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Chapter XVIII: Final Lap

Spritle Racer

"SPEED! DANNY!" I gasped as saw the carnage with my own eyes, the meds were already on the scene but there was no sign of their bodies.

"WHAT HAPPENED?" X demanded to know as he came in the box, "Where is my brother?" he yelled angrily as he looked out the window.

"We don't know, there isn't any sign of the bodies," I told him trying figure out what happened for myself. "I'll have security search for them," I told him as he left, hoping that they would be found.


"DANNY NO!" I cried in terror as tears poured out my face, I couldn't my believe my beloved was gone, "Danny," I said as fall to me knees.

"It's okay Sam," Tucker said as he held me in his arms.

"It's not, Danny is dead, I loved him, and he's gone," I said as I punched his chest in anger until I finally fell into unconsciousness.

The dreams I had were truly bliss, I saw me and Danny happy together with a family, an event that will never be now.

Speed Racer

"What happened?" I asked myself as I got up and looked around. "This isn't the infirmary," I said as I saw that was in a room filled with clocks ticking.

I looked down and saw Danny; he was alive but exhausted so I let him sleep as I decided to explore this new environment.

Whoever lives here must be a history buff, for each room in the tower was decorated in the style of a certain era. There was one from mediaeval times; the Renaissance; the Civil War, it was amazing.

Also there were rows of books, millions of books, it was amazing, but soon something else caught my attention.

I saw a blue light coming from a distant room; I walked towards it until I was blinded by it. It took awhile for my eyes to get accustomed to it but soon they adjusted and I saw a massive tube in front of me.

Inside was man, no older than seventeen suspending in some liquid, "It couldn't be," I said as I saw he was wearing a helmet with the letter M on it, this couldn't be real.

I knelt down and saw a plaque at the base reading:

Racer, Speed

b. 1951

"I sleep here, not dead; merely resting knowing the secret is safe"

"Father," I said placing my hand on the tube but startled as I saw a white flash and fell into blackness again.


I must admit my plan went rather well, I think.

"Well time to turn in," I said as I arrived back to my mansion in Amity Park and turned back into Vlad Masters. I got into my pajamas; brushed my teeth; and curled up in bed with my Maddie doll closing my eyes as I dreamt of what my next move will be.


"Come quick, everyone, I found them," I shouted as I spotted two bodies laying in front of the school.

Soon Sam, Danielle, Tucker, Connor, X, and Headmaster Spritle came running to the door and looked at them. "They're still alive, Chim-Chim says," Connor told us happily as we smiled and Spritle summoned the Medics.

"Get them to the ER stat," he ordered as they gently put them on stretchers and carried them away.

A few minutes later we waited outside the infirmary for any news of our friends.

"I have good news," Headmaster said he walked back in the lobby, "both Danny and Speed will be fine, they just need to rest," he said as he led us away so they could some well deserved rest.


I don't know what happened but I woke up with a sharp pain in my arm, "what happened?" I asked as I looked up and saw Sam looking at me.

"That's for pulling a stupid stunt, Daniel Alexander Fenton," she said before hugging me, "I'm so glad you're okay," she said as I kissed her and stroked her hair.

"I'm fine, but what happened to me, I feel like I was abducted by aliens?" I ask her trying to piece together the events of the race but failing.

"You and Speed crashed and you were found in front of the school with this note," she said handing me a copy of the note that read:

They are safe


I smiled thinking of my wise friend who is always there for me and looking at the bed beside me but snapped out of my daydream to find it is empty.

"Don't worry, Speed's fine, some minor injuries but he's already up and running," she said handing me a large bouquet of flowers. "These are from Lucy, Connor, and the Headmaster," she said as I put them on the table and found she handed another one, "This is from Danielle and Miles," she noted as I placed them beside the others only find she had another one, this one extravagant, "This is my from the Nightmar… I mean Knightlys," she says handing me another one this one black and white, "This is from Edgar, Ellen, Pet, Poe, and Heimertz, she said as I smiled.

"anymore?" I asked her as she handed another one.

"That's from your mom, dad, and Jazz," she said before handing me a single black rose, "and that Danny Knievel is from me," she says as I pull her close and kiss her.

"I love you Sam Manson, have I ever told you that," I ask her as she laughs (she has the cutest laugh, which is odd for a Goth).

"More times than I can count, why don't you read the card," she says as I open and smile.

"'Dreams and anguish bring us together'- Eugene Ionesco," I read as she smiles, "Well I don't know about you about I hope we have more dreams and less anguish in our future and are together no matter what," I tell her as we snuggle and kiss one last time.

Speed Racer

"…And the winner is Speed Racer," the announcer says as I cross the finish line and get out and smile.

Months have passed since the day I saw my father, but I am beginning to doubt it's reality. It seems like a dream to me. It had to be nothing more than a hallucination of an oxygen starved brain and stress, but yet it seems so real that I can't get past it.

However, for the moment, I have to keep an eye on the future and focus on the road ahead, then and only then will this mystery be solved.

The End