I walk into Constance Billard with confidence or as much confidence as I could gather. My heels click on the marble floors as I fly past the students. The halls hold so many memories, ones I will never forget but would rather forget right now.

Chuck stands at the doorway outside the conference room with Jenny Humphrey kissing down her neck. They may as well fuck. Jenny giggles and gasps as he kisses and sucks all the right places. I remember when it was my neck he used to do that to. I remember when it was just me and him.

"Get a room." I snort at the pair as I stop in front of them.

"Oh hey B." Jenny smirks.

They pry themselves away from each other as we all go inside the conference room. Jenny sits at the end of the table, her brain dead minions getting her a glass of water and anything else she desires. That used to be me.

"So what have you come up with?" Jenny questions, picking at her cheap manicure.

I throw her a folder with all my suggestions for fundraising ideas. It's me against them and this time Chuck's not here to reassure me my ideas are good.

"That's everything I thought of. Some of the ideas are a bit trashy but most of them are good ideas." I tell her, glancing over at Chuck who seems to be more interested in Jenny's youngest minion Alanna then anything else.

"A carnival? Blair this is Manhattan not Newport Beach." She laughs.

I feel my exterior falter a little.

She continues to read through the folder just as my phone rings. I excuse myself and step outside the room to answer the call.


"Hey it's Lucas."

I immediately smile, thankful for his call.

"I haven't heard from you in a few days." I say.

"I know. I'm sorry. I've been busy. What are you doing tonight?" He asks.

I look over my shoulder and inside the conference room where Jenny Humphrey sits laughing at my folder of ideas.

"Plotting the death of a 17 year old girl." I snarl.

Lucas laughs.

"Can we plot together? I told Lena I had a business meeting tonight, she doesn't expect me home till late."

"Sure, I guess. Where do you want to meet?"

"My office. I have a few things I'd like to try that involve you."

I blush feeling the heat between my legs just thinking about what he's suggesting.

"Okay. Should I just meet you there or…"

"Yeah, just call me when you get there and I'll come down and meet you."

"Alright. See you later."


I hang up and it's only then I notice Chuck Bass standing eerily close to me listening to my conversation. He smirks and raises his eye brows.

"New boy toy?" He asks.

I push Chuck aside and walk back in the room completely ignoring him. Jenny stands up and hands me my folder back.

"We voted while you were socializing, we think that your idea of a casino night will raise the most money. It's rather cliché among private schools but we need the money."


"We will need to plan decorations and stuff so next week I expect a full color scheme and decoration plan."

I scoff but agree.


Rain pours from the sky as I look out my bedroom window. The weather is bleak and the night sky looks more grey then midnight blue. Still, I trail outside and stand waiting for my limousine. It arrives and I am mostly shocked when I find Chuck Bass sitting inside with a glass of champagne for both him and I.

I get in and close the door anyway. Chuck passes me the flute of champagne, I down it in one hit and give him an unpleasant smile. He thinks he's so smug and charming but lately all he does is repulse me to no end.

"What are you doing here Chuck?" I sigh, figuring I may as well just get the bickering over with.

"You act as if you don't want to see me." He says, refilling his glass.

"I don't want to see you. In fact I wish you'd leave me alone. Go play with Jenny Humphrey, now that I think about it your maturity level matches hers."

"Claws are out tonight B."

"Why can't you just fuck off?"

He moves next to me and puts his arm around my shoulders. I involuntarily shiver at the closeness. He smells just like he always has, perfect.

"I don't know. I can't figure out what it is about you that makes you irresistible."

I melt a little inside. His words make me want to forget all about Lucas.

"I don't want you anymore Chuck." I tell him.

He leans over, his lips almost touching my jaw.

"Yes you do."

His breath smells like champagne. All I want to do is kiss him. But I won't.

He lets his lips brush my jaw, I close my eyes. His hand slides up from my knee to my thigh and under my dress.

"I'm dating someone." I blurt out just as his fingers trace my panty line.

Chuck pulls back and looks at me.


"I'm seeing someone…he's older. He's really sweet."

Chuck scoffs and moves back to his seat.

"That's where you're going now right?"

"Oh fuck you. Don't act like I just broke your heart. You're dating Jenny Humphrey for God sakes."

"I'm not dating her. I'm fucking her. There's a difference."

I roll my eyes.

"Whatever Chuck."

The limousine pulls up outside a tall building where I assume Lucas works. Chuck furrows his brow at the building.

"Why are you stopping here?" He questions.

"I'm meeting him here." I tell Chuck. "Not that it's any of your business."

I get out of the limo and slam the door.


