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Morning Shower Part 2

His lips bruised hers as he crushed them down against hers, his hands finding her breasts within seconds, pulling and tugging the nipples until they hardened once more into taut peaks of pleasure. Their tongues battled for dominance, and she had to admit that she gave up a bit too fast. The vixen in her, the little slut, wanted him to dominate her.

What was happening to her? Since when did she have such naughty thoughts? Had this change come just after his touch? But Gods, it felt so good … so amazing to have his hands on her, to hear him whisper such filthy words to her…Was she, deep down, really a slut?

And she had always thought she'd been a prude…

"Mal…Draco…" she gasped against his lips, draping her arms over his shoulders to dig her nails into his back.

"Hm?" He had heard the question in her voice, the tone that told her should be asking or telling him something. To comply, he moved his lips to her throat, suckling the sweet flesh, noting that she already two lovely bruises marring the pale skin. She was now marked as his.

"I…I want to try something new…"

He chuckled against the column of her throat, trailing his lips down to her collarbone, where he nipped lightly at the flesh, delighted to hear her sweet, little moans of pleasure.

"I thought that we were already trying something new."

"No…it's just…I read about something and…I want to try it before we…you know…Oh!" She let out a low cry as his lips latched onto her right nipple, biting at it tenderly.

"And what is that, little vixen?"

Oh, that nickname was hot … really fucking hot. It made his cock twitch and become impossibly harder. If he wasn't careful, he was going to come all over her before he even got the chance to pleasure her.

"It's…I can't remember the name…but, I'll show you."

He stood back, arching a brow in speculation, wondering just what the little minx wanted to show him. Shock replaced the wonder as she, blushing furiously, fell to her knees in front of him and cupped his heavy testicles in one hand and held his hard length in another.

She wasn't. Was she?

Oh, she certainly was.

She began to slowly stroke her hand up and down his erection, reveling in the feel of the hard flesh under her soft fingers, delighted in the way it twitched whenever she rubbed the tip with her thumb. She lifted the digit, naïve wonder aglow in her eyes as a small bead of moisture came out of the tip.

Her other hand, all the while, was caressing his balls, grazing her nails ever so lightly on the sac while she squeezed them slowly and rhythmically.

He growled with pleasure, watching her innocent expression as she moved her hands, teasing him, bringing him closer to the brink of an orgasm.

Never before had a woman's touch made him feel so … animalistic. He had never, not once in his life, felt so aroused by a woman's flesh until he met the innocent and beautiful Hermione Granger.

She paused in her ministrations, examining his hard cock, eyes widening as she took in the actual breadth and length of him. He chuckled quietly; his size had always been a bit…overwhelming for some women. He had to admit; he was rather well-endowed, gifted with a good, thick, 9" dick.

"I … I can do this. I read about this somewhere. All I have to do is this." She leaned forward and flicked out her tongue, trailing it along the slit on the tip of his cock.

He shuddered in response, letting out a low growl of approval as his dug his fingers into her hair.

The blush darkened on her cheeks and she smiled despite her embarrassment. "They said to do that a few times…" She repeated the motion several times, lifting his cock to trail her tongue on the sensitive underside of it, pressing hard with her tongue until she swirled it around the tip.

His hands twitched, tightening their hold on her hair. He had had good blowjobs before in his life, but never before had just the feel of a woman's tongue on his cock made him feel so aroused. He genuinely feared that he would come all over her face before she even managed to take it into her sweet, hot mouth.

Speaking of that mouth…

"Then, the book said to …" She leaned forward and took the tip into her mouth, suckling gently while she flicked her tongue up and down the slit.

A loud growl escaped his lips and he threw his head back in ecstasy, gripping onto her hair for life. She let out a soft squeal of surprise and drew back, causing a trail of his precum to hang from his tip to her mouth.

"It's salty." She smiled. "The book said it would be a bit salty."

She then leaned forward again, taking the tip back into her mouth, suckling a bit harder this time, twirling her tongue around the tip every time she sucked sharply. Slowly, she began to move her mouth down his shaft, pressing her tongue on the underside of him, moving her mouth back up his shaft until only the tip rested in her mouth.

He feared that his legs would collapse; the ecstasy was so powerful he was afraid that he might not be able to physically support himself. Her mouth was so sweet, so delicious, and it felt so good around his mouth. So hot and wet, so much like the pussy he wanted to fuck.

