruto said coolly with his eyes still closed.

" You shut the fuck up! You don't know anything about me !", Ino yelled as she got up and started collecting her clothes.

" I can probe your mind and sense your feelings, you enjoyed every minute of it !", Naruto said as his eyes opened wide.

Ino stopped and turned back to face him, his eyes were glowing again but this time an intense blue and he smiled deviously as they made eye contact.

" Come over here Ino", Naruto said sweetly as his eyes faded to back to their normal color.

"NO! Don't fucking touch me!", She cried out as she put on the remains of her clothes in a hurry.

" I want you to come with us", Naruto said as he got up and put on his pants.

" What ?!", Ino said completely outraged that Naruto would even think of asking such a thing of her.

" I did that for a reason Ino, we don't have time for you to come to terms with your emotions. I was trying to show you something, if you have it in your heart to forgive me I think that only further proves what I want to show you", Naruto said.

" And what the hell is that ?!", Ino said as she felt her strength leaving her once again and tears forming in her eyes.

" You have feelings for me, and you feel guilty for me leaving so why not fix that and come with me. You're bored out of your mind here and you crave excitement and adventure so why not ?", Naruto poised.

" I don't have feelings for you !", Ino screamed.

" You could have killed me, but you didn't. Why do you think that is ?"

Ino didn't say anything, she just looked down at the ground in shame.

" You still feel guilty for mistreating me when we were kids and part of you feels like that was your punishment. Another part of you is intrigued by me and you wish you came with me from the start because of how lonely you are", Naruto said as he walked closer towards Ino.

Ino's eye widen in shock at his words, "How the hell do you know that ?", she demanded.

Naruto's cocky grin returned, " I have some…abilities that you may not know about, more specifically I can sense strong emotions and the memories or thoughts tied to them."

"You can read minds ?!', Ino said startled that Naruto was inside her head from the start.

"To a certain extent, yes. But don't freak out its complicated and it's not as powerful as it sounds. Listen Ino, I want you to come with me when I leave tomorrow so just think about it. Believe me I wouldn't ask if I didn't already know you'd say yes.", Naruto said as he walked up to her and put his arms on her hips.

She looked up at him and truly didn't know what to feel anymore. He leaned forward and gave her a passionate kiss before going back to his bed.

" Just think about it", He said and she only nodded.

She walked towards the door and let herself out passing Tayuya who glared at her the entire time. She got out into the street and walked home in a zombie like state so unsure of how she felt anymore. Part of her felt used while on the other hand everything he said was right even though she didn't want to admit it.

She then rushed back home totally ignoring her parents who asked where she was all night and went to her room. She locked the door and jumped on her bed crying more in a desperate attempt to get rid of the emotions she was feeling.

Part of her wanted to go with Naruto because he was so right. She felt like she was going nowhere as a shinobi and her life was so boring and lonely. At the same time she felt so violated and angry but she was angry at herself the most.

She could have stopped him, hell she could have even killed him but she let him get away with it and when her parents asked her what's wrong she protected him and said nothing.

Have I lost my mind? Why do I feel like I should protect Naruto, he fucking raped me and I'm actually thinking about leaving Konoha with him. Something is wrong with me I think I just snapped.

I'm more disgusted with myself right now than him. I actually enjoyed most of it, but it's suppose to feel good and I guess I did have a small crush on him but that doesn't make it right.

How did Naruto even get the ability to read people's minds like that. I can't trust him anymore, he's not the same person I grew up with. He's psychotic and manipulative and I should have told my parents what happened.

Could he have been right, that I let him rape me because I feel guilty ? NO! No one would do something like that to make themselves believe they have forgiveness. I'm too shaken up right now, I can't even think straight.

Should I even be thinking about his offer ? He's up to something and I have to find out what ! No matter which way I look at it, nothing makes sense anymore.

Ino sat in her bed debating the issue all night until she fell asleep. She was torn between logic and instinct. With the two colliding no answer seemed to be the right one, despite what seemed 'right', Ino was already on the path that would lead to the changing of Konoha as we know it.

A/N: I know it's weird to end while still being in a flashback but it's a long ass flashback that will probably continue for either another whole chapter or most of the next one. I'm going to elaborate more on Naruto's goal and His abilities later on so don't worry all questions will be answered in due time.

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