One fateful night changed the face of Manhattan.

One fateful night changed how people looked at us.

One fateful night and it changed us forever.

Saturday night. The time, I don't remember. The last time I remember looking at a clock it was 7pm. We were out, celebrating the fact that all of us had gotten into the colleges of our choices. And by we I mean, Serena, Dan, Chuck, Nate and me.

I don't know what possessed us to even enter that building. It certainly wasn't our usual choice of place to celebrate. It was an old whore house that hadn't been used or open in years in the lower part of the Upper East Side.

Naturally it was dusty and dirty and had cobwebs from one wall to the next but we went in anyway, dressed in our finest. Chuck had bought 3 bottles of champagne and Nate had bought a bottle of vodka and a bottle of scotch to celebrate with.

It was the last time we would all get to drink with each other. We were all going away to colleges next year and although I'd probably see Serena more often then the others, it meant that I wouldn't see Nate or Chuck or Dan. As much as I hated to admit it I was going to miss them, as well as Dan.

"I can't believe we're leaving each other next year." I pouted, drinking the last dregs of my glass of champagne.

"Aww, B. I'm so going to miss you." Serena said, hugging me tightly.

"I'll miss you too, S."

Chuck stood up with the bottle of champagne in his hand.

"Alright, enough crying. Let's play a game. Spin the bottle anyone?" Chuck announced, drinking straight from the bottle of imported French champagne.

Dan stood up looking weary. "Uh, Chuck there's only like two girls and uh three of us…"

"So?" Serena said, smirking.

"That means there is more chance of me kissing Nate or Chuck than there is you…or Blair."

"Cut loose, Brooklyn." Chuck said. "It's a game, we're all going to be wasted by the end of the night we won't remember it."

"So you mean you've actually played this game and like kissed Nate or whatever?"

Nate laughed and slung his arm around Dan.

"No. Chuck and I have never shared a kiss but we've played this game before, only once or twice though."

"Alright. Uh okay. I'm in."

"Great!" Chuck shouted sitting back down and finishing off the bottle so we could spin it.

Serena nominated to go first and spun the bottle. Coincidently it landed on Dan and it seemed to loosen him up a bit. After me, having to try pull them from each other it was Dan's turn to spin the bottle. He got me.

"You better not have any diseases, Humphrey." I said, leaning over awkwardly and kissing him for no more than 5 seconds.

Dan blushed afterwards and handed the bottle to me. I sat back down and hoped to God it didn't land on Chuck. It didn't. It landed on Serena. Chuck and Nate whistled and you could just see the horror on Dan's face. I don't think he had ever seen two girls kiss right in front of him.

"Come here, B." Serena said, in a fake seductive voice.

We both leant in and kissed each other in a passionate way with tongues and all. She laughed afterwards, Chuck and Nate and Dan all speechless.

"You're turn, S." I whispered.

She spun the bottle for her second time and got Chuck. Chuck grinned and kissed in with surprise, now being step-brother and step-sister it was his fantasy to kiss her.

"Alright, we get the picture, Bass." Dan said, prying them apart.

Chuck took the bottle and spun it. It fatefully landed on Nate. I got a little heated just thinking about it.

"See!" Dan said. "You got Nate!"

"So?" Nate said, quickly leaning over and attaching his mouth to Chuck's.

"That is so…" I started.

"Hot." Serena ended.

After half an hour or so of playing spin the bottle we had all kind of separated into two groups. Nate, Serena and Dan were getting rather drunk and horny, kissing and touching each other where we had been playing spin the bottle whilst Chuck and I had ventured off towards the back of the building together.

"So, you happy about getting into Yale?" Chuck asked, leaning against an old counter.

"Yeah. It's been my dream."

"You'll miss everyone right?" He said.

I smiled as I leant against Chuck's chest.

"I'll miss you if that's what you're asking."

"Well…well it wasn't." He said just before I leant in and kissed him.

My fingers roamed through his untamed hair as his travelled down my sides to my hips where he quickly hoisted me up onto the counter and stood in between my legs.

"Brooklyn, Nathanial and Serena are occupied out there, what do you say B? One last time?" He asked, his right hand slowly making it's way up my right thigh.

"I don't see why not. At least I can blame this time on the alcohol." I giggled.

He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. I kissed him passionately as we moved further into the building. We were getting heated when he slammed me into a dusty wall. I shrieked at the contact with the wall. He smirked and did it again and again and again before we started to feel something was wrong.

The building was shaking.

A length of wood dropped from the ceiling close by and hit the floor. We thought it was nothing and continued making out. Chuck let me down and this time I slammed him into the wall harder than I thought I had. It wasn't a good idea. We didn't know the building was unstable and was being demolished in a week. Had we know we wouldn't have entered it.

Suddenly the walls started to shake and cracks became evident. I heard Serena scream and a crash followed after.

"Serena!" I screamed as I let go of Chuck.

I went to run towards her before Chuck grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him just before a beam crashed right where I had been standing. I started panicking. It couldn't have hit her right? They would have run. We were going to be okay. It was all going to be okay.