She took in a deep breath and moved her mouth as far down as she could, taking as much of him as she could fit into his mouth, somehow nearly reaching the base. Her small hand grasped the rest of him, squeezing at random intervals as she slid her mouth up and down him a bit faster this time, keeping a lot of pressure around his cock. Occasionally, she would move her tongue, twirling it around his cock to increase the pleasure.

"Fuck, Hermione…" He groaned loudly at she succeeded in taking all of him into her mouth, deep-throating him, doing something no other woman had ever managed to do.

She coughed slightly and removed her mouth from around his dick, swallowing thickly before kissing the side of it, trailing her tongue along the hard, heated flesh, flicking it up and down as she squeezed and teased his balls.

Lowering her mouth, she leaned forward and took his balls into her mouth, suckling hard on the sac, waiting until he let out another guttural groan before she took all of him into her mouth again.

His hips began to unconsciously undulate, humping her mouth as she moved her lips up and down even faster. Gods, if he wasn't careful, he was going to come in her mouth.

"Ah…Hermione…" Sheer will was the only thing that allowed him to move her head away from his cock and forced her to her feet. He then slammed her against the wall, bruising her mouth with a searing kiss that made her heart speed up with anticipation.

He pulled away, kissing her throat, making her arch and moan under his touch. "Later," he growled, "you're going to tell who wrote that book of yours."

"Wh…Why?" She moaned as he took a nipple into his mouth, teasing the hard peak.

"Because, I want to write them a thank you letter."


He feel to his knees in front of her, kissing his way down her stomach, sending shivers racing up her spine as he tickled and aroused her simultaneously. He then slid his hand between her legs, spreading her thighs.

Normally, the modest prude in her would force her legs shut, telling her to keep them closed for the rest of her life, but the unleashed animal was telling her that if she opened them, she would finally fell true pleasure.

She allowed him to lift and drape her leg over his shoulder, and shuddered with pleasure as he kissed the inside of her thigh.

"Hermione, I'm going to return the favour."

Her hands smacked the wall behind her as he breathed on her aching center, his hot breath sending frissons of pleasure racing through her body. He slowly placed hot, suckling kisses all along the inside of her thigh, licking and nibbling at the sensitive flesh, making her gasp with pleasure.

He then returned his mouth to her hot, moist core, before taking a finger and sliding it slowly around her aching pussy. He felt her tremble under his touch, taking his time, staying as far from her center as he could.

"Draco!" she moaned in frustration, slowly gyrating her hips in need. "Please!"

He chuckled quietly before sliding his finger along her slit, listening as she let out a loud cry of ecstasy. He breathed again on her core as he slowly slid his finger into her moist depths. Her muscles instantly clenched tightly around his digit as she cried out.

Wriggling his finger, he smirked devilishly as she undulated her hips in reaction, her hands clenching tightly into fists that hit the wall with a sharp smack. He let out a quiet groan as he slid his finger out of her, watching a trail of her juice pour out of her pussy.

"Oh Gods, Hermione, you have the sweetest pussy I've ever seen," he groaned, suddenly overcome with the urge to lean forward and drink up her juice.

He didn't wait for her to respond and slid two fingers deep inside of her, wriggling them, scissoring them, trying to get her to stretch as much as possible, moving around until he found that tiny little spot that gave a girl some of the most pleasure.

When she let out a sharp cry, calling out his name, he knew that he found the spot and kept adding pressure to it. Slowly, as her hips began to sharply hump his hand, her breath coming out in pants, eyes shut with ecstasy, he leaned forward and flicked his tongue over the delectable, little pearl nestled a bit above her slit.


He hadn't even counted one second before her muscles clenched rhythmically around his fingers, and he suckled on her clit, drawing out her orgasm, groaning against her as she came around him for the first time ever.

He felt a slight bit of pride; he was the first person to ever give the Hermione Granger, modest prude extraordinaire, an orgasm. That was definitely something to be proud of.

Maybe he could ask for a trophy afterwards.

Once her first orgasm passed he allowed the animal within to become unchained. His mouth became rougher, his fingers constantly pressing on that little point of pleasure, sliding in and out of her, creating an ecstasy inducing friction that made her let out a little scream.

