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Chapter 1

Danny Fenton was not having a good day and it wasn't even noon yet. The first day of his sophomore year at Casper High was bad enough, right? No, Murphy's Law decided to take effect and, for good measure, give him a hard slap on the face. Well, with Walker deciding to try attempting to throw him in jail- again- it was more like several punches and a few ectoblasts rather than a slap.

Murphy's Law - Anything that can go wrong will go wrong; in this case it happened to be right before school began. Walker had appeared; triggering Danny's ghost sense, meaning a fight soon ensued. As per usual, when dealing with ghosts, witty banter was exchanged and a few degrading comments slipped in here and there while fighting. Typically, Danny's parents showed up shouting Ghost! All went according to the usual fight scene until Danny's mom, Maddie Fenton, brought out the Fenton Bazooka and shot the two fighting ghosts, which thankfully separated them, but consequently brought them into the depths of the Ghost Zone.

This is what brought Danny into his current situation.

"ARGGH!" Danny screamed out of frustration. Today was really not his day. "Why, why, why? Why couldn't Mom have transported me to a part of the Ghost Zone I actually know? Why couldn't it have been dad who had the Fenton Bazooka?" Danny ranted, cursing his parents, in Phantom mode, and currently floating around the Ghost Zone – lost.

Danny looked around for something he could recognize - anything! He would have rejoiced for joy if he even saw Skulker's lair, said ghost present or not. Sadly, everything looked the same as he viewed the same spooky green swirls and floating purple doors of the Ghost Zone. Nothing looked even remotely different except for several of the patterns on the doors. He could understand why the ghosts went to the human world; he would if this was all he had to live in day after day in his afterlife.

After a while, as he continued to fly around searching for clues as to where he was, Danny began to worry. He had been in the Ghost Zone for two hours at least if not more, as there wasn't any way to keep track of time, and he was still lost. At least there was no sign of Wal-

"There you are, Punk." Walker's voice sounded from behind him, cutting off Danny's thoughts. Damn Murphy and his stupid law.

Danny whirled around to be greeted by the sight of Walker, grinning at him in triumph. He turned and started to fly away when Walker's hand grabbed his arm and caught him in his endeavor to escape. "Not this time, Punk. I'm bringing you in and you are going to serve the time you owe me," Walker growled at him.

Danny was charging up an ectoblast, getting ready to fight if he had to, and was about to make a reply when a flying ball of fur and claws came from beside him, throwing Walker off him and into the distance and several doors.

"Friend Danny, okay?" A heavily accented voice asked him from what looked like a wolf-man with glowing green eyes and tattered clothing.

"Wulf!" Danny cried out in joy at seeing his wolf friend. "Thank you. Man, that was a close one! I should have changed back," Danny said while patting Wulf on the shoulder. Danny had come to the conclusion that when in doubt in the Ghost Zone, human was the better way to go. "What are you doing here, Wulf?" Danny asked in an afterthought, wondering what his friend was doing out in the apparent middle of nowhere.

"Wulf heard friend Danny and come to help. Wulf help Danny get home." Wulf gave him a wolfish grin. Danny could have leapt for joy – he was going home! - but the next five words stopped him cold.

"You aren't going anywhere, Punk." The voice of Walker informed him from behind. As Danny and Wulf turned, they saw Walker had returned, and he had brought some ghostly reinforcements.

Wulf was growling beside him, claws extended, bent down ready to spring and fight, but Danny, who was tiring, had an idea. "Wulf do you think if we could get away from Walker for a few minutes you could open several portals so we could confuse Walker and escape?" Danny whispered into his friend's ear. Wulf paused for a second and nodded. "Okay then, here's the plan: First we have to get away, at least a few minutes, and then you open a couple portals and we escape through one and you close it behind us. After waiting a bit we'll go back into the Ghost Zone and get back home. Will this work for you?" Danny rapidly asked after laying out his plan as Wulf, again, nodded.

"Enough chit chat Punk. You and your furry friend have an appointment with a nice cell waiting for you back at my prison; any last words?" Walker smiled as his ghost police force held up their ecto-weapons.

"Yeah, one: NOW!" Danny shouted and took off with Wulf right behind him, flying in a zigzag pattern and swerving around the floating doors trying to lose Walker.

