Lost Clown 10

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Hey I found out what Allen, Lavi and Kanda's names are in Japanese! Thank you Sesho!! :D

アレン Allen

神田 Kanda

ラビ Lavi

Cool huh?

Allen: oh dear god here it comes...

Lavi: YAY!! SMUT!

Nella: that's the spirit Lavi!

Lenalee: hurry Nella hurry! Write that smut!!

Kanda: che. Its times like this I wish she would just go back to writing letters to Santa...

Nella: -goes into traumatized mode from the mention of Santa- why daddy? Why isn't Santa real?

Everyone but Nella and Kanda: -glares at Kanda-

Kanda: what? How the fuck was I supposed to know she would do that?

Lavi: well she was traumatized about Santa like Allen was about his D-E-B-T-S.

Allen: -shutters- poor girl...

Lenalee: enough of that! On to the story!


Recap: "I want to give you back whatever you give to me Lavi..." he whispered, and the redhead leaned down, sealing his lips once more over Allen's.


Allen leaned forward into the kiss, surrendering himself to the feeling of those soft warm lips moving against his. Lavi licked lightly at his bottom lip, asking for entrance, which Allen eagerly gave him. The feeling of Lavi's tongue sliding past his lip and into his mouth was odd, but not unwelcome. The battle for dominance began and Allen's arms slid around Lavi's neck as the older boy leaned back, so he was supported by the bed. Pulling the white haired boy fully onto his lap, Lavi raked his hand up and down Allen's back, sending shivers down his spine. They parted for a moment, gasping for air. Silver eyes stared into an emerald one as they panted in unison before Lavi smiled and broke the silence.

"I love you, bean sprout." Allen blinked for a moment, his forehead leaning against Lavi's.

"My name," he half whispered huskily, his lips brushing Lavi's, "Is Allen." The white haired boy shut Lavi up by crushing his lips against the others again, and Lavi was only too happy to respond. Allen pulled the headband off of Lavi's head and ran his fingers through the surprisingly soft locks. Lavi's hands played teasingly with the hem of Allen's shirt, fingers brushing against the pale skin every so often. Allen gave a needy groan into Lavi's mouth as their tongues danced. The redhead's lips curled into a smile and he chuckled, sliding his hand up and beneath the fabric, letting it glide softly along the soft skin. Allen shivered and surrendered completely to Lavi, letting the older and more experienced boy explore his mouth.

It was at this time that Lenalee chose to barge in without knocking. (1)

"Lavi! Has Allen... turned... up yet...?" Allen jumped back and off of Lavi, landing on the floor with a thud and a face burning crimson as the girl broke out into a wide grin.

"Oh, sorry guys, I didn't hear anything, so I just figured that Lavi was still cleaning or resting. Oh please don't mind me!" she said, pulling up the room's only chair.

"Do continue what you were doing." She smiled innocently, like she didn't just walk in on a hot make out session and was asking them to continue, while pulling up a chair. Lavi and Allen glanced at each other then back to Lenalee.

"Lenalee..." Allen started, wondering how to word his request gently but firmly.

"Yes Allen kun?"


"Please get out." Lavi deadpanned and both of the room's other occupants blinked in surprise.

"Lavi! That was rude!" Allen scolded.

"What? I said please!"

"That still doesn't mean you can just be rude like that!" Allen huffed.

"But Allen... I don't want an audience when I make sweet love-," the redhead was cut off by a swift smack to the head, "OW! Allen!!" he whined.

"Don't talk about that in front of a lady!" the white haired boy twitched in annoyance.

"Oh, no, don't mind me, go ahead and talk about it!" Lenalee exclaimed eagerly.

"You're not helping your case here Lenalee." Allen sighed as he stood and sat on the bed, "Well, now that the mood is completely and totally ruined, I haven't eaten since breakfast and my stomach is beginning to consume itself, so let's get something to eat."

Lavi nodded and stood, stretching his back with a loud sigh.

"Yeah, good idea. I was getting hungry too. I went straight to Hevalska after our little encounter this morning, then I came straight back here, and I've been cleaning to keep myself calm, so I haven't eaten yet."

"Encounter this morning?" Lenalee inquired, eyebrow raised.

"Err..." Allen blushed again and Lenalee smiled slyly.

"Say no more, I get it." Said her voice, but her eyes said something more along the lines of 'Oh my god! Hot man-sex!'

