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Chapter 15


Axel woke up abruptly—not that he was asleep. He just laid there on the bed for hours and hours, wide awake. Just when he managed to doze off, Roxas started shifting and trashing horribly on the bed. At first, the redhead thought that Roxas was playing with him, so he just chose to ignore the blond. But then, it became worst as Roxas was starting to moan. Axel panicked considerably and he sat up, turned on the bed lamp, and leaned in to Roxas' care. Roxas kept trashing without any sign of waking up soon. He sweated and his usually peaceful face frowned, as if in pain. Axel tried to shake and wake his blond lover up but found out soon that his doing was in vain. He didn't give up, trying his best to wake Roxas up. When Roxas moaned in pain, Axel felt pain in his chest too. He immediately reached out for the blond and pulled him into a crushing embrace, hoping silently that the blond would wake up from whatever nightmare that was haunting him.


"Fire… there's fire everywhere…"

Where is this?

Roxas stood in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fire. All he could see was the bright color of orange and red, eating away the darkness. There was no pain, nothing whatsoever. Roxas couldn't feel anything. He only stood there in silence. Suddenly images became to form in front of him. There was a young woman, the same young woman that Roxas had seen in his dreams before—the woman dressed in pink. Just across from that woman, Roxas saw what he thought was him when he was small. He had no memories of being that young before. The young Roxas was sobbing and crying, floating amidst the fire, pounding on the transparent wall.

Roxas frowned. He remembered being there before but in a different point of view. Last time, he was the one inside the transparent thing—inside the cupboard…looking and sobbing at the dying woman. While now, he was just standing there, watching, observing from the sides. He wanted to help; he tried to move his feet but found that it was heavy as hell. He couldn't even lift it. He couldn't move even a single of his limb. Every part of his body was like stone. The only thing he could move was his eyes—which currently were glued to the scene in front of him. He tried to open his mouth but no voice came out. He was not even breathing.

The fire that's surrounding the three people in the area soon went on to eat the woman away—and Roxas watched again for the second time without being able to do anything. He felt pain in his heart and he wondered why. In an instant, he had found his answer. That woman was his mother. He began speculating that there must be a horrible accident. The house was burnt down and his whole family died, leaving only him alone—the only survivor. But then… how is he alive? He shouldn't be alive. A mere cupboard couldn't have saved his life from that raging fire. It didn't make sense. If the cupboard had really saved him, then why didn't his mother go and hide inside too?

The fire continued to run amok and Roxas could feel pain—he felt like he was burnt alive. He could feel the temperature of whatever place he was in rising at an extreme rate, threatening to eat him away. Even though he could feel pain, he just stood there—paralyzed. His tears continued to stream out but he couldn't find his voice. It was horrible. He felt the pain eating him but he couldn't do anything to avoid it. He couldn't move and he couldn't do anything. Nothing physical could be seen happening to Roxas' body. Nothing at all—only pain.

Two minutes later, the young Roxas and the body of the woman vanished, leaving only Roxas there with the running fire. To Roxas' relieve, the fire also ceased, leaving him with only darkness. The temperature dropped painfully low that Roxas could feel his whole body frozen. His pain was lifted and he could move again. However, he couldn't see anything. Not even his own hands, nothing—only darkness. Roxas was lost; he ran endlessly, hoping to find some heat amidst the unbearably cold and dark area and light so that he could see—or at least wake up and save himself. He was well aware that all these are simply nightmares—the nightmares that had haunted him for years. Was it all merely a picture of his past? If it was his past, then why did he remember it through his dream? Why was it haunting him? How did he forget?

"Axel…" he called out, relieved to finally find his voice again. There was no answer. "Axel!" he called out again with a louder volume this time. There was no answer. He needed Axel… where was he? Where was Axel when he needed him the most?


"Axel…" Roxas suddenly called out amidst his violent trash in Axel's embrace. Axel, who was hugging the blond tightly, loosened his embrace and eyed Roxas' expression. Roxas was still asleep; his eyes are closed and tears continued to ran down from those closed eyes. "Axel!" Roxas called again. Axel was surprised. He quickly shook his head and came back to his senses.

"I'm here, Roxas. I'm here," he mumbled. "I'm here beside you."

"Axel…please…where are you?"

"Rox, I'm here," Axel answered again but Roxas didn't seem to be able to hear him.

