The Past You Leave Behind

The Past You Leave Behind

Chapter One

The mall was crowded for a Thursday. Saiyana hated crowds. Her petite 5'1 frame narrowly escaped being run down by a group of boisterous teenagers. At least one had the grace to say ,"Sorry Miss." She had been shopping for art supplies. As she reached the entrance to her favorite store, she heard a loud crash from the direction she had come. Screams and cries of terror soon followed.

Her psychic senses went on full alert. She whipped her head around, long auburn hair flying, to see what her mind had already told her was fast approaching. DEMON! She smashed herself against the wall to avoid the frantic mass of people trying to run. She could see the thing now. It was at least nine feet tall with shaggy brown hair and glowing orange eyes. It swiped humans out of the way as it ran, it's clawed talons leaving a spray of blood along the walls of it's path.

Saiyana took a deep breath and stepped out in front of it. She raised her hands… and suddenly found herself somewhere else. She had felt arms around her and then she was on the other side of the atrium area. She saw a black blur and felt a tremendously powerful demon presence before she was alone again. From the area around the demon, she could see what was clearly a battle. There were three men fighting the large demon.

At least one of them was a man. She sensed a very strong demon aura from the other two, although they looked human as well. One of them wielded a green thorned whip and the other a strong spirit power. The human had what looked to be a very strong spirit sword. She was too far away to get a clear look at them, but what she saw was impressive. The wielder of the whip had long, thick red hair. The other demon had dark hair slicked back. The human was tall, well over six feet, and had a lighter shade of red hair, almost orange. Well muscled, she could tell that they were not new to this kind of fight.

As she silently appraised the situation, another figure came into the fray. He was a demon as well. Very short, she doubted he was as tall as she was. Dark spiked hair with a white star pattern in the front, he was fast, his movements almost a blur. The red headed demon yelled at him, "Hiei, are the innocents out of the way?" "Yes," was his one word reply as he drew a katana.

The crowd had backed as far away as they could. Most still screaming in terror, they realized they had nowhere to run. The fight was coming their way. She stepped forward and raised her hands. The barrier she had tried to raise earlier shimmered into being. She closed her eyes and the human bystanders one by one slipped unconscious to the floor.

One of the battling demons slammed full on into her barrier. The one with the spirit power. He roared, "What the fuck is this? Kurama?!" The red headed demon named Kurama never paused in his assault on the big shaggy demon. "Probably a psychic in the crowd. Good. This means we don't have to hold back anymore." His form shimmered and the red headed demon was no more. In his place stood a tall, pale demon with long silver hair and a tail. "A fox demon", she thought. "I've never seen one of those before."

The small demon called Hiei sheathed his katana and an eerie black flame glowed from his hand. The one with the spirit power pointed his finger at the demon as though it were a pistol, and yelled, "Spirit gun!" A blast of pure white energy erupted from his finger. The large demon was vaporized by the blast and the residual energy hit Saiyana's barrier full force. As the energy wave vibrated against her barrier, she thought, "My God! These are S class demons."

She was knocked off her feet and momentarily dazed. She barely remembered lowering the barrier. She was gently picked up by the fox demon, now returned to his human form. "Are you alright?" "Yes. Just wasn't expecting the backlash. Should've spent more time analyzing your demon energy and less time admiring the battle." "I won't ask how you know we are demons. You are obviously a psychic of no small power yourself. I assume the humans are asleep. How will this be explained?" he asked. She smiled. " I have already planted a memory of an odd odor before they passed out. The mall will probably be closed for days while the inspectors search for the cause." Kurama chuckled. "Nice touch. And the blood?" "There's enough shattered glass from the store fronts to be a likely cause. Without eyewitnesses, the authorities won't delve too far beyond the readily explainable."

He helped her to her feet. She looked up at him. He had the most incredible emerald green eyes. "Mind telling me how that thing managed to escape demon world?" "My, you are knowledgeable, aren't you?" They were interrupted by the one with the spirit power yelling. "Kuwabara! Are you ok, man?" The human was kneeling, his left arm hung at his side, his right hand trying to staunch the flow of blood. "I can't feel my hand, Urameshi." There was a gash from his elbow to his wrist. He was losing a lot of blood.

Saiyana was already moving when she said to the fox, "Your questions will have to wait, as will mine."

To be continued……