We stood still for minutes before Chuck called out.


"Bass…" I heard Nate cough.

"Are you alright? Is Serena and Dan okay? We heard a crash."

"We're good. Serena got a fright when something fell beside us. We need to get out of here man."

Nate started to move the beam. Chuck objected.

"Nathanial! Don't. Stop."

It was too late. The whole part of the ceiling where he was standing collapsed right on top of him in front of us. I screamed and buried my head into Chuck's chest. Serena appeared but I could barely see her from all the dust.

"Oh my god!" She shrieked.

"S! He's…it fell on top of him." I cried out.

Dan pulled Serena away. She was sobbing hysterically, trying to remove the rubble.

"Serena…Serena, you could make the whole building collapse. Let's get help. We'll go get help and then we can get Blair and Chuck-."

Dan was unable to finish his sentence because no sooner had he said Chuck's name something fell on him and Serena.

"No!" I screamed. "No!"


"Chuck help me! Help me get them!" I screamed at him.

He held me back but I fought hard to free myself. I stomped my feet and it was enough to do more damage. The ceiling above us collapsed.

I couldn't see much during the collapse but I felt it. Something hit my shoulder and I fell in a heap on the floor. I heard Chuck yell my name and I could hear him breathe shallowly.

"Chuck." I coughed.

"B. Are you okay?" He asked.

I could see his face. I crawled closer to him and curled up next to him, my head on his shoulder. My lungs were full off dust and I was sure my shoulder was broken.

"Yes. Are you okay?" I asked.

"Blair, I need you to reach over and get my phone from my pocket." He said.

I tried my hardest to reach it but his phone was in the pocket farthest from me.

"I'm just going to roll over Blair."

"Will it hurt you?" I questioned, worried he'll be in pain.

"I think…I think my leg is broken. So it might but as soon as I roll over you need to grab my phone, B."

I nodded even though he couldn't see it. He started to roll over. He was groaning and cursing from the pain. I wanted to block my ears but I couldn't. I quickly reached for his phone and he rolled back over.

"Dial an ambulance." He groaned.

I dialled 911 and waited to be connected. After telling them the emergency and place all we could do was wait. I could hear someone in pain but it wasn't Chuck.

"Nate!" I called out, coughing from the lack of air.

"It's-it's Dan!" Dan called back.

"Is Serena okay!?" I yelled back.

"I think…I think she's-she's hurt."

"We've called an ambulance, they'll be here soon." Chuck called back.

I started coughing uncontrollably. The air was thin and sticky and hot. Chuck was gripping my hand so hard I thought he would break it.

"Chuck I don't think I'm…"

"Don't say it. You'll be okay. I'm sure of it."

"I'm bleeding." I said, feeling the blood at the back of my head.

"It's okay. They'll be here soon."

"I can't, Chuck. I can't breathe." I said coughing.

"Please. Hold on, B. You have to."

I felt tired and weak. My head was aching and throbbing and I could feel something sharp in my leg.

"Hello? Is there anyone in there?" A voice came.

"Yes!" Chuck yelled. "We need help. My friend…she's hurt. She's bleeding."

"Okay. We'll try and get her out."

"No!" I yelled back. "Our friends. They're hurt more then us. Save them first please."

"Miss, your friend said you're bleeding can you tell us where?"

"My head I think…and my leg. I think there's something in my leg."

"Okay. We have to get you out first."

"No! I won't let you."

After arguing for awhile the ambulance officer finally agreed to help Serena, Nate and Dan first. We heard the rubble move and people groan.

"Blair why didn't you let them help you first? You're hurt." Chuck asked.

"Serena could be dead."

Chuck squeezed my hand.

"I can't lose you."

"You won't." I told him.


On that fateful Saturday night when I had my last celebratory drinks with my best friend and ex boyfriend, I lost 3 friends and in retrospect another. Serena died from blood loss, Nate died of impact and Dan died of internal injuries. Chuck suffered a broken leg, bruised ribs and three stitches to his left arm and I suffered an extensive leg injury, broken shoulder and 21 stitches to the back of my head.

The night was supposed to be about new beginnings and the future. Not death and last drinks together.

Due to the alcohol we all drank I don't remember much else of the night, my last words to Serena before the accident or anything else. The doctors said I was lucky to survive, Chuck saved my life. I say it's God's way of punishing me for the hurtful things I did to Little J.

Rehab made me insane. I hated sweating and trying my hardest to walk when I knew it wouldn't happen that day or any day near. My leg recovered slowly, it was seven months before my muscles regained strength. My shoulder took 3 months to heal and the stitches in my head were nothing compared to the rest.

Chuck recovered quickly. His leg healed within 4 months, his ribs healed and the stitches to his head were removed. He moved away after his rehab was over and I haven't seen him since.

I gave up on Yale and my dreams. I suffered horrendous nightmares of Serena, Nate and Dan's death and even worse of Chuck's. Yale lasted all of 2 months for me. I ended up being diagnosed with severe Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

When news got out about my disorder I was finished in Manhattan. Little J finally had something over me that I couldn't get over. I couldn't stand the social pressure of trying to claw my way to the top and I left for France.