"Ax, help…" Roxas' voice turned desperate.

Axel could feel his heart break. "Roxas, please tell me what I could do to help. Please…" the redhead pleaded but earned no answer from the blond. "I'm sorry, Roxas. I'm sorry…" Axel continued to mutter incoherently, hugging the blond closer. He would do anything to relieve Roxas of anything that he was enduring right now. If killing himself would help Roxas, he would do it without a second thought—because…he had sinned. He had turned Roxas into what he is. He was the one who broke Roxas' life.


Roxas was running around without destination. He soon found himself out of breathe and he stopped to catch his breath. After he recovered, he continued to walk around endlessly. He was becoming more and more desperate in search of anything at all. Axel wasn't even there. He couldn't rely on Axel to save him. Axel wouldn't always be there for him. Suddenly, he heard a very faint voice. "Ax? Is that you?"

The blond followed the voice and it became clearer. It was definitely the voice Roxas was familiar with—no, not Axel. Axel wouldn't have a voice that deep. A person soon came into view—a man wearing a cloak with patterns of black and white all over. The man had dark skin color and white silver hair. Roxas immediately recognized him. He was Xemnas…he had a dream about him once and he wondered why he remembered. "Roxas," the dark and deep voice called. It sounded creepy to Roxas' ears.

"Who are you?" the blond frowned. He couldn't see himself but he could see the man standing in front of him, towering over him.

"I am here to save you," Xemnas said, reaching out and offering a hand to Roxas.

"Save me?" Roxas frowned even more, feeling suspicious yet at the same time calm. He felt relaxed with the man around but at the same time, his stomach was churning and turning endlessly, seeming to be telling him something—telling him to be careful. His heart didn't agree though, as it remained calm, without a single feeling of panic or hostility.

"Come. I will take care of you," Xemnas smiled and Roxas didn't like that smile. However, it was as if he was being controlled, he took the man's hand and followed him into the darkness.

"Who—are you?" Roxas tried again. His expression was blank and his eyes had darkened. Even when he saw the light and he could see himself again, he did not take joy in that. He just followed, walking behind the man with Xemnas gripping his hand.

"That does not matter. Just remember that I will always come to save you, Roxas," the man said; it sounded creepy to Roxas' ears.

Roxas wanted to run away and find Axel but he couldn't. His body wouldn't let him. It's as if the body wasn't his anymore.


"I don't want to go…" Roxas mumbled inaudibly but Axel could hear it clearly. "I don't want to go… Axel…" the blond's eyes opened abruptly. Axel was surprised when he felt Roxas hugging him back. "Axel!" Roxas cried and gripped the front of Axel's chest as if it was his life itself.

"Are you okay? You were trashing badly," Axel asked, worry and horror yet at the same time relieve were apparent in his voice.

Roxas looked up and met his eyes with the emerald of Axel's. The blond's cerulean eyes were welled up with tears; his cheeks flushed of all the crying. "I—" Roxas paused and proceeded to sitting away from Axel, turning his back to him. "I'm sorry," he continued, using his long sleeves to wipe off his tears.

"What?" Axel asked, confused.

"I shouldn't be acting like this," Roxas sobbed. "I must have disturbed your sleep. Sorry."

"Roxas, what are you talking about?" the redhead was obviously worried and saddened. He hugged Roxas and turned around so that he came face to face with his blond. "You were trashing badly. What are you dreaming about?"

"I—I don't remember," the blond answered shakily; his voice hoarse.

"It's okay, Rox. I'm here," Axel cooed softly and planted a soft kiss to Roxas' forehead.

"I don't want to sleep anymore…"


"I want water… I—I'll go get it…" Roxas muttered, still sounding horrified, sneaking away from Axel's embrace.

"I'll go. Stay here, Roxas," Axel said softly. That was the first time Roxas heard Axel sounded so soft before. He became calmer just by hearing the redhead's gentle voice.

Roxas wouldn't let Axel go. He quickly jumped out of the bed and grabbed Axel's arm. "Don't leave me," he pleaded. "Don't… leave me on the bed… alone," he continued weakly, staring at the bed as if it was some kind of a horrible monster. He blushed when he noticed what he was saying, feeling scared that Axel would make fun of him. He dare not look at Axel in the face. He was sure the redhead must be grinning deviously right now.

