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Not even two hours ago I was arguing with you at a crime scene. You had managed to chat up the blonde who had found the body. Half an hour later we were getting back into the van ready to go back. That's when you remembered you left your sketch pad on the counter inside the house. I heard the gun shots. I ran as fast as I could to you. When I got there, Gibbs was trying to stop the bleeding. I saw McGee, Ducky and Palmer watching. Ducky was trying to get Gibbs away from you, saying you were already gone, Palmer was standing there in shock and McGee had a tear running down his cheek. But, he was able to tell me what had happened. You getting shot by that lunatic who jumped out from no-where, thank god that he died. Then Palmer was able to tell me in a weak voice what you had said, you had told him to tell me that you loved me. Gibbs had found you first. But it was too late; you had already lost too much blood. You chocked out your last words and then…nothing. Gibbs tried to stop the bleeding of the bullet wound in your chest. But you were already gone. McGee had told Abby. I fell crumbling to the ground, Abby went down to the ground. We were crying and holding each other, we just couldn't believe that this was happening. I was just talking and joking with you three hours ago driving to the scene and now you are dead.

Now, I stand here staring at the tomb stone. I read it over and over again.

Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo

8 July 1968 – 8 May 2008

Will be missed dearly by

Abby, Tim, Gibbs, Jenny, Ducky

And Ziva

Forever in our hearts.

A month ago, we got drunk and slept together, now I am pregnant with your child. And You will never get to hold your child, to hear their first words. Nothing. I place a rose on your casket and they lower it into the ground.

"Goodbye Tony"

"Come on Ziva push!" Abby says to me.

The cries of a baby fill the room.

"Congratulations Ziva. It's a boy!" The Doctor says to me handing the small baby into my arms. I am sobbing, Abby is hugging me. I look down into the little boys eyes. They are the same colour as yours. He looks just like you.

"What are you naming him?" Abby asks me quietly.

I smile slightly. "Anthony Raz DiNozzo Jr."

"Ima, your now with Dad, I'll miss you" Tony Jr. says. His wife Caitlin McGee-DiNozzo walks up to him and takes his hand. They walk away from the two grave stones.

Ziva David

12 November 1979 – 8 July 2064

Loved Mother, Loved Grandmother, Loved friend.

To be with Tony once more