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Chapter 1


It was yet another dark and chilly night over at Twilight Town. Now, normally people would be sleeping safe and sound at their bed, cuddling comfortably with their lover or for those who did not have one, with their pillow below a warm blanket. It was nights like this that people were most happy to have. However, it was different with this one particular blondie. He was trashing and struggling in his bed. His whole body covered in sheen of sweat. Fortunately though, there was no one sleeping with this spiky blonde right now or else that person would be thrown severely out of bed.

The blonde's name is Roxas, a part time student down at Twilight town. He had been working his ass off to get enough munny for college although he had a brother, Sora, who was three years older than him and was more than willing to support him. And of course, Roxas still have his parents who had argued a lot of times with Roxas to just let them take care of the college fee, to provide him with financial support but Roxas was just too stubborn. Early in his junior year in High school, Roxas had moved out from his house to live at the dorm in order to save time and money on public transportation. This was no wonder though; his school is hours away by bus from his house. The decision of Roxas's moving out had already gotten him in arguments with his family where Sora was more than happy to drive him to school. His relationships with them was further broken when Roxas told them not to provide him with economical support because he was more than able to live his life by himself, paying for his dorm with the money he got from his jobs and he had scholarship to pay for his studies in Twilight Town High. Nobody knows why Roxas did all that though.

It had been years that Roxas was having his nightmares, trashing in his bed like this. It was the same nightmares over and over again. He only had it like, once in two months for the past few years, once a month for last year, once or twice in a week for the past few months but it got more frequent for the past couple of days, in fact, for everyday since last week, that it is haunting him. It was a dream about a red head guy, always about him… the guy with spiky red hair and green leafy eyes. The dream always involves blood, be it Roxas killing the guy in the end or the other way around. And it seemed fires were also involved too in his most recent dreams. For the first time Roxas was having this nightmares, he just shook it off his mind thinking it was just another meaningless dream. However now, for the dream to be haunting him like this is not normal. He had been thinking then, trying to get a meaning out of it but was in vain, he hadn't the slightest clue. He didn't even know nor meet this red head to begin with.

To be perfectly exact, this was one of the reasons that Roxas decides to move away, staying away from his family. He had a feeling—a very strong feeling that if he doesn't start distancing himself, everyone close to him will have bad luck. Though no one said it before, he knew that he was bad luck with a number thirteen, XIII, as his birthmark right at the back of his neck. Once, when he was sick, Sora was almost killed in an accident for going to the hospital to visit him. His parents also, got hit by a truck when they were on their way to parent's meeting over at school when he was junior high, lucky they survived, if not, Roxas would have attempted suicide without any second thought.

This is his sophomore year of high school and Roxas has been studying hard to get again yet another scholarship for the next semester. "Yo, Roxas."

"Hey, Hayner." Roxas forced a smile to his best friend.

"Whoa, what happened to you? Who beat you that badly?" Hayner asked after seeing those black rings down at Roxas's eyes.

Roxas just shook his head, laughing a little. "I just had those nightmares again."

"Oh, those again? Seriously though dude, you should stop working or studying overnight, I think those are the reasons you're having nightmares." Hayner put a hand on Roxas's shoulder, trying to help him.

"I'll be fine. These nightmares will get themselves over soon. Hayner, I got history early in the morning, gotta scram."

"Okay. Take care of yourself." Hayner shouted at Roxas who was practically running off inside school now.

Roxas turned back quickly and mouthed a 'thanks' before running off again. Before going into history class, Roxas stoped at his locker, unlocked the lock, and put in some thick books inside while taking out his history book. After, he slammed the locker door and locked it. 'This is gonna be another harsh day…' Roxas said to himself, yawning widely, and stretching himself.


Sora went into college but was stopped midway when he saw a very familiar face. "Riku!" He shouted.

"Sora." The silver haired man put on a smile to the spiky blond and walked closer to him. "How's your day?"

"Like you need to ask. Things have been screwy lately…" Sora shook his head slowly with a sigh.

"Let me guess, that cute little brother of yours again?" Riku put his right hand near his hips while his left hand was holding a very thick academic book of algebra and on his shoulder hanged a very heavy bag which was supposedly stuffed with books.