"I-it wasn't like that Lenalee! Lavi just lost control of himself because of the innocence..." he trailed off as her expression brightened even more, and Allen could practically hear her thoughts as she grinned. 'NO WAY! Hot man-rape?!'

"Lenalee... please stop thinking so loudly..." Lavi asked, sweat dropping.


Lenalee sighed as Allen sucked back more food than a boy his size should be able too. Lavi snickered as he tried to steal some food from the boy's plate while he was preoccupied with his meal, only to be stabbed with a fork.

"AH! Allen!!" Lavi whined/yelled and Allen just smiled innocently.

"What did I tell you the last time you wanted to take food from my plate Lavi?" he asked sunshine and rainbows floating around him.

"...That you'd rip my arm off?" Lavi gulped as the grin on Allen's normally sweet face turned sinister.

"The same rules apply now." Lenalee laughed as Allen tucked back into his food while Lavi stared at the boy with real fear in his eyes.

"Yeah, no more hanging out with Yuu-Chan." Lavi shuttered as he spooned some of his soup into his mouth.


"RUN LAVI RUN!!" Allen yelled as he dragged the older redhead who was stumbling down the corridor with him.

"I KNOW DAMNIT! How are we going to lose her?! She can run at the speed of sound you know!" Lavi panted as they raced around a corner.

"There! A broom closet!" Allen skidded to a halt in front of the door, dragged Lavi inside and closed it as silently as possible. They panted quietly until they heard inhumanly fast footsteps rush past, both sighing in relief as they caught their breath. Lenalee had been following them around since she had walked in on them and as much as they cared for the girl, she was starting to get annoying. They had just started... well, dating (Or that's what Allen figured you would call "two boys... who you know... kissed and stuff..."), and they wanted some alone time.

"Wow Allen, a broom closet huh? This is pretty kinky, I mean- OW!" Lavi yelped as Allen punched him in the head.

"Shut up dumbass!" Allen pouted and Lavi chuckled, leaning in to kiss Allen on the cheek.

"God you're cute when you're embarrassed."

"I'm not cute or embarrassed!" Allen fumed and Lavi laughed right out at Allen's tone, slinging an arm around his shoulder in the gloom of the broom closet.

"Ah, but there you are wrong my white haired friend. You are embarrassed, I can feel the heat of your blush from here, and you are cute. Nothing you can do about that bean sprout!" Lavi laughed as the boy sighed, Lavi could feel the eye roll that accompanied it.

"whatev- Mmmph!" Allen was cut off by Lavi's lips pressing down on his, and he melted, forgetting everything but the feel of Lavi's lips on his. Lavi gently licked at Allen's bottom lip and he gladly opened up for Lavi. It was a slow, almost lazy kiss, as the two exorcists explored each others mouths, getting acquainted with the taste and texture of the other. It was odd, considering their slow pace, how quickly they ran out of breath, or at least that's what Lavi thought. By the time he pulled away, both his and Allen's lungs were burning from lack of oxygen as they panted heavily.

"Kinky..." Lavi smirked and Allen rolled his eyes, even though it was unseen in the darkness. Lavi took the lack of a sarcastic retort invitation to continue so he did; gently pulling Allen's lips back down on top of his own for a chaste kiss. The younger boy made an annoyed noise and swung a leg over Lavi, straddling him as he tried to deepen the kiss. Lavi chuckled at Allen's eagerness, and allowed the white haired teen to explore his mouth with no objection.

Carefully working his hand up Allen's shirt, Lavi smiled around Allen's warm mouth, relishing in the pleasured shivers that the younger boy gave as Lavi ghosted his hands along the smooth, pale chest. Allen pulled back, arching sharply as Lavi tweaked a hardened nipple with a strangled cry.

"Sensitive Allen?" Lavi whispered as he leaned forward, pressing his lips to the soft white neck of the boy on top of him, his hand slowly unbuttoning the shirt that covered his sweet little bean sprout's body.

"N-no... ah!" Allen moaned as Lavi's tongue lapped at the hardened bud teasingly, "L-Lavi..." the redhead glanced up at Allen as he covered the nipple with his lips, swirling his tongue around it. Allen blushed heavily as he arched into the touch with another soft moan.