"Alright," Axel's even softer voice scared Roxas. Axel was being so gentle. The blond yelped when he felt his feet took off of the ground. Axel was carrying him bridal style and smiling kindly to him.

"Axel! I can walk!" Roxas protested.

"Hold on, the bride is coming!" Axel said cheerfully, carrying the lithe blond out of the bedroom. Roxas had no other choice then to sneak his arm around Axel's neck, hanging on for dear life. He was well aware that he couldn't possibly die from being carried like that but he was a little bit frightened yet at the same time excited. He remembered that he used to have the same feelings before when someone was carrying him but he had no idea who and when. When they had arrived in the kitchen, Axel put Roxas down. Roxas was a little bit disappointed that they had lost contact but he didn't show it. Axel stepped over to the counter and poured a glass of water for Roxas. The blond took it and in mere seconds, he had had it gulped down.

"Was I really trashing that badly?"

Axel nodded hesitantly, also pouring a glass of water and drinking it down slowly. "You were moaning and talking…"

"What—did I say?"

"There's…nothing to worry about. Are you alright? Do you feel pain anywhere?"

Roxas smiled, seemingly knowing that Axel was avoiding his question. "I'm alright. Thanks, Axel."

"I didn't do anything."

Roxas just smiled softly. Even though Axel said that, he knew the redhead was trying his best to help. That look on Axel's face, the worry and horror in his tone…he was sure that he must have muttered something in his sleep or at least had done something that worried Axel. He appreciated it and he was happy that Axel cared so much about him. Roxas set his glass on the counter and approached his redhead, sneaking his arms around the taller man's neck, leaning up and claiming the familiar lips in a soft and gentle kiss. "Thanks," Roxas whispered silently, calming down and cheering up considerably.

The sun rose up and shone inside the small apartment. "It's morning," the redhead grinned.

"Good morning, Axel."

"Good morning, Roxie."


Zexion took in a deep breath of the morning air. Demyx was still sleeping on the bed peacefully. He was a little bit relieved that Demyx had stopped coughing for the most part of the night. He began to panicked when he woke up in the middle of the night and noticed that Demyx had gone very silent. He couldn't sleep the entire time. He would frequently check Demyx's pulse and breathing to see whether the blond was still alive. When he confirmed that Demyx was indeed okay, he would go back and lay down, inhaling Demyx's scent. He supposed Demyx's water had tamed the creature. It was a creature that Xemnas had created to control the children in the orphanage. Once it got inside of one's body, it would begin eating away everything that comes in its way. It was not a surprise to find someone dead in the morning with holes in their stomach, eaten away by the creature. The only one who could remove it was Demyx. Zexion could do it too since he was specialized in copying other's talent but he hadn't learned how to control the creature inside himself. Thus, he couldn't really just transfer it inside him. He was quite taken aback by Demyx suddenly kissing him even though it was obvious that Demyx was only doing it to transfer the creature into his body.

If Zexion was honest to himself, he liked the feeling of Demyx's lips upon his but he was too stubborn to admit it. They were best friends. They had known each other since Demyx came into the orphanage. Zexion never had a friend before and Demyx was his first friend. He wouldn't want his friendship with Demyx went downhill with his feelings. He yelped when he felt a hand placed upon his shoulder. "Morning, Zex," Demyx grinned happily.

Zexion quickly turned around to look at his blond friend. He looked down, eyes glued to the floor with half his face covered by his smooth silky lilac hair. "Are you okay?" he asked with a hoarse voice.

"Never feel better!" the blond laughed.

Zexion frowned and lifted his head. "Are you sure? After last night, there's got to be something inside you that's been eaten away by that creature. I'm sure it struggled with you even though you tamed it with your water."

"Well, I'm healthy," Demyx said with a singsong.

"You're pretending," Zexion countered with a grim and serious voice.

Demyx laughed. "You're worrying about me."

Zexion rolled his eyes; there was a faint blush forming on his cheek. "You always make people worry."

"Hey, I'm not."

"I will not engage into a childish quarrel with you."

"Yes, father," Demyx stuck his tongue out.

"Very funny, Demyx."

"Very funny, Zexion."

"Stop imitating me."

"Stop imitating me."


"Yes, Zexy?"

"You're irritating."

"I know." Demyx chuckled. "It's been so long since I see that frown on your face."

"I will learn that technique of yours. Next time, you won't need to take it inside your body."