He drew his fingers out of her, sliding his tongue along her slit before slowly sliding it in her. Expertly, he twirled it around inside of her, breathing out of his nose as he tasted her juices for the first time.

She was so sweet, a delicacy, and he feared that he would never be able to eat or drink anything else for the rest of his life.

"Draco…oh…Draco…" she moaned, arching upwards, slamming her hips against his mouth as she threw her head back in ecstasy. "Don't stop! Please, don't stop!"

He didn't plan on doing so. He wanted to see just how sensitive she was. Was she one of those little hellions in bed, who came a million times in half an hour? Or was she more like a brick, requiring much strength and a good strategy in order to make her come once?

He wondered, with a groan of delight, if she was a squirter.

Sliding his tongue out of her, he suckled and licked at her center, using his index and thumb to tease and pinch her clit.


She let out a quiet scream as he slammed his tongue back into her, and he had to admit, he was skilled and gifted enough to be able to just reach that spot…

Her hips slammed against his mouth and her screams escalated, her entire body shuddering as she exploded against his mouth, coming around his tongue, calling out his name as the endless orgasm washed over her.

He nearly came, his cock twitched, precariously close to the precipice.

She fucking squirted all over his mouth.

While he had to admit that, normally, he was not a big fan of having his face covered in a woman's juices, the thought of her sweet juice all over him made him even harder, if it were physically possible.

He lapped up her sweet nectar before slowly standing, wiping his mouth clean with the back of one hand, keeping that other occupied with teasing her clit.

"Draco…oh Merlin…wow!" she gasped, lunging forward as her lips latched onto his. "I want you … take me Draco, take my virginity…Please. Oh Gods, I need you."

He groaned against her mouth as she whispered the words, panting them out breathlessly against his lips. While he was overwhelmed with lust and arousal, he did take in the fact that she had switched from using the word 'want' to using the word 'need.'

Need was more sentimental, you could live without wants, but needs … they were essential. And right now, he, too, needed her. She was essential for his existence as a whole, he realized.

It was not, in this moment of passion, as they kissed passionately, touching and further arousing each other under the hot spray of the shower, did he realize that this need had always been in the back of his mind.

He had first thought that their arguments had been rivalry, a way to show how they really hated one another. But this year the arguments had changed. There was less name-calling and more childish reactions and words. This year, their arguments had been to keep appearances. They had been a way to test one another's intellect, and, in a way, it was a way to keep in contact with one another.

He had loved those arguments, those silly little quarrels that reminded him so much of ones married couples had. The little quarrels his parents had never had, the ones he had, for years, wanted to have with someone he loved. Someone he could kiss afterwards, someone he could hold and, once all the childish words were said and childish actions were done, he could tell the woman that he loved her.

He almost paused at the word love. No, now was not the time to dwell on whether or not he, deep down, loved this woman. Now was the time to show how much he appreciated and respected her, not as a rival, but as a woman. Later, when they were alone, in the soothing afternoon light of the bedroom, he could dwell on the thoughts. But now…now was their moment.

Without breaking the kiss, he lifted her with ease and she, without needing to be told, wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. He groaned into her mouth at the feel of his hard cock pressed right up against her soaked entrance. Her head, a moment later, fell back as she broke the kiss to let out a low mewling sound of delight at the feel of his thick length pressing against her more sensitive part.

"Hermione," his voice made her open her eyes. Amber met gray in a lust-filled gaze. "Do you really want this?"

She paused, hesitated, and weighed over the consequences of their actions. If she said no, then she would forever regret her action and would probably hide away in a closet for the rest of her life. She would never, ever, find another man who would be able to physically, and mentally she admitted, satisfy her as much as this man did.

If she said yes, then she might also come to regret her decision. But, she would always have this experience for the rest of her life. She would be able to, one day in the distant future, tell her daughter about her scandalous affair with this tall, seductive, intelligent man. She would tell her daughter that, deep down, this man was, in fact, her first real crush and possible love.

No, love was too strong right now…like. Like sounded much better than love. Later…she would think about it later…

"Yes, Draco," she whispered, framing his face in her hands, leaning forward to delicately kiss him on the lips. "I do want this…I need this."