"Oh? Is that so...?" Lavi asked, pulling away from Allen's tempting chest, licking his lips, and Allen looked back at him with lust glazed silver eyes, "So you won't mind if I do this...?" Lavi breathed as he slowly licked his way from the middle of Allen's chest up to his earlobe, his hands exploring every inch on Allen's semi-exposed torso, loving every gasp and moan he elicited from the younger male.

"L-Lavi..." Allen whimpered as the redhead nibbled teasingly on his ear.

"hmmm?" Lavi murmured seductively, his hot breath ghosting into Allen's ear making him whimper. The air in the originally cold broom closet was getting steadily hotter as they groped each other shamelessly in the darkness. Allen's cool hands slid up Lavi's shirt, and the redhead shivered at the two very different textures of Allen's hands, thoroughly enjoying the sensation.

"W-we should-Ah! - should... uhmm move from h-here... s-s-someone might-ngh! – hear us..." Allen whimpered out between moans as Lavi's hands began to move lower.

"Let them." Lavi whispered huskily, his breath catching as Allen's fingers reached his nipple.

"I don't know about you but I don't want my first time to be in a freaking broom closet Lav-ah!" Allen arched as Lavi's hand brushed over his clothed member, and blushed heavily as the already slightly tight pants became constricting.

"Hmmm... good point..." Lavi mumbled, his lips resting on Allen's neck, "We should move..."

"Yeah..." Allen said, biting his lip too keep the sounds to a minimum.

"You need to get off of me if we want to move Allen." Lavi giggled as Allen flushed deeper.

"R-right." He stuttered as he stood, whimpering as Lavi's hand brushed his member through the cloth of his pants.

"My room or yours?" asked, only half jokingly.

"M-my bed is loud... y-yours..." Allen mumbled and Lavi choked.

"You really want to go all the way?" Lavi asked, shocked as Allen went as red as Lavi's hair, nodding shyly.

"Well what the hell are we standing in a broom closet for!?" Lavi asked, yanking Allen through the door and running towards his room, even though it wasn't too pleasant for his nether regions if you catch my drift. Thankfully Lavi's room was only a few hallways down.

Lavi fumbled around his pockets for his keys, cursing his luck as Allen fidgeted nervously. The redhead worried that Allen would change his mind, Lavi wasn't going to force him into anything, but hot damn! He was hornier than a jackrabbit in the spring! Finally Lavi found the key and unlocked the door, holding it open with a grin as Allen walked in.

"A-are you sure you want to do this? I-I mean... if you're not ready, it's not really... good... and I uh, don't want to rush things or you so if you're not read-Mmmph!" Lavi was cut of as Allen's lips were suddenly being pressed against his as the door swung shut. The younger boy pulled back, smiling at his confused senior as Allen reached around the redhead and locked the door.

"You're so cute when you're embarrassed." Allen grinned as Lavi blinked in surprise.

"Well, I never thought that my little bean would be so... eager." Lavi smirked triumphantly as Allen's cheeks turned a light shade of pink.

"I never thought that the order's play-bunny would be so... shy." He countered and Lavi choked.

"Shy!? I'll show you 'shy'!" Lavi crushed his lips against Allen's again, cutting off any other sarcastic retort as he pushed the younger backwards. The back of Allen's knees hit the edge of the bed and they both fell on to the mattress, never breaking the heated kiss. Allen's hands slid up Lavi's sides and his fingers dug into Lavi's back as the older teen's lips moved from Allen's mouth to his neck. Lavi crawled fully onto the bed, as he nipped lightly at the sensitive skin just below Allen's ear.


"Hmmm?" Lavi hummed seductively into the white haired boy's ear, loving the shutter than racked the smaller body.

"D-do you h-have uhmm... l-lube?" Lavi blinked and pulled back, looking at the blushing boy in his arms.

"You know about that kind of stuff!?"

"What you think Cross only like women? Heh, I wish... when he gave me his version of 'the talk' when I was thirteen, he told me how it works for a man with a woman, a man with a man, and a woman with a woman." Allen snorted as Lavi went fish eyed.

"W-whoa... he seriously told you how..." Lavi asked, looking away and blushing.

"Y-yeah... but, I would really rather not talk about that now..." Allen sighed as he snuggled up against the old boy's broad chest, "Do you have lube or not? I k-know of a few... substitutes for it if you don't..." Lavi chuckled, reaching over Allen and opening up the drawer of his beside table.