"Yeah…" Sora nodded lightly. "I don't know what I should do with him…"

"You want me to try talking to him?" At that offer, Sora's face was beaming. "He still knows me, right? I mean, I met him once when I went to your house for school project like what—five years ago?" Riku smirked. "He is still very cute and innocent back then. I can't believe you said he is causing all this troubles to you."

"What, you have an eye for him or something now?" Sora asked with a grin.

"You jealous?"

"Why would I be?" Sora averted his eyes away from Riku's. He would be lying if he said he wasn't. Sora had liked Riku since—forever. And it was not a like like. It was a more than friend sort of like. He knew it was very wrong to have this feeling for Riku but he couldn't help it. Riku always helped him out when he needed it and Riku was always there for him if anything happens. This is also the reason why Sora wouldn't ever tell Riku about that nasty feeling of his. He didn't know what to do if he lost his friendship with Riku.

"Haha… Anyway, I'll try to talk to him about it if it will help you. Just schedule a meeting for me." Riku messed with the smaller boys hair a bit.

"Thanks, Riku. I know you'll help." Sora smiles.

"You're welcome. Just—keep on smiling like that. Seeing you sober is just wrong, you know. Oh, and remember to owe me for that." Riku went off inside the college with a smirk.

Sora just sighed. He had known Riku for a long time. It was hard making friends with him for the first time. Riku was not an easy person. He just had that smart and tricky look on his face. But anyway, Sora is glad that they are best friends now.


After school, around two, Roxas went to the sushi bar where he worked. The sushi bar was owned by Luxord, a man who loved gambling and had made it a habit of his, but hadn't gone broke from it yet. Roxas has become best friend with another girl who worked there, Olette, and Luxord's only daughter, Namine. Roxas was not at all surprised when both Olette and Namine were worried about him and came scurrying to him when they saw him coming to work with that corpse face of his.

"Seriously, you can't work in this condition." Namine said, putting her hands on her hips. One strand of blond hair falls down her face and she put it back to her ear.

"Namine's right, Roxas. Go back home, I'll take care of things here."

"Yeah. And I'll tell pops about it." Namine added before Roxas could even voice a 'but', "No worries, I won't let him deduct your salary."


"No 'buts', Roxas. Off you go! And remember to rest." Olette added with a serious and reprimanding tone in her voice.

"Thanks." Roxas finally smiled and with his backpack on his shoulder, he went off. He really needs the rest though he doubt it would be a peaceful one as he was sure that he would be having another nightmare again. In fact, he even wondered if he should rest at all or just spend the rest of the day and life becoming insomnia and doing that tons of projects and home works from school.

He was seriously grateful he had friends like Olette and Namine but he was a little bit sorry as it seems like he was using them. Before he could think any further though, a figure caught his attention. He was at the Twilight Town square, a big area where the town festivities were usually held with a big wishing fountain in the middle. Even without the festivities, the area was crowded with tourists or just the town dwellers visiting or couples enjoying their time together. He more than knew what he saw. Just at the other side of the fountain where he was standing now, there stood a red head. He was pretty sure that he's the red head he had been having nightmares of.

Roxas was just not at his common sense right now because of his lack of sleep and tiredness. With anger and tons of pit building inside his stomach, he walked over to the red head whom was apparently talking to a silver haired man. Roxas gathered all his strength to his right knuckles which is gripped tightly now and without further hesitation, he landed a punch on the red-head's face. The red head was utterly shocked and was lying on the ground on his butt, rubbing his right cheek which was just hit by the stranger, speechless. With a smile on his face, Roxas hissed, "Serves you right…" as he went away.


Earlier that noon…

After algebra class was over, Riku rushed out. Sora was curious as to where Riku was going in such a hurry but have no time to ask as Riku was already out of sight. Sora sighed. It was not unusual for Riku to skip class but for him to run off just like that was quite unusual. Knowing Riku, he would just casually stepped out of class telling Sora that he was too tired and had to go home and tell Sora to cover up for him. Riku had always been the clever student he was and it really was no problem at all for him to skip a couple of class.

Riku went to the harbor which was just thirty minutes walk from school. Considering Riku's speed, it only took him half the time to arrive there. He was late, he didn't know that the algebra professor would just went on with his lecture and forgot the time that the class is over. A red head was already waiting impatiently for him there, tapping his food on the floor at the pier of the harbor and Riku quickly greeted him, still panting, "Hey, Axel."

"You're late." The red-head smirked. He was carrying a big dark colored backpack and a carry-hand bag wearing casual white button up shirt covered by black oversized jacket and baggy long pants.

