Lost clown

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Authors note: ok, this is my first fan fiction! Please don't flame, but some constructive criticism would be nice, but out and out flaming is mean. I HAVE A FLAME SHEILD PEOPLE!! holds up flaming shield AH!! HOT!! (Like Allen Lavi and kanga) anyway, please have mercy on a newbie like my self? Wellp on to the story!

Pairings: Allen/Lavi (which I have named Laven, cuz Yullen has a name and Laven deserves one too!)

P.S. I'm still not 100 on how to work Microsoft office 2007 yet. So my spell checking may be off. Ok, NOW to the story!

Epilogue: a tiny voice

Allen walker sat and quietly stared out the window as the dull scenery slid by the rushing train. Rain, always depressing, darkening the normal lush and green landscape with its morbid greyness. Damn the rain, Allen had never liked it. He sighed at looked at his traveling companion.

Lavi sat with his chin on his hand, which rested on the window ledge, his strong shoulder leaning against the window as he dosed comfortably. Allen smiled quietly to himself, it was usually himself, not Lavi who fell asleep on trains (it was something he'd done since he was a child, it's the movement, like being rocked). A sudden idea struck Allen and he grinned evilly at the sleeping bookman in training.

Lavi yawned and stretched as he woke from his nap. 'wow,' he thought, 'its not like me to fallasleep on the train, hmmm, I should try to get to bed earlier, late night reading sessions have got to stop' Lavi thought to himself as he glanced down at the melancholy Allen. Suchan interesting boy, mysterious yet innocent, comical yet sullen, tainted yet pure. So many clashing traits in him, it makes the perfect set up for oxy-morons (1) he thought with a small smile.

"Hey there Allen, what's got you so down? Did that horrible Yuu Chan call you bean sprout again?" Lavi snickered, trying to cheer the normally happy lad up. Allen looked up at him with slightly amused eyes.

"Heh, no, rain just depresses me that's all."

"Oh? Whys that?"

"Well its dark, and grey, everything just looks sad for as far as the eye can see. Why wouldn't it depress me?" Allen felt like he was stating the obvious.

"I don't think about it like that." Lavi looked down at Allen "if it never rained, all of the plants would die, then all the animals, then the humans, the world would be nothing but a barren dust ball devoid of life. Isn't that more depressing than a little bit of rain?" Allen looked up at Lavi for a moment in quiet shock, Lavi usually wasn't one to say such profound things to cheer someone up.

"I… I guess I never really thought about it like that…" Allen trailed off and looked thoughtful, then grinned up at Lavi, "thanks."

"Don't mention it." Lavi's grin spread from ear to ear as the walked off the train. It was at this time he noticed that some people were looking at him strangely.

"Ne, Allen? Is there something on my face? People seem to be looking at me strange…" Lavi stopped mid-sentence as he caught a glimpse of himself in a mirror that happened to be in a train-side shop window. A large black swirl had been drawn over his right eye, with one of those swirly French moustaches adorning his upper lips, and to cap it all off a pointy looking goatee on his chin. Lavi rubbed the goatee and twitched. It was drawn in the kind of marker that takes a good bit of scrubbing to get off.

"Allen…" Lavi glared at the white haired figure who was slowly trying to sneak away before Lavi noticed him.

"YOU'RE DEAD MOYASHI!! DAMN BEAN SPROUT, IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!" Lavi roared as he sprinted after Allen who was dashing madly away from the enraged red head, Allen laughing mischievously as they ran.

Lavi came out of the bathroom of their shared hotel room, (Koumi not being kind enough to book them separate rooms) to find Allen had collapsed on his bed without changing. Lavi smiled at the younger boy who slept innocently oblivious to it all. He had deserved getting his face drawn on, after all the times he'd done it too Allen, it was only fair (it still pissed him off though). Lavi strode over to the sleeping boy and brushed some hair from his smooth forehead. Still smiling softly Lavi unzipped Allen's exorcist coat all pulled it off the sleeping child, then after pulling off Allen's heavy boots, tucked him into bed. Lavi reached down and affectionately patted the small boy's white topped head. Allen murmured softy in his sleep. Lavi sighed before pushing himself off the edge off Allen's bed where he had been sitting, changed into his pyjamas and pulled himself under the covers to sleep.

He stood in the darkness; he could hear nothing but his fast, panic stricken breathing. He broke out into a sprint and began searching. 'Where, where, where, where, where!?' the panicked red head began to slow as he approached a dim light. In the endless darkness a lamp post stood, the small flame inside flickering as it threatened to go out. The red head saw a figure on the ground, a shock of white hair slightly tangled as the boy lay on the dirty ground. "Allen!" Lavi called out and ran towards the figure of his friend. "Allen!!" Allen's head lifted slightly and he whispered "L-La-Lavi… h-he-help me……" the light grew dimmer and the younger boy's head dropped to the floor. "ALLEN!" Lavi screamed out as the lamp post went out and Allen breathed out the last whoosh of air he would ever take.

"Allen!" Lavi gasped as he sat bolt upright in his clammy sheets. Lavi panted and glanced at the clock. 5:55 am. Just like all the other times he'd had the horrible dreams. Lavi sighed and placed his 

sweaty head on his knees. Normally, he really wasn't one to have dreams, much less believe that they mean anything, but this recurring nightmare just wouldn't leave him, and it unnerved him. Lavi looked over at the sleeping boy who was hopelessly tangled in his blankets as he drooled contently on his pillow. Dreamingabout food again, no doubt Lavi smiled as he calmed himself listening to the boy's soft even breathing. Lavi rose and moved to the sleeping Allen. He sat on the edge of his bed and stroked his downy, white hair.

"Lavi…" the boy whispered in his sleep and smiled as Lavi sucked in his breath, eyes wide.

"Lavi…" Allen repeated and settled back into sleep. lavi smiled, and whispered allens name to the soft darkness of the night.

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