"What? You think that the orders 'Play-bunny' wouldn't be prepared for situations like this?" the redhead asked with an amused sparkle in his eye as he produced a bottle of vanilla scented massage oil, popping off the cap and setting it on the bedside table. Allen grinned and kissed Lavi's chin, with a shy wink.

"Well, I didn't expect anything less." Lavi smiled back and gently pressed his lips to Allen's, allowing the younger man to set the pace. Lavi grinned around the white haired youth's mouth as he felt a tongue probing at his lips, begging for entrance. The redhead rolled on top of Allen, straddling him as the kiss deepened and became slightly frantic as Lavi started unbuttoning Allen's shirt. They leaned up so that Allen could rid himself of the offending garment, and breaking their kiss for only long enough to remove Lavi's shirt, they went back to sliding their hands over the other's heated flesh.

"I-if you want to slow down or stop... j-just tell me ok? I don't want to rush things..." Lavi stammered out as he looked down at the flushed teen beneath him.

"Lavi, if I wanted to stop you I would have by now." Allen whispered huskily, leaning up for a soft kiss. A sweet, chaste innocent brush of the lips that sent Lavi's heart racing and he felt like all of the blood in his body was either in his face or his crotch. Lavi hesitantly reached down and fingered the waistband of Allen's pants, as if asking permission to go further. Allen arched up, and they both gasped as their clothed erections rubbed against one another.

"Allen..." Lavi breathed huskily and Allen moaned quietly as they ground their hips together. The younger boy gasped and arched up into the older boy, friction building deliciously as they moved together in unison.

"A-as great as this is, Allen... I think we're aiming for something a bit more... satisfying..." Lavi whispered, his breath hitching as Allen rubbed against him.

"Please Lavi..." Allen moaned, wanting nothing more than whatever Lavi was willing to do to him. The redhead pulled away as much as he could in his lusty state and began struggling with the button of Allen's pants. The younger's slim fingers shakily reached up and they soon found themselves in nothing but their tented boxers.

"Geez Allen," Lavi giggled as he nuzzled the other teen's pale neck, "I didn't think you would have such a plain taste in boxers."

"I didn't think you would be one for pink bunny rabbits on yours." Allen shot back, gasping as Lavi's hands brushed teasingly against his erection.

"What? Bunnies are sexy! Plain black is boring." Lavi grinned as Allen rolled his eyes.

"I'd think that you would care more about what is under the boxers." Allen smiled with half lidded eyes.

"I didn't think my little Allen would be so... Seductive." Lavi purred into Allen's ear as he nibbled on it lightly, loving the gasp that came from his lover's parted mouth.

"Lavi..." Allen panted loudly as the redhead's hand slipped under the rim of his boxers and gently rubbed the head of Allen's hard member, "Please... stop t-teasing..." he begged, arching into the light touches. Lavi swallowed thickly as he nodded, gently lifting Allen's hips off the bed so he could pull the last piece of fabric away from the pale body of his soon-to-be lover. Allen shuttered as the cool air of Lavi's room hit his now fully exposed body. Lavi nuzzled his way down to Allen's waist, licking and nipping as he went.

"Close your eyes Allen." Lavi whispered and Allen nodded, leaning back on the pillow as his eyes slid shut in expectation. Lavi grinned at the trusting Allen before doing something that made Allen yell in surprise.

"L-La-Lavi..." Allen moaned as the redhead licked a spot Allen had never really thought people put their mouths.

"Feel good?" Lavi asked huskily as Allen's eyes cracked open.

"G-God yes..." he whimpered as Lavi repeated the motion, sending him arching with a loud moan into the bed. Lavi grinned before taking Allen into his mouth, earning a muffled moan from his younger lover as the boy covered his own mouth to stem the embarrassing noises. Lavi reached up as he sucked gently on the most sensitive part of Allen's body and took the black hand in his. The redhead wanted to hear how good he was making Allen feel. As Allen began to shake with his approaching orgasm Lavi pulled back, grinning as Allen cried out in dismay.

"Lavi..." he whined, arching up, his body begging to have Lavi's mouth on him again.

"Just relax Allen, its coming..." Lavi murmured, his hot breath ghosting across Allen's throbbing member. Reaching out blindly as he kissed the inside of Allen's thigh, Lavi located the lube and dipped his fingers into the bottle before bringing the oil slicked digits to brush against Allen's tight entrance.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Lavi asked, giving Allen one last chance to back out.

