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Chapter 19

The End

Edward twirled me around in the pale moonlight. I closed my eyes, and wrapped myself deeper into his body, making the action more sensual than playful. He was mine! Forever I could call this Greek god mine. Just that tiny bit of knowledge changed my world as much as meeting him had. Together, for eternity.

On some level I realized our family had left us to enjoy our first night together, which was fortunate. Edward was all over me. His cool lips slid over my exposed neck and collarbone. His hands rubbed and kneaded my back in slow erotic circles, and I pressed myself into him, wanting only to get closer. Like an out of control wildfire, I tore open his shirt, not bothering with buttons, and slid my fingers across the defined marble chest of a statue. I let them snake over his toned abs and around his sexy waist. His back was just as glorious as the front, and I let my hands memorize every inch of his skin.

Slowly, Edward knelt down and laid me next to him on a fleece blanket someone had the foresight to lay beneath us. The fabric was warm and soft against my bare back. His eyes devoured mine before he slid his fingers lightly over the slope of my shoulders. In an instant, the ties of the dress were undone, and Edward's hands swept down my chest, bringing the dress down with it. My chest was unrestrained beneath the light fabric an he gasped at the sight of my heaving breasts.

Sudden;y, his hands were everywhere, his icy lips pressing into my overheated skin. I moaned as he slid my dress past my hips, and down the rest of my body. With tongue teasing my nipples, Edward slid a cool hand under my lacy white underwear. He rubbed his palm against me and plunged a finger inside my anxious body.

When the pressure began to shiver and beg for release, I pulled my hands from Edwards bronze hair and placed them on his shoulders. I pushed against him softly. He paused, bringing his eyes to mine, staring beneath his full dark lashes.

"It's your turn," I whispered. Then in a move more graceful than I would have been capable on my own, I rolled on top of him, pinning his hips beneath mine. I sat directly over his arousal, and just the feeling alone caused my body to tremble in anticipation.

My fingers went to work on his chest. I memorized the feel of every dip and angle before leaning in and allowing my tongue to dance across the perfection. I moved agonizingly slow to the waist of his pants, then sat up. My overheated center rested above his knees, and I smiled. His unnecessary breathing was fast. He was already panting. My fingers made attacked the buckle of his belt, and it easily slid from the loops with a snap. Tossing it over my shoulder, I went to work on the button and zipper. Together, we brought his pants down, but my eyes never made it past his hips, where I saw Edward in all his glory for the first time. There were no boxers to contain his obvious excitement, and my entire body reacted to the thick erect secret he had kept hidden for so long.

My hands automatically wrapped around it, and I felt it jerk toward my touch. Gently, I stroked its glorious length, tightening my hold on him with each downward motion. All I could think was how much I wanted to taste him. I bent forward slowly, bringing my mouth to the tip. I plunged down on him without hesitation. Edward brought his hips forward to meet me, winding his hands into my hair. He was groaning in pleasure.

I let my mouth wrap around him, my own arousal building as his increased. It was the most amazing feeling to know the power I had over him, but I suddenly understood the benefits of not having to breathe. I stopped, and panted, trying to regain a bit of oxygen before taking him over the edge. In a motion too fast for me to comprehend, I found myself under Edward's cool naked body. His crooked smile dazzled me, and his eyes sparkled in the pale moonlight. "You'll be the death of me," he whispered throatily in my ear and bent forward to nuzzle into my neck. Then, his lips crashed into mine. The need between us was furious, as our tongues wrapped around each other. My hands reached around his back, and I could feel the thick arousal pressing against my dripping center.

Not breaking our kiss, I brought my feet over his legs and tucked them under his knees. "I want you closer," I begged.

That was all it took. My husband crumbled before me. His hungry lips trailed down my neck and he pushed his hips slowly into mine. I gasped, but tried to hide the pain. Something told me this was the good kind, and I didn't want Edward to freak out. I wouldn't be able to handle it if he pulled away from me now. To reassure him, I pulled him into me with my hands on his waist. He followed, letting the pressure of my grip guide him.

After one final burst of pain, I knew the worst was over. Edward's body was aligned with mine, and he filled me absolutely. Each dip and rise of our bodies fit perfectly with the other. It was the closest I ever felt to him. Slowly, I let my body relax, and my legs fell open, inviting him to continue. Edward, obviously uneasy, and quite possibly smelling the blood resulting from giving myself to him, hesitated. I lifted my hips and pressed hard against him. Like an electric current, pleasure flew outward from the point of contact.

Finally taking the hint, Edward began to move slowly in and out of me. The energy of each thrust felt like it stacked on the others, building an insane amount of tension in my body. I moaned his name repeatedly, as he kissed my neck, teased my nipples and whispered his love at my ear. Never breaking his stride, nor faltering in his pace, Edward gradually built up the power of each move against me. I mirrored him exactly, and we rocked together.

Bringing his hands back around my shoulders, he held me tightly to him and pounded into me. My own nails dug into his back as I tried to keep my body pressed against his. The seconds counted down, as his thrusting became wilder, stronger. All I could feel was the unbelievable amount of pressure gathering inside me. Sensing his urgency, I lost it. My body curled into him as the waves of pleasure broke free from their dam. With a soft moan, Edward slammed into me one last time. I screamed aloud as I felt him pulsing deep inside.

For awhile, neither of dared move, unwilling to break the amazing connection. He panted with me, though I knew it was completely unnecessary for him to do so. In a slow and careful movement, Edward rolled from me, tucking me into his side. We fit together like two pieces of a puzzle, letting nothing stay between our exhausted bodies.

"Now, I'm really glad I married you," I giggled, even though that was exactly the type of thought I usually kept in the privacy of my own mind.

My husband laughed in his melodic voice, and I sighed, nuzzling closer. This man was mine. He wanted me as much as I wanted him, and had shown me in the most beautiful way possible. The gray light of the moon played on our naked bodies, and I rubbed a lazy hand up and down his chest. This is where I belonged. Despite whatever obstacle that may come, I will never tear away from Edward. He is my light, my love, my everything.

As if reading my mind for the first time, Edward whispered into the darkness. "I love you, Mrs. Cullen."

"I love you, too, Mr. Cullen."

Loving lips pressed gently to my forehead, and I let myself drift happily off to sleep.

I did, after all, have another wedding to attend this afternoon.

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