He grinned against her lips. "Well, Hermione, I need this, too." He adjusted their positions just a touch and took in a deep breath, fighting for some control as he felt her juices begin to coat his dick. "I'm going to try to be gentle at first…but I can't promise that I won't get rough."

This time she chuckled, a low, sexy laugh that made his body shudder with frissons of lust. "Draco, I don't want gentleness." She leaned forward, taking his earlobe into her mouth, suckling and nibbling on it. "I want it rough and hard."

"Oh Gods, prepare yourself, it's going to hurt," he choked out before, quickly, slamming his hips against hers, sliding his entire, full length into her depths.

She let out a choked cry, a sound that was a mixture between pleasure and pain, and he paused briefly, letting her adjust to his thick shaft. He knew that most women had difficulties accommodating to him, and Hermione had been a virgin. Her pussy was deliciously tight, soaking wet around him, and it took every ounce of sheer willpower not to thrust viciously into her.

"Oh…" He stretched her to the max, filling her entire body, touching every last bit of her, reaching little nerve endings that she never knew existed on a woman. She felt her muscles clench around him and she let out a quiet moan of surprise as she felt herself come around him, milking him.

"Shit, 'Mione, you couldn't wait," he groaned into her ear, gripping her hips tightly.

"What are you doing?" she gasped loudly, her hands finding his back, nails digging into his flesh. "Fuck me, Malfoy, fuck me hard and fast."

His cock pulsed with life and he let out a primal growl at her nasty words.

"You naughty minx," he groaned, pressing her against the wall for support, sliding out until only the tip rested in her depths. "You want it hard and fast? I'll give it to you hard and fast."

He surged forward, slamming his hips against hers, filling her once again, and she let out a shrill cry of ecstasy. He repeated the process, sliding out before roughly pumping back into her. Soon, his pace increased and her nails dug deeper into his flesh as an unbelievable amount of pleasure rippled through her.

He growled against her throat, biting and sucking at the skin, bruising her flesh as his hands bruised her hips, his cock moving harder and faster in her tight core. He felt her come around him, not once, but twice, in a drawn out orgasm that made him almost roar with ecstasy.

She screamed his name, throwing her head back, arching her body up against him. Her breasts rubbed against his chest, nipples beyond hard, and her legs clenched tighter around his hips. Again, he pushed her up to and over the precipice, causing her to land in a world of ecstasy so powerful it drew incoherent, sobbing screams from her mouth.

She held onto him for dear life as he filled her again and again. The pain had already ebbed away seconds into the sexual act, replaced by a pleasure for powerful that she felt she might die from it. Instead, she kept falling into the sea of pleasure, drowning in it only to rise up and fall again.

"Draco! Yes! Oh yes!" she screamed, capturing his mouth in a searing kiss as he surged into her again, giving her another hot, powerful orgasm that shook her to the core.

He couldn't hold back anymore. The feel of her bare, wet muscles flexing around him, milking him constantly pushed him closer and closer to the edge. He knew that he wouldn't be able to last much longer; he was too close to the edge.

It all felt too good.

It felt so… perfect.

"I'm going to fill you," he growled into her ear, pressing her back harder against the tiled wall, plunging harder and deeper into her. "I'm going to fill you with my fucking cum."

She let out a loud gasp as she came again, moaning his name as her muscles clenched and unclenched around his dick. She didn't think or worry about pregnancy issues, at this moment in time, she could care less. She would worry about it after, once she got over her thoughts about that silly word 'love.'

"Yes, Draco, come in me. Please. Be the first to come in me."

"Oh fuck."

He threw back his head with a primal growl, listening as she whispered those sexy words, hearing her voice lowered to a seductive pitch, and he doubled his pace and aggression.

He slammed her hips against his, lifting her from the wall to have her ride his cock. He slid in and out of her faster and harder, surging in deeper and rougher with each passing second. She let out an endless barrage of high-pitched screams, sobbing his name as pleasure took over her body again and again, bringing her to and over the brink.

Finally, as juice gushed over his length as she squirted for the second time, he shouted her name as his cock twitched, pulsed, and then filled her aching depths with his seed. He became animalistic, biting at her throat, bruising her hips, and fucking her harder and faster for those few seconds when ecstasy overwhelmed all of his senses and turned him into a wild animal.