"I don't mind if you relied on me, Zex. At least, that way, I know I can be of use," Demyx stepped closer and reached out. He slowly combed aside Zexion's hair that was covering half of his face and put it behind the boy's ear. "After all…I'm the one who played a big role in creating this…creature…"

"It's an inanimate object that you made to life by using your water technique," Zexion mumbled, strands of hair fell down and covered his face again. "And then when you refused to help anymore, Saix made me do research to bring life without your help. It was both our fault."

"It's not your fault. It was all me. You did it to save me because I was taken hostage by Xaldin. I'm the one who started the whole thing."

"You didn't know it would turn out this way. Stop with the foolish self accusation, Demyx."

Demyx forced a weak smile. "Thank you."

"I didn't do anything."

Zexion stepped out of the room, followed by Demyx. The two were embracing another new day with the hope that everything would go well. They didn't want anything to do with Xemnas or any of the superior in the Orphanage but they couldn't escape either. No one could escape…


Axel and Roxas were well dressed up for having a walk around the town today. Even though Roxas had just had his horrible nightmares, he was happy. Partly because Axel seemed to be back to his normal self and another part was because he couldn't remember most of what he had dreamt about. He could still feel the pain searing through his body when he was taking a shower but of course, he would never let Axel know. He didn't want Axel to worry.

Axel, on the other hand, was sure something was still amiss with his blond. He pretended he didn't know. They were going to go to town and there was no use to make the situation grim. And so, there they were, in the town of Hollow Bastion. The sun was shining up high which heat up the temperature a bit. Roxas had to wear a long sleeved jacket in order to hide from the cold wind. While Axel was used to the cold wind that he only wore a black skin tight shirt. "I hate the wind," Roxas grumbled, hugging his arms together.

Axel chuckled. "The wind feels nice, Roxie."

"The wind is full of dust and it's cold." The blond bit his bottom lips cutely. "But, I'll stop complaining," he smiled.

"Where do you want to go?"

Roxas seemed to be thinking. "What about going to the residence of the Strife family—the one that Dad mentioned?... I'm sure it will be able to jog up my memory."

"I don't think that's a good idea. I mean… there must be a reason why you forgot everything. Especially if you're traumatic, going there instantly will only scare you."

"Yeah, I guess… so…" Roxas tilted his head to the side, wondering what he should say next.

"Let's go to the Orphanage first."

"Sure," Roxas nodded hesitantly. He caught up with Axel who had walked several foots away from him and laced his hand with the redhead's. Axel eyed Roxas and smiled; the blond mirrored the smile. The redhead was uneasy. He was determined to tell Roxas about everything but he couldn't form a good explanation. He wouldn't want Roxas to freak out on him and leave him. "Axel… your—hand is sweaty," Roxas grinned nervously, gripping the redhead's hand.

"Oh, it is?" Axel quickly took his hand. "Sorry about that," he chuckled nervously, wiping his hand on his pants.

"It's funny. I should be the one who's nervous."

"Um, yeah. Should be that way, huh?" Axel looked up to the sky, scared to eye his blond.

"I guess…" Roxas played with his finger and blushed. "It's because you're beside me that I'm not scared at all."

"Roxas…" Axel felt a sudden stab to his heart. Was that Roxas blushing? He smiled at how cute the blond was and at the same time he felt guilt and misery filling every last part of his body.

"I don't know how I would feel if you're not here. I mean…" Roxas trailed off, staring at the teens who were playing skateboards at the side road.

Axel inched closer and put his arm around Roxas' waist, pulling the lithe blond closer. "I'll be always there with you."

"I know you will. By the way… there's something that I've been very curious about."

"What is it?"

"Why are you so persistent in chasing me? I punched you the first time we met."

"That's easy. Because you're too cute to resist."

"You're just teasing me, aren't you?"

"I am not. No matter what you do, you look so adorably cute," Axel smirked and grabbed Roxas' ass causing the blond to yelp.

Roxas blushed and pouted. "Don't do things like that!" he hissed.

"Why? It's fun."

"Everybody's staring," he whispered.

"And you care?"

"To be honest… no, not at all," Roxas grinned sheepishly and halted. He turned to face Axel completely and gripped the front of the redhead's shirt, closing his eyes and giving a soft peck to Axel's lips.

