So I really wanted to write a Twilight story. My problem was I'm a strong believer of Edward and Bella being together. I know I can't write a story between the two that wouldn't end up being a piece of crap so I moved my idea to the werewolves. I like Jacob but not with Bella. His character though, I don't feel I could give justice. So, here I am with my ideas pulled to the other werewolves. I like Paul. He seems like a typical bad boy with his anger issues. So I decided to write him a story.

This is set a year after Eclipse with the idea that Bella married Edward and she is now a Vampire.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the story and my original characters.

Rain. Thats all I could see. I don't know how my grandmother managed to navigate our way through the town in such a down pour. I hated driving in the rain but I guess I was going to have to get used to it.

Forks already seemed like the worst place to live and I couldn't even see it clearly. What I wouldn't give to be back in Massachusetts right now. The reason for the move to Washington? Grandpa died about a month ago and Grandma couldn't handle living on her own. So my wonderful mother volunteered to move in with her. Yeah, she also volunteered me. Wasn't that nice of her? If only he waited one more year to die then I would be off to college and I wouldn't need to follow mom back to her home town. Yes, I know, that was horrible of me to say, but its true.

I didn't want to be here. My senior year was destroyed. I was always hearing people say that its the best time of your life. Now I have to start over at a new school. It's not even like I'm starting the first day, they've already been in school for two weeks.

I would have just stayed back in MA with Dad, but him and mom are not on speaking terms this month. Divorce is so lame. Mom says we are only going to stay a year at most. Her friend is watching our house. I have no idea why mom wouldn't just let me stay with her. That reminds me that my Uncle Greg lives in the area. I have no idea why he couldn't just have Grandma live with him. I'm just so far away from my home. I feel like I'm half way across the world.

"I bet youre excited to start school, aren't you Margret?" I was pulled out of my thoughts by my grandmothers voice. Margret, really? No one called me that unless I was in trouble and she clearly couldnt read my mind.

"Not really," I said, in the least harsh voice I could manage.

"Poor dear," she whispered to my mother. She must still be upset about Frank d-y-i-n-g." I just rolled my eyes. Why she felt the need to spell out the word dying is beyond me. It's not like I can't spell, let alone hear her. Just for the record, I'm not upset about that anymore. He's in a better place. It hasn't hit my Grandma yet though. She hasn't even cried. She just keeps on a cheerful face and tries to pass everything off as if its fine. That's why we moved in. When she does break down, well be here.

We pulled up to a house and I was pleasantly surprised. Grandma and Grandpa must have some money because the house was nicer than the one I previously lived in. I had seen the house a couple times in my life, but I always forget how nice it really is. I ran to the front door as fast as I could. I didnt really feel like getting wet.

"Maggie, get back out there and get the suitcases, please," said my mom. I glared at her but ran back to the car. I pulled mine out first and dragged it to the front step. I then went back for my moms. I pulled the two suitcases into the house and shook my wet hair out of my face.

"Hey there kid, look how tall youve gotten." I smiled at the voice. My Uncle Greg has always been one my favorite relatives, even if I never really got to see him. Mom and I used to fly down for Christmas or Thanksgiving but after she got divorced the family started coming to see us for the holidays. I hadn't been to Forks in years.

"I would hardly call 53 tall," I said with a laugh.

"53, is that all?" he said, as he pulled me into a hug. "I've missed ya, Mags."

"I missed you too."

"Enough with the mushy stuff, lets get your bag up to your room." He picked up my suitcase and I followed him up the stairs and into a room. He placed my bag in front of my bed. I'll let you get unpacked. Dinner should be ready soon.

"Thanks." When he was finally out of the room, I looked around my new surroundings. The room was way too girly for me. Flowery wallpaper, matching pink rug, white lacy curtains, and a bed spread that was way to cutesy. It was a nightmare. I heard the door open and a loud laugh coming from the visitor.

"Well," my mom said. "This is a change."

"This is putrid."

"I don't think your grandmother is going to let you put up your posters."

"Then how am I going to get rid of all this pink?"

"I guess you'll just have to deal with it." My God, she was finding this hilarious. "Speaking of dealing with, you start school tomorrow."

"Do I really have to go? Can't I just start next week?"

"Sorry Mags, but you've already missed enough school."

"No I haven't."

"Don't you want to make new friends?"

"I don't plan on making any friends. I just have to survive the year and then I'm on my way back to New England for college."

"What if you decide you like it here?"

"I highly doubt that." My mom gave me a sad smile and then turned to leave. Why would I ever decide to like it here? Oh Crap. I hope she isn't thinking of making this move permanent. She was. I just knew it. "Dinner will be ready any second."

