Author's note:I didn't intend to add to this oneshot but then I thought of this scenario while working on another story, smiled evilly to myself, and just had to write it as an add on. Hope it doesn't spoil the rest of the story and you enjoy it. Happy readings!

Weeks have passed and Ren and Mr. Yashiro have put "the incident' behind them. They are currently walking together down the LME corridors both lost in their own thoughts.

Since "that," Mr. Yashiro mused that their working relationship has gotten much better in a way. Ren is finally starting to rely and confide in him. At least when it comes to Kyoko, he usually knows how Ren's mind works. The past weeks have made him realize that being a star's manager doesn't include just "managing." He chuckles to himself that his resume should read a little more like this:

Mr. Yashiro - manager





Delivery boy

Errand Runner

Image Coordinator

Our beloved manager is suddenly awakened from his meandering thoughts. There in front of him is a smiling Kyoko Mogami.

"Mr. Yashiro and Mr. Tsuruga! I heard you were going to Osaka tomorrow so I wanted to give these to you today." She hands them both small, wrapped packages. "Happy Valentine's Day! Please accept my token of appreciation," she beams up at them.

Mr. Yashiro's mind has gone blank. They've been so busy lately that he had forgotten that holiday was near. He looks cautiously over at the smiling Ren.

"I made you both dark chocolate since you seemed the type. I hope you will enjoy it!" Kyoko adds as Ren accepts his package.

Mr. Yashiro snorts, "I'm positive Ren will a-oof…" The manager is suddenly wheezing for air. Ren steps in front of him and smiles beautifully at Kyoko.

"Don't worry about him. He'll be fine. Thank you, Ms. Mogami. You probably will be very busy handing out chocolates to everyone tomorrow won't you?"

Kyoko worriedly tries to peer around Ren before answering "Actually, I only needed to make a dozen sets to cover everyone." She waves off his concerned comment looking over relieved to see Mr. Yashiro finally starting to breathe normally.

"Really, I'm surprised. Are you sure you didn't forget anyone? Let's see... I bet you made one for the president, Mr. Sawara, the Daruma couple, Directors Ogata and Kurosaki, and adding us two. That totals only seven people."

She nods and continues to absentmindedly check off her list. "That's right. I bought Moko, Maria, Itsumi, and Ms. Asami presents instead of chocolate since they're girls. Then there's the grumpy producer and Moko's friend, Hio. That's nine and so the rest goes to the guys of Rock Bridge." Kyoko gasps as she realizes she's just made a mistake. Ren's eyes narrow.

"Rock Bridge? From the variety show with the chicken? How did you meet them?" Ren leans closer pressing her for information as Kyoko starts to back away clearly sensing the Dark Lord for some unknown reason.

"Ummm… well… actually I'm a really big fan of theirs," Kyoko blurts out the semi-lie, her face pink. She tries to stretch her lips into a smile hoping to hide her horror. Smile Kyoko! she silently orders herself he mustn't know about Bo!

"Is that so? I didn't think you were the type after your experience with a certain someone. In fact, it might not be such a good idea for your image as a rising star."

"Well, yes, I guess I shouldn't then. Anyway, I hope you have a safe trip and have a nice day tomorrow." Kyoko takes off in a manner that could only be described as "scurrying away".

"Mr. Yashiro…" the manager hears the Dark Lord murmur menacingly. Mr Yashiro sighs in response.

"But she said she wasn't…" argues Mr. Yashiro feebly.

"Relax, I'm just making sure she listens to her senpai. I'm really hungry. I'm sure we can easily find three boxes of chocolate lying around somewhere."

"Yesssss. I'll take care of it." He pulls on his glove and punches in the number to the airline agency on his cell phone. "This is Yashiro. I need to reschedule our flight plan. Yes…No, that won't work… Certainly…" His mind wanders as he's put on hold and strays back to his earlier mental list.

Mr. Yashiro – manager (cont.)

Romance Counselor


Whipping boy

Petty thief

Dark Lord minion

Our abused manager gives a small sob and then sighs again. He should ask the president for a raise.