Lucas bends me over his desk for the 3rd time that night. I gasp as he runs his fingers down my spine to my ass and squeezes it. His cock rubs against my wet pussy. We've fucked 2 times already.

"Fuck, you wear me out Blair." He laughs.

"I like wearing you out." I tell him as he pushes inside me.

He groans and places a hand firmly on my hip and another on my shoulder as he fucks me.

"There's something about you Blair. Fuck. Something."

Chuck's words play in my head.

I can't figure out what it is about you that makes you irresistible.

Lucas pumps into me harder and then faster. I'm sure he'll leave a bruise on my hip and imprint of where his fingers gripped me too hard.

He's ready to go the last leg when his phone rings. I wonder whether he'll answer it but I don't wonder long because he stops fucking me to pick up his phone.

"Lucas Paxton." He answers, his fingers brushing over my skin.

"Yes. Yes that's her. Is something wrong? What? No. Yes I know that. Okay. Okay. Yes. I'll be right there."

He hangs up and immediately pulls out of me, his face is pale.

"What's wrong?" I ask, turning around.

He doesn't speak.

I start dressing quickly.

"Lucas, what's wrong?"

"My mother." He says, pulling his shirt over his head. "She's…she's in hospital. She had a fall…I have to go and see her."

"Okay. Let me come with you."

"You can't. If Lena comes and sees you there she'll know…"

"Tell her I'm your business partner or something. I'm not letting you drive when you're like this. Look at you you're shaking."

His hand brushes through his messy hair but he eventually nods.


As soon as we get inside the emergency room doors Lucas rushes to the closest nurse.

"I'm looking for Alexis Paxton." He says looking frantic.

"You must be her son Lucas. Your brother and father are already here they're with your mother right now. She's right up that corridor second door on the left."

He nods and walks quickly up the corridor I follow silently. Just outside the door is Lena looking very distraught.

"Lucas! Thank God, I wasn't sure if they got a hold of you or not, I tried calling but you didn't answer."

I think back to when his phone rang and he saw it was Lena and just ignored it.

"I'm so sorry. I was in a business meeting. How is she? Is she okay? What happened?"

She kisses his forehead I feel so guilty about being the other woman when I see them together.

"Charles will tell you everything, he's with your mother right now." She says softly.

He looks back at me before he enters the room. I contemplate leaving but I don't get time to because Lena sees me and smiles.

"You must be the person he was having a business meeting with?" She asks.

"Ah. Yes I'm…Blair. I should probably go."

"Did you bring Lucas here?"

"Yes he was frantic when he got the call. I didn't want anything to happen to him."

"Thank you. His mother means a lot to him."

"It's fine. Really." I say before turning around to leave.

"Have I seen you somewhere you look familiar?"

I panic. She ran into me when I left Lucas' that time.

"No…I-I don't think so."

"No I have. Aren't you the woman I ran into in the hall the other day?"

"Oh uh, yes. Possibly. Sorry I don't have the best memory." I say.

"Funny world we live in. What were you doing around that part of town?" She questions. I feel almost as if she's purposely putting me on the spot.

"I uh-."

"I'm sorry you don't have to answer that." She laughs.

"I really should go…I have some things to take care of. Could you just tell Lucas I'll call him soon."

"Nice meeting you." She says.

"You too."


I sit at home flicking through color patches and decoration books when my mother enters my room.

"Sorry to interrupt you, Blair." She says.

"It's fine. I was over it anyway."

"I just came to tell you that next week there's going to be a very big party event for a new girl that will be starting at Constance Billard next semester. Her family are very influential people and they donate a lot of money to charities. I suggest you be incredibly nice to them as they will probably donate money to your foundation."


"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

"I heard you and Chuck Bass broke up again. I'm so sorry darling."

"No you're not. You didn't like him."

"Well, I'm sorry that he broke your heart."

I scoff. "The only thing Chuck Bass broke was my trust. The fucker can go jump off a cliff." I blurt out before I realise. "Excuse my language."

My mother smiles.

"Well, why don't you get some sleep? It's late."

"Okay. Goodnight mom."

"Goodnight honey."

She leaves my room. I tuck down into my bed and close my eyes and sigh. I'm falling into slumber when my phone rings. I don't want to answer it but if it's Lucas I don't want to miss the call.

"Hello?" I answer groggily.

"Hey, it's Lucas. Sorry did I wake you?"

I smile.

"Mmm, no. How is your mother?"

"She's doing fine. She had to get a few stitches in her head and she has a broken wrist but other than that she's fine."

"That's good."

"I just wanted to let you know that everything was okay and that I was okay. Thank you for not letting me drive, Blair."

"You're welcome."

"I'll call you sometime soon okay?"



He hangs up and I rest my head on my pillow and fall asleep.


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