The two continued walking through the roads of Hollow Bastion. It was still a little bit early and the roads were still quite. Several kids wearing school uniforms could be seen running around, some were taken by their mother, boarding the bus to the school. High school students could be seen chatting around, some with headphones accompanied with blaring loud music, some were girls who were giggling and laughing, gossiping. The cold air was blowing harshly; the sky seemed to be darkened as the sun began to hide behind the clouds. Street lights were turned off as Roxas and Axel walked and honks could be heard coming from angry drivers who were tired of the traffic. The sound of the train could be heard passing by every fifteen minutes. It only took thirty minutes to arrive at the Orphanage as the two were walking very slowly in somehow comfortable but awkward silence.

The big building painted in white amazed Roxas. He could almost be certain that he had seen that building somewhere before but as of now, he couldn't remember where. The building irked something inside of Roxas. He felt peaceful, yet at the same time he felt fearful. His grip on Axel's hand tightened and the redhead could feel the anxiety coming from the blond. "It will be okay," Axel said softly, giving a soft pat on Roxas' head.

Roxas swallowed a lump that had apparently formed in his throat. "Yeah," he nodded and forced a smile, taking a step into the Orphanage, followed by Axel closed behind.

"I'll introduce you to my two best friends. You may not know them because you didn't stay long in here."

"Hey, Axel…"


Roxas looked at Axel in the eyes. His cerulean bored into Axel's emerald, feeling uncertain whether or not to voice his concern. He finally smiled. "It's nothing," he shook his head lightly. Roxas was quite bothered by the whole thing. Axel sounded like he knew him from the past yet he didn't say anything. Roxas couldn't bring himself to ask Axel.

"Axel!" Demyx shouted when he saw the redhead.

"Dem," the redhead smiled to Demyx and Zexion who was standing behind Demyx. He frowned when he saw a hint of blood in Demyx's attire. "Are you okay?" he asked worriedly.

"Healthy as ever!" Demyx answered cheerfully and he shifted his attention to Roxas. "Hi, Roxie!!" he shouted and went to give the lithe blond his trademarked bear crushing hug.

Roxas yelped. "Umm, hi?"

"I'm Demyx," he said cheerfully.

"Demyx, give Roxas some air," Axel grinned.

Demyx laughed and let go of his embrace, stepping back and standing beside Zexion. "Nice to meet you. I'm Zexion, Roxas."

"It seems… you all know me?" Roxas raised his eyebrows.

"Everybody knows you! Axel can't stop talking about you in his letter," Demyx grinned.

"Oh, what'd he say about me?"

"No, don't, Demyx," Axel snapped.

"I shall tell you about that when Axel is not around," Zexion offered.

"Oh, thanks," Roxas answered uneasily, feeling everything very new to him.

"I need to speak to you, Axel," Zexion requested.

Axel nodded. "But, Roxas…"

"Don't worry, I'll take care of him," Demyx grinned.

"Alright, make sure Roxas is okay," Axel demanded.

"I'll be okay, Axel," Roxas smiled.

Zexion and Axel went off, leaving Roxas and Demyx behind in the front hall of the Orphanage. They sat down later on the sofa there.


Axel followed Zexion. They stopped in the playing room where it was currently empty. The children were having their breakfast and they would come back later after they were done, which was half an hour later. Zexion stood silently and Axel didn't say anything. He knew it was best to be silent until Zexion asked him questions rather than rushing the lilac boy. Zexion seemed to be deep in thought.

"His scent…" Zexion whispered then. His whisper could be clearly heard throughout the empty room. "He's the same Roxas from before, right?"

"Yeah… I thought he looked familiar but I never thought it was really him. I never thought I'd meet him again," Axel replied, shoving his hands into his pocket.

"And what's your purpose of dragging him all back into this?"

"I didn't intend to… I wanted to tell him everything about his past."

"Why would you when he's living happily? Why would you bring his misery back to him? He shouldn't remember. It is not necessary."

"I know, I know that."

"No one can really escape from this Orphanage…" Zexion muttered under his breath, eyes glued to the window picturing the garden at the back of HBO.

"You mean… Xemnas is pulling the strings again?"

"No. Xemnas is always pulling the strings. He would be satisfied as long as he's entertained and from what I know…his current entertainment is you and Roxas. You have to be careful, Axel. Words can hurt."

"What do you mean? Do you know what will happen?" Axel demanded.