"I have school, unlike you."

"Oh, and since when my little buddy even bothered about school?" The red head grinned widely, teasing.

"Shut up, Axel and don't call me little." Riku shot a glare at him, not too fond of being called little. Sure, Axel was taller than him and a little bit bigger in size but that didn't earn him the right to call him little.

"Oh, mad are we?" Axel threw out a smirk again. However, both the boys' face softened and Axel put his carry-hand bag on the ground and pulled Riku into a hug. "I miss you, Riku."

Riku chuckled, about to return the words but decided not to. "Hey, people might think we're gay."

"Aww, Riku is afraid of being gay?"

"C'mon Axel." Riku pulled away from the hug and took Axel's bag which was surprisingly light. Axel muttered a thanks but Riku quickly took advantage of that. "Don't thank me. Take this." He took off his back pack from his shoulder and threw it to Axel. Axel almost stumbled from the weight of the bag. "Hey, no fair!" He protested. Riku just laughed it off and the two went away with Axel following Riku.

"Where are we going?" Axel asked out of curiosity and eyeing his surrounding. It was the first he visits Twilight Town and he found it very different from his hometown, Hollow Bastion.

Riku quirked an eyebrow before finally answered, "My apartment, where else?"

Axel backed away a little, "Riku, I don't know you're really into that."

Riku just scoffed with a grin. "Do you want to stay at the streets? Cause that's okay to me."

"That's a joke. You won't do that to me. We're best buddies, right?"

"Yeah, whatever." Riku shook his head a little, amused.

Axel shut up again. The two was walking in an uneasy silence. They hadn't met in five years and normally for best buddies, they would be having conversations about how things were going with their lives or whatever. Axel and Riku however, found it weird to be talking about that and decided to just let the silence ate them away. After twenty five minutes of walk, they finally arrived in the Twilight Town square. "Just five more minutes and we'll arrive at the apartment." Riku said, breaking the silence. Axel though, was not too thrilled and he stopped by the fountain. "What?" Riku noticed and he stopped to, walking to stand beside Axel.

"We haven't met in years, huh?" Axel put both of his hands behind his head, relaxing.

"No need to tell me that."

"Hey, my little buddy is growing tall huh. You sure are eating right." Axel laughed, putting a hand to his hair.

"Yea, I've been working for that. Anyway, if not for your red head, I won't be able to recognize you. You're like a caveman."

"I could say the same thing to you."

"So, you want to go or what? After you put all your things, I can take you out and show you around town." Riku offered.

Just as Axel was about to reply, a spiky blond suddenly came in front of him and not a short while after that, Axel got punched in the face. "…Serves you right." The blond said as he went away. Axel just sat on the ground speechless. After, he shot a glare to Riku, wanting an explanation. However, Riku was just as shocked as he was. He found his voice after meeting Axel's glare though, "Your nemesis?"

"I don't even know him! What? Do people in this town just smack people on the face in the middle of the road?"

"…Not exactly. …Isn't that Sora's brother?" Riku mumbled under his breath eyeing the young brunette who had vanished amidst the crowd a while ago.

"What did you say?"

"Let's go, Axel. You don't want him to come back and smacks you again, do you?" Riku offered a hand to Axel and he received it, stood up, and straightened his clothe.


Roxas finally returned to his room in the dorm, he threw his brown bag away, letting it joined his laundry. It was small and fairly lighted room with a small round short table in the middle, a bed in the corner of the room with a big glass window near it. A book rack was standing neatly on the other side of the wall and beside it was a pile of laundry waiting to be put into the washing machine. He closed his eyes, a hand reached over to touch his forehead. "What have I done?" He mumbled then crawled into his bed and hid his face inside his pillow. It was a small bed for a person only with blue fish covers. He still couldn't believe what just happened… A guy in his dream actually showing up in the real world and he regretted his actions now. He just smacked him in the face without knowing who he was though he is pretty sure that the guy was the one in his nightmares, but it didn't earn him a right to get a punch, or did he? Roxas found his head spinning as he thought about it more. What if he was some mafia or something? What if he came to kill Roxas with tons of his mafia friends like in that dream? Roxas certainly would not want to die that young.

Roxas shouted into his pillow, wanting his brain to shut up and it worked. He closed his eyes and finally went to sleep.


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