Danny Phantom: Phantom Speedster

By: Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom (I wish I did but once I find Desiree I will) or Speed Racer: the Next Generation.

Author's Notes: You've seen the preview and you waited and waited, now it is here, Phantom Speedster is here.

Chapter I: Clockwork's Road Map


A year has passed since I faced Plasmius along with the detectives. Both me and Danielle have recovered since then.

Speaking of which, she's coming over today for my 16th birthday, she said Mayor Knightly had some big present (I hope it's not a statue, I get tired of sculptors from Nod's Limbs calling to ask if I want a statue made).

"So Danny what are you doing for your birthday?" Tucker asked as we walked out of the arcade smiling.

"Well, Danielle and Miles are coming over for a party and Sam is taking me out dancing," I told him as we met Sam outside the Goth boutique.

"Lookie what I bought for you Danny," she said as she came out with a small bag in her hands, "it will be perfect thing for the photo session my mom wants us to do," she says I open and smile weakly.

"Vampire teeth?" I ask her skeptically.

"Yeah imagine the look on my mom's face and how cute you'll look," she said laughing.

"We'll talk about this later," I said as we walked out of the mall and to our bikes. "Why do you want to know?" I ask him curiously as he reaches into his pocket.

"I got three tickets to TechFest," he said handing me and Sam a ticket, "They're going to have the Ginormo 10,000 there," he said happily.

"Oh please, they still make those ecological disasters," Sam asks rolling her eyes back.

"Lighten up, Sam, it's Danny's 16th birthday, if he's going to start driving he needs a car worthy of himself," Tucker argued as Sam sighed disgusted.

Speed Racer

"What do you call that new move?" Lucy asked me as I got out of the car and took off my helmet.

"The three-sixty corkscrew spin," I said as they cheered.

"That was awesome, Speed," Connor said smiling, "it's a good thing, we got that new gyroscope for Mach 6," he told me as my brother X came up to me.

"Good race, but remember, that I'm the best," he said as he sighed, ever since we learned that we were related he's been a little nicer to me but still rides me about being the true heir to our father's legacy.

"Forget about X, let's go to the concourse to get something to eat," Lucy says as he head back inside to get something to eat, but on our way, we see notice Mr. Zazic and Headmaster Spritle talking.

"I heard you're accepting a new student, Headmaster," the billionaire asked curiously as they walked up to the dorms.

"Did you hear that, Speed, a new student, I thought the application session wasn't until next year?" I asked Connor as he shrugged.

"Well whoever it is, they must be important to get Mr. Zazic's attention," Lucy said as he sat down while Connor got something to eat.


"You know, exorcisms only work if you have faith, sir," the old cardinal said nervously as the doctor came in the room.

"Are you ready to remove the bandages, Mr. Masters," the surgeon said as he cut off the bandages and handed me a mirror, "considering, I didn't have access to a state of the art hospital, I think it went well," he said as I saw my face.

The dead tissue had been removed and the only sign was discoloration from the skin graph and a scar on my chin, "Yes, it did go rather well," I said turning to the priest, "what of the exorcism? Is Abramelin gone," I ask him as he fidgets in his robe.

"I tried my best, he's still in your mind, but I managed to silence him," the cardinal admits as I growl.

"Leave all of you," I hissed as they left and got out of bed, "I hope you've enjoyed your peace Daniel because it will be the last peace you'll know," I said laughing.


"Do you think Danny will like his present?" I ask Danni as she chuckles.

"Well he will be surprised," she says smiling looking at the small box, "I still can't believe Mayor Knightly wants his portrait painted," she frowned, "that's not a gift, that's torture," she said laughing and rolling her eyes.

"You okay, Danielle?" I asked her as I noticed her hand was trembling, she still suffers from PTSD and occasionally has flashbacks, but thanks to Dr. Von Nachten's help, she's getting better.

"Yeah, I'm just going to the lav to freshen up," she says as she gets up steadying herself with her hands (she still has a little trouble walking).


"I still think this plan is reckless," one of the Observants chided me as I sighed annoyed by their 'opinions' of my plan. They think they know what is best for the timeline.

"I have communed with Lady Hecate and she has told me that is the superior solution," I told them turning to them. "You're solution would have stripped Daniel of all humanity, I can't do that to him," I told them as they shook their heads and left leaving me to think about the plan.

Zile Zazic

"Here are the files you wanted on the new students Mr. Z," Stan said as he handed me the folders.

"Thank you," I tell him as I dismiss him and look over the files. It was the standard bunch of nobodies hoping to be the next Jeff Gordon, but one applicant got my attention.

"Hmm, Daniel A. Fenton," I said looking the picture of the black haired, blue eye boy. I had heard that name of before. "Wait a second," I said looking at the photo. I remember a young intern named Jack Fenton. The man was genius but a crackpot. Maybe just maybe his son inherited his genius and I can put him to work.

"Stan," I said through the intercom, "Alert me when any new arrivals show up," I ordered him smiling as I thought about this Daniel Fenton and how I might use him to destroy the Mach 6 at last.