She screamed into his ear, eyes shut as pleasure consumed her entire body, causing her mind to shut down as everything went from a bright white to black.

They had somehow fallen to the floor of the shower stall, him leaning against the wall with her nestled between his thighs, her face cuddling his chest.

Their eyes opened in unison and met.

Warm amber and stormy gray.

She smiled up at him and he returned the grin, wrapping an arm around her in an almost loving, protective gesture.

"That was nice."

His eyes widened with shock. "Nice?" he spluttered. "Nice? It was only nice? I…Never have I been more insulted!"

A blush crept over her cheeks and she looked at his chest.

"If you must know," he continued, regaining his exposure, "you were only mediocre."

She found herself moving back, staring at him with an appalled expression. "Mediocre? I am anything but mediocre!"

"Then take back what you said before. Tell me that I was amazing and the best."

"Fine, you're amazing and the best." She crossed her arms over her chest, covering the breasts he had fallen in love with.

He pouted, unable to push back the childish side of him. "You're just saying that."

"Of course I am," she retorted. "You told me to say it and I said it."

"So, if I told you to jump off of a bridge, you'd do it?" He grinned in return.

"I…of course no…oh, you're hopeless!" she cried in frustration. Damn the man, he could be so sexy and arousing one second and then absolutely infuriating the next.

"So…tell me what you honestly thought of it." He leaned forward, his eyes glowing mischievously.

She stuck out her tongue in retaliation. "No, you just want me to stroke your ego."

"Well, technically, you did stroke me, but it wasn't my ego." He chuckled while she turned a brilliant scarlet.

Reaching out, she slapped him hard on the arm, earning nothing short of an irked expression. She stood up slowly, wobbling slightly, and, once she steadied herself, she looked down at the man sitting before her.

"Mr. Malfoy. If you really want me to say that you were truly and honestly amazing, I must admit that I might need to repeat the experience."

He grinned. "I always knew that you were a sex fiend. Hiding behind those books, trying to act all prude, when deep down you wanted a good, hard fuck." He stood up to face her. "But…"

She couldn't help it, she pouted. "Don't tell me you're going through the refractory period."

"W…What?" he stammered. "I do not go through those silly refractory periods! I am a Sex God!"

"Way to boost your ego. Say it while you have a flaccid penis," she teased, gesturing downwards.

"Maybe if you stopped acting like a bitch then I'd get hard."

She moved forward, feeling sexually charged. She had thought, for a while, that she had truly discovered her sexuality. But, after being taken in such a primitive fashion, she had been able to truly understand her sexual nature. She felt alive, energized, and like a sexual being. It made her feel … sexy.

"Well, Mr. Malfoy, if I remembered right, I thought that you liked it when I was a bitch." She chuckled quietly, placing a soft kiss to his Adam's apple. "Your bitch, to be more precise."

Without saying another word, she stepped out of the shower. Halfway to the bathroom door leading to his bedroom, she turned and looked at him, her eyes flashing with sexual power.

"What? Aren't you coming?" She giggled at her corny joke. "Oh, I forgot, you already came for the day."

"You little…" he growled, forgetting about shutting off the water and lunging out of the shower, rushing and sliding after her. "You're going to pay for that!"

She squealed with delight, rushing into his bedroom, full intending on making his bed soaking wet. That way, she wouldn't have to change the sheets; he could, since it was his bed.

"Oh, but Mr. Malfoy, I think I will thoroughly enjoy the punishment."

He caught her and tossed her onto the bed, landing on top of her. He proved every spoken word of hers wrong when his erection stabbed against her abdomen.

"I think I'll enjoy it just as much."

He lowered his mouth to hers.

"Malfoy! Where the bloody hell were you this afternoon?"

Draco looked up, noticing at a group of Slytherins came marching towards him, eyes flashing with annoyance and anger.

Oh, yeah…he had had Quidditch practice…

He grinned back at them, sitting in the middle of the Great Hall. "Sorry guys, I got caught up in the moment."

The group looked back and forth at one another, confusion replacing the earlier annoyance as they tried to decipher the blond's smile and words. All the while, a certain brunette shifted in her seat, sore and currently trying to explain the massive about of love bites adorning her neck.

The bastard had kidnapped her wand and refused to let her magically hide them.

Oh, he was going to pay.

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