Even there I had trouble. My dad tried to help me but I couldn't be helped. I was sent to therapy and then told I had a low self esteem which wasn't a surprise to me since I had suffered anorexia when I was younger.

I couldn't be around guys anymore and even if I was, I couldn't go further than a kiss. I bared a scar on my upper thigh that I thought was so ugly and I was so ashamed off that I didn't wear short dresses or skirts or short shorts anymore because of it. When a guy would touch my leg I would excuse myself and make up an excuse to leave.

My confidence sunk too an all time low. I barely went out anymore due to the low self esteem and anxiety disorder. I would have panic attacks when I was in confined spaces and even when I heard large crashes. I never turned to drugs or alcohol but my medication was my escape.

One evening my father and Roman got home late from a party. I was already dressed for bed but I was sitting on the balcony just staring at the dark night sky.

Dad suggested it was time for me to go home. I fought with him for hours about it. I told him I couldn't go home and that my life was over there. He told me I needed to heal and I wasn't healing here. He said my mother needed me home, she needed her little girl back but I wasn't her little girl anymore. I was some disfigured form of someone I can't remember anymore.

Roman said that it was my choice if I wanted to leave or not and I hugged him for that. But then he said that I couldn't live like this. Serena wouldn't want me to live like this. She would want me to have fun and be Blair again. She would want me to go home, ruin Jenny Humphrey and regain my position as Queen B.

That was when I made up my mind. I was going back. Going back to Manhattan and my mother and my social climbing friends. I was going to rule Manhattan once again and Jenny Humphrey was not going to stand in my way even with what she had against me.

The next day Roman took me to his hairstylist who cut my hair and gave it a new colour. It was shorter than what I had let it grow to but still a good length. I was still a brunette but I had some form of red/brown in my hair that just made me look so much healthier instead of this pale, sick looking girl.

I left for New York three days later.

That night may have changed everything but my return was going to go down in history and I was sure of it.

I returned home to find my mother waiting for me with open arms.

"I have a surprise for you, Blair." My mother said, stepping aside.

I glanced around the room until my eyes settled on one Chuck bass standing in the corner in a black pinstriped suit and purple shirt. He still looked every bit the same as he had 3 years ago when we were 18.

"Chuck." I said. But I wasn't sure if I was glad or scared to see him.

My mother left the house then and it was awkward between us. I hadn't seen him since he was in rehab and I hadn't really talked to him since the accident.


"How long have you been back in town?" I asked.

"A few weeks."

"Where…why did you go?"

"I had to. I couldn't be here, living here with the memories I had of Nathanial and Serena and even Dan. It was painful."

"You-you left me." I said, shedding a few tears.

"I know. I'm sorry."

"Jenny Humphrey banished me from my own circle of friends."

"I read. They still got Gossip Girl in Tokyo."

I hated him at that moment. I could have understood if he didn't know and that's why he didn't come to my rescue. But he knew. He knew I was being terrorized and he never came for me. He never came to save me again.

"I needed you and you weren't there."

"I'm sorry."

"I needed you to make me feel good again and you weren't there!" I screamed.

"Blair, please. I was fighting my own demons. I've been in therapy for 2 years trying to figure my own head out. How was I supposed to figure yours out if I couldn't do my own?"

"I didn't want you to figure me out, Chuck. I just wanted my friend back. I wanted some piece of my life to go back to normal and you couldn't even be there to restore that."

"We both lost out best friends in that accident, B. Not just you. I miss them too, okay? I had nightmares and panic attacks about it all. I wasn't doing good. I couldn't come back for you when I knew I would be a burden rather than a help."

I ran up to him and slapped him. He didn't react or call me a bitch like he would have years ago. He stood there, wrapped his arms around me and cradled my head against his chest as I cried into his shirt.

"I hoped you would come back. I hoped and wished you would come back and find me something on Jenny so I could ruin her but you didn't and I suffered."

"I'm so sorry B. I'm back now and for as long as I can help it I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying here with you for as long as I can."

"I need to ruin her. I need to have my revenge and show her just who is Queen around here. She's had it far too good for 3 years and I'm about to knock her right off her borrowed throne." I told Chuck, breathing in his scent. I'd missed it so much.

"I'll find something on her, Blair. We'll do it together. We'll knock her right off her knock off shoes."

"I want my crown back, Bass."

"You'll get it back, B. She's on borrowed time."

We stood in silence, his hands brushing through my hair and mine clutching his shirt.

"I'm so happy you're back. I missed you so much." I said to him.

"I'm happy I'm back too. I missed seeing you and being around you."


Spotted. Former Queen B and our not so distant C brewing up a storm. Watch out Little J, B's back in town and we hear she's chasing after your throne. You know you love me. Xoxo Gossip Girl.

I've been looking for something new to write, and I've found it. I'm so in love with Gossip Girl and Chuck and Blair that I just had to write one. I'm new to writing GG fics to be gentle with the review. Later chapters will contain sex scenes, swearing and possibly violence. Reviews anyone?