"I don't know. Only Roxas knows. I'm not the Key of Destiny. He is. He is the one who could 'see' and 'foretell'."

"But you could imitate people's ability."

"I am not strong enough to master everything and I still have no idea how all of these work. I haven't seen all the uppers this morning. They are up to something. Do you have any idea?"

"I have talked with them and they agreed with our plan but I still don't know anything that's not vague," Axel explained.

"Very well…I will try to find more information."

"Zexion, be careful."

"I will," the lilac haired boy answered calmly. Seconds later, he suddenly gasped softly. "I can't smell Roxas' scent in this building anymore," he said. "Something's wrong, Axel."

"What?" Axel became alerted and he rushed out of the room into the front hall.


"I'm very glad we finally get to meet like this!" Demyx broke up the ice and stroke a conversation.

"You seem to know a lot about me," Roxas smiled.

"Oh, so Axel's correct? You forgot everything?"

"I can't remember anything. And my past seems very important. That's why I'm here with Axel. I need to find out."

"But if you've forgotten… are you sure?" Demyx inquired worriedly.

"Why does everyone always stare at me with that face when I say things like this?" Roxas laughed.

"Oh, I didn't mean anything by that."


"Do you want anything to drink?" Demyx asked, standing up. "I'll go get it for you."

"Pepsi would be fine, thanks."

"No problem." Demyx walked away.

Watching Demyx's figure disappeared from the hall, Roxas released a sigh. He felt like he didn't know himself anymore. Why did everyone seemed to know so much about him and didn't tell him anything? He couldn't get any answer—they wouldn't give him answers that he sought.

"I would give you the answer, Roxas."

"What?" Roxas frowned, looking left and right to see where the voice was coming from. There was no one but him in the room. "Who's there?" he asked.

"Come to me, Roxas. I will give you the answer. Come to the Strife residence."

"What? But I don't know where it is," Roxas reasoned, standing up, alerted, looking around cautiously.

"Really now?"

"I…" Roxas' voice was halted. The blond found his voice no longer there. His body suddenly moved on its out, stepping out of the Orphanage. "Axel…." he muttered silently. He was a bit hesitant but a big part of him wanted to go to the Strife residence. He could find his answer directly there, he was sure. Rather than seeking it from someone who would hide everything from him, he would find out on his own. Thus, he merely followed as his body walked away from the area. The further he walked, the more he felt the area really familiar. He had went through the streets before and he remembered someone carrying him in a hurry through those streets—his mother, in the dream.

He felt that he had regained control of his body for a while but he didn't stop. He kept walking through the familiar path and he arrived there. It was a sight to behold. The whole area stretched far. There nothing there, only an enormous rectangular area with brick floor. Roxas stopped, standing in front of the area which apparently had a big gate that lead inside. Faintly, he could see an image of a mansion formed there and there were trees everywhere, surrounding the place.

"Welcome, Roxas," A deep voice called out. Roxas started and he quickly turned around, finding himself face to face with a dark skinned man. The man had white long hair and was wearing a white black-stained cloak. Roxas knew him as Xemnas. "Roxas Strife, I will reveal the truth you if you seek it."

"Xemnas…" the name was muttered out from the lithe's blond lips.


Axel ran out and he bumped into Demyx who was holding two cans of Pepsi. Demyx was surprised and he dropped the cans and himself on the floor in the process. Axel quickly ran over to his friend, followed by Zexion from behind. "Demyx!" the redhead shook the blond's shoulder. "Where's Roxas? Tell me he's with you!"

"I was getting a drink for him. He should still be in the front hall." Demyx smiled, trying to comfort Axel.

"No, he's not there. His scent vanished from this building entirely." Zexion replied. The lilac haired boy was able to copy other's ability and track down scents of people.

Axel didn't waste anytime. He ran to the front hall to confirm his fear and it was true—Roxas disappeared from the place where he should be. "Where is he, Zexion?"

"He's gone out from this building and headed east."

"East, east…" Axel mumbled.

"I'm sorry. This is my fault," Demyx mumbled. "Maybe he's gone to search for the bathroom," he tried to calm the situation down. "No… wait a minute! East is…!"

"Strife's residence!" Demyx and Axel shouted together.

Without further ado, Axel ran out of the Orphanage, heading east. Please be safe, Roxas.

Axel… I don't want to get separated again…


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