The chase, which ensued, only went on for a few minutes as they lost Walker pretty easily, but it felt like ages to Danny. Danny couldn't help but worry as terrible thoughts plagued his head. Will my plan work? Will I escape? Please let this work. Sam and Tucker have no idea where I am; what if I never see them again? Thoughts flashed through Danny's head, the last one tugging painfully at his heart. Tucker and Sam- his best friends- might come looking for him. He hoped they would stick to areas they knew and weren't dangerous; he didn't want to lose them to this world.

"Wulf," Danny called out to his friend as he slowed down, "open several portals now and quickly." Wulf nodded and, with his neon green claws, tore open three different portals each looking like the other. 'Now which one to choose?' Danny thought quickly, knowing time was short and he had to make a decision fast. 'Let's go left.'

He shot through the portal hoping that wherever he went it was modern. He didn't want to face dinosaurs, or samurai, or any other sort of creature or person not of this century. Danny only wanted to get away from Walker and his goons; he didn't want to jump from the frying pan into the fire.

Walker watched the halfa jump into the portal and he was furious. There was no way he was going to let that Punk escape. He lunged at the left portal, pushing Wulf out of the way in the process, and followed Phantom. He could see Phantom just ahead of him and grabbed onto his leg, causing both of them to fall out of the portal and into… mashed potatoes? Walker looked at his surroundings briefly, noting that he and the Punk were in some sort of large dining room and there were many people in what looked like large, black dress coats; Walker didn't have time to admire the scenery, the ghost Punk had begun to fight.


September first was always a busy day for the staff and students at Hogwarts. Students rapidly trying to cram information on the train, meet with friends and make new ones, and show some fancy spell work if someone was pissing you off. Teachers, on the other hand, were mentally preparing themselves for the new school year. For them this meant preparing for the Weasley twins, getting course work together, and mourning the last day of their freedom.

Soon students spilled into Hogwart's Entrance Hall after their rides in the carriages, all of them smiling and laughing with their friends and housemates. The spacious entrance way broke off into the Great Hall, which was shining with candles as it was at the beginning of every year. The Hall was a wondrous; the ceiling was enchanted to reflect the beautiful night sky and the candles that floated above the four house tables shone with brilliance. Transparent ghosts were milling about, waiting for students to arrive to talk to and greet. The whole scene had a homely feeling, in a strange magical way.

Harry Potter was glad to be back in this atmosphere. He had missed Hogwarts and all the secret passageways, ghosts, and lessons - even Snape at some points! Summer for him was always torture; this year was no different especially with the lack of information until he had arrived at the Order of the Phoenix's headquarters at number twelve Grimmauld Place. Harry had gotten to see Sirius, his godfather, who was the closest thing to family he had, it was what made his summer bearable. He had finally gotten some information on what Voldemort was up to, or more what he was likely up to. Voldemort had been very quiet during the summer and this worried everyone. However now was not the time to think about this.

"You okay, mate?" Ron Weasley, Harry's best friend, asked concerned at the far-out look in his friend's eyes.

"What? Yeah, I'm fine. Just glad to be back," Harry replied giving Ron a grin as they walked to the Gryffindor table to sit down and watch the sorting before dinner.

"You do realize this year's going to be much more difficult than last year?" Hermione Granger, Harry's other best friend, asked as she walked beside them. "We have OWLS coming up and we need to start planning for them now." Hermione, as always, was very passionate about learning and school was one of her top priorities.

"Yes we know Hermione. You've been shoving that down our throats all summer," Harry said exasperated, while Ron rolled his eyes.

"I wonder how many Gryffindors we'll get this year?" Ron wondered aloud while waiting for the sorting to begin, and more importantly for the food to appear.

"I'm more worried about who's going to be the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. I'll bet Dumbledore has not had an easy time of finding one," Harry said while scanning the staff table. Is that who I think – no it can't be! Harry thought despairingly when his emerald eyes landed on a woman wearing a pink cardigan over her robes and that unforgettable toad like face. "I don't believe it. Dumbledore got that Umbridge woman for a professor!"

"Who?" asked Hermione.

"Umbridge was at my hearing," he explained. "She's one of Fudge's lackeys," Harry frowned at the unpleasant thoughts of what occurred during his hearing with the Ministry. He had been cleared of all charges with a clear majority, but she was one of the ones that had voted against him and that bothered Harry greatly.