"I'm not hungry. I'll just unpack and then go to bed."

"You really should eat something."

"Mom, I'm fine." She nodded her head and left the room. "I'm fine" was my new most commonly used phrase. My mom just couldn't grasp the concept that nothing was bothering me besides the fact that I had to move away from my friends and everything else I had ever known. I unpacked all my clothes, put them into the dresser or closet.

I then unpacked my laptop. I plugged it in, turned it on, and prayed for any kind of wireless connection. None whatsoever was found. I guess I'm going old school with hooking up the wires, which I would have to ask Greg to help me with tomorrow. At least I could check my email on my phone.

After finishing my unpacking, taking a long hot shower, and sitting down in bed, I put on my headphones and turned on my ipod. I was defiantly going to need music to fall asleep tonight.


"Hi, Im Laura." I turned to the girl sitting next to me. Her hand was stretched out for a shake, and she wore a large smile. As hard as I tried, I couldn't help but smile back.


"How is your first day so far?" she asked, keeping the smile on her face. I felt mine drop. Today? Lets see. I started the day getting dropped off by Uncle Greg. Mom was too busy finding a job to take me. I felt lost after stepping out of the car. I was lucky some of the other kids were nice enough to walk me to the office. I got my schedule and map and was sent on my way.

My first class, which was English, was horrible. The teacher made me stand in front of the class and introduce myself. I'm surprised everyone wasn't laughing at how red my face was. My second class, history, went better because the teacher just let me sit down. Third class, gym, was the worst. At my old school I could get away with wearing sweatpants to school and pretending that I had changed into them. Yeah, that doesn't fly with this teacher. I guess I'm going to have to actually participate in PE this year. The class I'm in now, Algebra, would have been horrible but now it seems I have someone to talk to.

"Wicked lame," I said. Laura laughed.

"I thought it would be." We stopped talking once the teacher started class but when the bell rang, Laura waited for me. "Want to sit at lunch with me?" she asked. I wasn't planning on eating because I hadn't wanted to sit alone but now I was happy to have someone to sit with.

"Thanks, that would be nice." She lead me to the cafeteria and into the lunch line. She grabbed pizza and I just grabbed a Snapple. Snapple apple to be exact.

"Aren't you going to eat anything?"

"I'm not hungry." I really was, after not having anything to eat last night,or breakfast this morning, but I didn't feel like eating. We sat down at an empty table and she took a bite of her pizza.

"What class do you have next?" Laura asked. I handed her my schedule.

"Great! We have our last two classes together."

"Thank God I won't be alone." We continued talking about meaningless things like where I came from, if I missed home, and what it was like there, until some other people joined us.

"Who is your friend Laura?" asked some guy. He sat down next to me, looking me up and down. I already knew that I was not going to like him. A different guy sat down next to Laura giving her a kiss on the cheek. Another guy and girl joined us as well.

"Guys, this is Maggie," she said to them. Then turning to me, "Maggie, this is Craig and Elizabeth, my boyfriend Ray, and thats Jason."

"Hi," I said shyly. Jason put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me closer to him.

"No need to be shy," he said.

"Lay off Jay," said Elizabeth. She then held out her hand to me. "You can call me Liz. I think we have English together." I shook her hand.

"Yeah, I think I remember seeing you there."

"And We have gym together," said Ray, with a smile.

"I hate that class," I said.

"We all do," he said, with a laugh. I spent the rest of lunch answering their questions. Craig was the quiet type and Liz was loud. They were really cute together. So were Laura and Ray. The two were just perfect. Jason on the other hand seemed like a real creeper. His eyes always seemed to be on me and it kind of freaked me out. I mean he was good looking. Tall, looked like a nice body under the clothes, shaggy blonde hair, nice smile, blue eyes, but I just didn't like the attention.

"We should go to the beach this Friday," Craig said.

"That's a great idea!" said Liz. I heard it actually isn't going to rain.

"There is a beach around here? Isn't it a little cold to swim?" I asked.

"We aren't going to swim. We are going to have a bonfire," said Laura. Oh. Wow I felt stupid.

"Yeah, Friday sounds good. You'll come right Maggie?" asked Ray.

"Sure." I guess that not making friends idea was right out the door. Not only did I have friends now, but I also had plans for the weekend. Let's pray I don't make a fool of myself.

No werewolves yet. Got to leave something for the next chapter. I know that was kind of boring but it was just kind of an introduction. I wanted everyone to get a feel for Maggie, and hopefully like her. Please review!