Disclaimer - I do not own Skip Beat or it's characters. I just love them a lot!

There are few things that Mr. Ren Tsuruga's manager enjoys more than teasing the lovesick Ren. Mr. Yashiro knows he's flirting with danger, namely Ren's other personality - the Dark Lord of the Night who lurks just underneath the gentlemanly veneer - but he can't seem to help himself. Ren has had an unrequited love with junior LME actor, Kyoko Mogami, for quite some time but he still hasn't confessed or done much to further their relationship. Due to a traumatic betrayal in her past, she doesn't even notice him or men in general as love interests. A pretty complicated situation overall, but to Mr. Yashiro also vastly entertaining at times trying to prod them together.

"Ren! Ren! It's terribllllllllle!"

The actor is sitting quietly and looks up from his script and into his manager's worried face. "What has Ms. Mogami done now?"

Mr. Yashiro steps back startled. "How did you know it's about Kyoko? Did you already hear about it and you're not going to do ANYTHING? "

Ren sighs thinks nothing else would cause you to act in such a tizzied state, and says, "I just guessed. What's wrong?"

"Oh! It's terrible. Just T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E! I was in the cafeteria with Mr. Narita when I overheard that Kyoko hasn't had her FIRST KISS yet!"

Ren looks at his manager queerly, "I would think you would be relieved that Ms. Mogami isn't so free with her favors." Ren is secretly surprised and happy by the news. He covers his expression by taking a long sip from his mug.

Mr. Yashiro looks down at him dumbfounded. "Rennnnn! That's not it! In the drama she's in, her character has to kiss! Her first kiss is going to be given away to some dinky teen idol!"

Ren spews his tea spraying Mr. Yashiro and then starts coughing trying to expel the liquid that went straight to his lungs.

Mr. Yashiro takes out a handkerchief to clean up his tie. Satisfied that Ren now understands the situation he continues, "In her new role, Kyoko plays a mean girl and there's a big scene where Kyoko kisses the boyfriend in front of the heroine. Kyoko was just telling her friend that she was really worried on how best to play the kiss scene due to her inexperience. I even overheard her saying she might find some random actor so she can practice with him." Pleased to have now shocked Ren even out of coughing, he decides to twist the knife further. "I think her friend is going to hook her up with a "practice buddy" as we speak."

Ren gets up looking very distracted. "Um… I'll be right back. I'm going to clean up…the tea… shirt…bathroom…" He jolts out of the room.

"She should be in the lounge by the cafeteria." Mr. Yashiro calls out after him. He also heard Kyoko quickly turn down said offer but felt no need to tell Ren that.