"She works for the Ministry then?" Hermione muttered, and like Harry, frowning. "You don't think –"

Hermione was cut off, however, by the entrance of Professor McGonagall leading the soon to be sorted first years towards the staff table where the Sorting Hat currently resided.

The Hat began to sing, as was custom to do so every year, but this year it was different. Its song was not just about the Houses with the loyal Hufflepuffs, the cleaver Ravenclaws, the cunning Slytherins, and the brave Gryffindors, but a song of warning; warning that danger was near and soon to be present, that they must unite or all will fall. Whispers echoed throughout the great room from ghosts and students alike, as none of them could remember anything like this ever sung by the Hat.

"Has the Hat ever given a warning before?" Hermione asked Nearly Headless Nick, the resident ghost of Gryffindor, anxiously.

"Yes, when the Hat feels it is necessary," the ghost replied and would have gone on further had the Sorting not begun.

After 'Zeller, Rose' had become a Hufflepuff and Dumbledore had made a small speech the plates filled with food and everyone began to eat. While Harry and Hermione took reasonable sized portions, Ron had piled his plate with food a mile high and began to shovel into his mouth.

"Nick you were saying something about the Hat giving warnings before, what triggers it?" Hermione continued to question the ghost.

"An ow kunnit knof ifiza at?" said Ron, mouth full. Which roughly translated, if you were knowledgeable in the language of 'Speaking While Mouth is Stuffed Full', into 'And how can it know if it's a hat?'

"Ah yes," Nick started to reply while looking slightly disgusted with Ron's atrocious table manners, "it can tell because-

Nick never got to finish his explanation when a portal opened above the Gryffindor table and two figures came crashing out, interrupting him. The two figures, one on top of the other, had landed in the middle of the table, spraying Ron with mashed potatoes.

Several screams of "What's happening?", "It's the Dark Lord!", "Aliens!, and a "Bloody Hell!" from Ron rang through out the entire Great Hall with professors and several students, like Harry, whipping their wands out.

"Get off me Walker!" One figure cried out, the one with luminescent pearl white hair, shocking neon green eyes, and was dressed in what seemed like a black body suit with white gloves, belt and boots to match.

"You aren't getting away from me this time, Punk. I'm already the laughing stock of the Ghost Zone for letting the halfa escape me." The other figure growled out. This one seemed imposing with a skull face, hence the Dark Lord fear, black cowboy hat, and white suit.

The white haired one had charged up some strange green energy and had blasted the other intruder. The professors and students alike were at a loss on what to do for neither had seen anything like these two before. The two glowed with an unearthly light, were doing what appeared to be wandless magic, and were flying – without broomsticks! – around the Great Hall without apparent interest in their current surroundings. It was then when something else came out of the still open portal above the table, and this one came with screams of 'Werewolf!'

The white haired one looked back to see who had arrived, and a look of realization came over his face when he saw all the people surrounding them. This was not a place to fight. A blue glow started to appear in his hand and his eyes turned a frosty blue, and the temperature in the room dropped a few degrees, before he went intangible while this Walker-creature shot an energy blast of some sort at him. This action surprised many people wondering what in the bloody hell these creatures were, and the ghosts just watched, mouths hanging open, at what they were witnessing.

The white haired one shot the blue energy at his enemy, freezing him solid in a block of ice. "Wulf!" He had called out to the green glowing werewolf thing. "Get this idiot on ice back into the Ghost Zone and get out of here. There are too many humans to fight and I'm running out of energy fast.

"Get Sam and Tucker to the same place and re-open the portal back here as soon as you can." He shouted and hurled the block of ice, which was starting to shake, to the glowing werewolf apparently named Wulf.

Wulf nodded and threw the ice through the portal going in after it. After that the portal disappeared as quickly as it had appeared only leaving the white haired being left.

The white haired teen, as that is what he appeared to be, floated down and landed on the floor of the Great Hall with a small thump. Suddenly all the professors and most of the students had their wands out, trained on him, looking for any signs of hostility.

The teen put his hands up, looking confused, and opening his mouth a few times. Then, finally deciding on a reply, the voice came out of the open mouth with an American accent and a slight, ghostly, echo to it.

"Erm… why are you all pointing sticks at me?"


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