"For fucks sake Lavi! Do it!" Allen snapped and Lavi chuckled, very amused by Allen's harshness.

"As you wish, master." Lavi said in a husky voice that drove Allen crazy. He pressed gently against the ring of muscle in warning before plunging his finger deep into the tight inferno that was Allen. The boy stiffened, arching back again with a groan as Lavi's finger probed around inside of him. Lavi pumped the digit in and out of the tightness that was Allen, leaning forward so he could whisper soothingly in the younger's ear, hoping to get him to relax the tense muscles.

"Relax Allen... it will feel so much better if you loosen up..."

"It's weird..." Allen whimpered as the second finger slid in slowly.

"I know, but I'll make it feel so good..." the gentle scissoring motion stretched Allen and he whimpered at the slight pain, trying to force the muscles to go lax. Feeling the slight loosening Lavi grinned against Allen's neck and gently began working the third finger in. The white haired teen's breath hitched as tears prickled at the back of his eyes, feeling the odd sensation of being over stretched.

"Lavi!" Allen's back arched suddenly as he cried out from the sudden and very intense please that pulsed from where ever the hell Lavi had just brushed against.

"Ah... there it is..." Lavi breathed, pulling his fingers out of Allen's entrance, grinning amusement as the boy stared dazedly at him. The redhead reached over Allen and dipped his fingers back into the lube, before spreading it generously over his pre-cum smeared member.

"Ready?" Lavi asked, watching as Allen's eyes widened as he pushed against his entrance, bracing the younger boy's hips with both hands.

"G-go..." Allen nodded and Lavi stared at him for a moment, their eyes locked. To Lavi, Allen was beautiful, some kind of unreal creature that was too perfect for a person like him to touch, let alone fuck into the mattress. Allen shivered at the lust filled eye that met his own and groaned, needy, arching back as Lavi rubbed against his entrance.

"Please!" the white haired boy begged, his lust overriding his pride. Lavi nodded and pushed harder against Allen, moaning as the head of Lavi's member slid into Allen's hot entrance.

"Jesus Allen... you're so... god..." Lavi panted as his held back the urge to simply thrust forward and take him hard and fast. Allen shut his eyes to the slight pain as Lavi slowly pushed himself forward. It wasn't anything he couldn't handle, but there was no denying that even with Lavi's very, very excellent fingering there was still some pain.

"Allen, you have to relax... you're so tight... it will hurt you if you don't loosen up..." the redhead leaned down to plant kisses along his jaw line and cheeks, whispering more comforting words as he pushed himself forward at a slow pace that was driving him insane with lust. Allen did his best to relax the tense muscles that gripped Lavi so tightly. Lavi panted, feeling Allen's muscles move around him was testing his resolve. The only thing that kept him from letting go and fucking Allen like an animal was how much pain the other would feel if he left go like that. So he waited as patiently as he could while Allen adjusted to having the older male fully sheathed inside him, leaning heavily on his forearms as his breath hitching here and there as Allen tightened and loosened around him.

"Move..." Allen whispered huskily after a moment, wrapping hid arms around Lavi's neck. Lavi nodded, not trusting his voice as he thrust forward, keeping the pace as slow as he could. Allen honestly began to think that if Lavi went any slower he would die.

"Lavi... ngh... please... f-faster!" he moaned, pushing down as Lavi thrust up into him.

"G-god Allen..." Lavi panted as the waves of pleasure shot through him. Lavi had been waiting for the signal from Allen, and now that he had received it Lavi sped up, pounding hard into Allen's small ass. The white haired teen cried out suddenly, as Lavi slammed against Allen's prostate. Lavi smiled, hands still gripping Allen's slim waist, Lavi felt heat coiling in the pit of his stomach, and knew he wouldn't last much longer. Allen was shaking in a way that made him think he would last very much longer either, so Lavi fisted Allen and pumped him hard and fast, in time with his thrusts. Allen moaned loudly, his body quickly heading toward the release his body craved.

"LAVI!" Allen shouted as he came, clenching the muscles around Lavi's member, pushing him over the edge. The redhead collapsed on top of Allen, gently rolling them over to lie on their sides, still joined.

"Fell good?" Lavi asked nuzzling Allen's cheek.

"Yeah..." Allen smiled with sleepy innocence at his lover, "But next time, don't expect to be on top."


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