Emiko looked up from the white paper that was in her hand "Ok room 666…

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And I guess you'd be right… Only I just really wanted to do this, and as a challenge to myself, not only will this be my first Yu-Gi-Oh fic, but I will also try to make it as close to the real Beauty and the Beast as I can while making it as believable as possible…

Ok, I'm not that good, so it's not as believable as I would like, but… Come on, this show's based around a bunch of kids that skip school to play cards!

Anyway, enjoy.

"Well dear father," Beauty answered, "if you as you insisted upon it, I beg you to bring me a red rose. I have no seen one since we came here and I love them so."

Beauty and the Beast


Emiko looked up from the white paper that was in her hand. "Ok, room 666…. 666? Sheesh, what is this guy, the Devil?" Laughing slightly at her small joke, the teen glanced at the office door numbers.

"672, 670, 668, ahhh, there it is, 666." Her sapphire blue eyes glanced over at the foreboding office door. The large gold plate that read "Seto Kaiba" almost seemed to laugh at her. Biting her lip, she raised her hand and knocked lightly on the door.

Now, I guess you guys are all wondering why me, some random teenage, is knocking on the great Seto Kaiba's office door, which is creepily numbered 666. Wonder if he did that on purpose?

Well, it's all thanks to my father…

Gayle Hidenka, my father, is a merchant hunter, which basically means, if you are looking for some sort of important hard drive for your computer, a special wire, a very rare program, or anything like that, my dad finds it. He's pretty well known among big companies such as KaibaCorp. Because of his job, he is always off hunting for important equipment. And it was on one of these trips that I lost my freedom.

I guess I should start from the beginning. You see, before he goes on a trip, my father always takes requests. Because of his job, he is usually able to find the most amazing stuff. And before every trip, he always asks what we want: this trip was no exception. Of course, my Stepmother and Stepsister, like always, had a rather long list of things, which they thoughtfully wrote down so he wouldn't forget. My two birth sisters weren't as thoughtful, but, since they both never wanted as much as my steps, it was easier for my dad to remember what they wanted.

My sister Mirati, of course, desired something from one of her two passions: Duel Monsters or books. She's a very homebound girl who could spend hours in her room, making up strategies to win at Duel Monsters with her gradually growing deck or reading her newest book. She can, and will, read anything, from fantasy, to history, to the dictionary. If it has words and is bound by a cover, she'll read it.

My younger sister Gwyneira, or as we affectionately call her, Gwyn, asked for any type of music; our little twelve-year-old is obsessed with anything musical that she can get her little hands on. With the voice of an angel, I'm not surprised in the least. She not only has the talent to sing anything she hears, but she can read music notes better than the English language. So CD's or sheet music for singing was her simple request.

Then there was me. Personally, I HATE asking for things. I'm pretty content with what I have. (Yes, I know, how unfeminine of me, but really, I get more joy seeing my two sisters get gifts than I do getting anything for myself.) So I had to think long and hard on what I wanted before my father asked me the inevitable question. I had even studied where he was going, trying to find something easy and convenient for him to get me. I couldn't very well just tell him to get me anything; my father is a horrid gift giver. Last time I told him to just get me anything, he came back with an eighty-dollar pair of wooden shoes that were so unconformable and unstylish, the only thing they were good for was firewood. So, like always, I fell back on my obsession.

"Just something redrose-ish, please."

I'm not sure why I love the color red so much. I think it has something to do with my mother and the fact that she was always dressed in it. As for the rose… When I was little, I found a wild rosebush growing in our backyard. I took care of that thing for weeks, watering it and weeding it. Then one day, some bullies trampled it. But ever since then, I have always loved roses. (Yes, I have a warped mind, get used to it.)

So, with my steps' lists and the rest of our requests in his mind, Dad left for his conference.

It didn't take him long to find something for all of us. (He never got EVERYTHING on my steps' lists, but that goes without saying.) Well, everyone but me: apparently, he couldn't find something "good enough."

Seriously, all I had asked for was something with a rose on it. I mean, I didn't even want it that much! He could have just gotten me a stupid t-shirt from the airport for all I cared. But my father took my dislike for gifts to the extreme. As if the fact that I didn't want anything was a challenge to find the one thing I WOULD want. That always bothered me; I hope the guy who's stupid enough to marry me doesn't act like that.

It was the last day at the conference, and he was at the bar drinking when some of the other men there asked him to join them at playing cards. At first, it was just a friendly game, but then Seto Kaiba pulled out-as my father described it-- a beautiful, ruby, rose necklace. My father told me later that the moment he saw it, he knew it was made for me. Too bad I never got it see it. My father said that, when he saw that necklace, he told everyone there he was going to win it for me.

Anyway, as the story goes--or as my father tells it--they started to bet some pretty crazy things. The necklace kept going from person to person, along with lots of other trinkets. Soon, the betting started to get really strange. One of the guys bet his blue Mustang, while another bet his office chair, along with the desk and computer. Soon, they were betting anything random they could find. They were having such a great time gambling random stuff that my father got carried away. He told us he had been talking about winning that necklace for me the whole time. Then one of the men, my father said he couldn't remember who, was so sick of his bragging he said my father should just bid me.

"If you win, you get the pretty necklace for your daughter: if you lose, your daughter has to lose something."

All the men laughed, but I guess that my father's pride was slightly wounded. Standing up, he proclaimed to everyone:

"Well, I bid my eldest daughter; she'll work for whoever wins this round."

My father told us he had a very good hand and was sure he was going to win. Of course, after making a statement like that, many of the men folded, but there was one man who didn't: Seto Kaiba. After all, they don't call him the former King of Card Games for nothing.

Both men placed down their cards…

And here I am.

I blame the drinks. Really, he started out trying to win me something and ended up selling me off. You should have seen my family's face when he told us.

Of course, my stepmother and sister laughed as if it was all one big joke. Mirati told my father he could be such an idiot sometimes. Gwyn offered to go in my place; as tempting as the offer was, I'm pretty sure that working a twelve-year-old is against the law. And when Gwyn looks up at me with those big purple eyes, there is no power on earth that would ever make me even think about letting my sweet, shy little sister work for someone like Seto Kaiba--even if it was legal.

So here I am… Standing in front of the door of, not only the most powerful boy in Domino city, but the coldest business man in the world. Or as far as I know, he's the coldest… I mean, who purposely has their office numbered 666? Man, that's still giving me the creeps. I bet I'll have nightmares tonight…

"Come in," came the harsh voice behind the creepily-numbered door. Gently, Emiko opened the door, peeking in. "Uh, hi, I'm Emiko Hidenka. I'm Gayle Hidenka's daughter…"

Seto Kaiba's sharp blue eyes landed on Emiko and the young woman wanted nothing more than to bolt from this hellish room and the devil that was sitting in it. At the mention of Emiko's father, the cold teen allowed a small smirk to cross his face, as if he were remembering that night's events.

"Ahhh, yes, the stupid drunk merchant." His smile seemed to hold an amusement that Emiko hoped he kept to himself. Plastering a fake smile on her own face, the pale-blonde-haired girl nodded.

"Yep, him, and even if he was drunk, he always keeps his word, so here I am."

Seto scoffed at her, his blue eyes sizing her up. Emiko felt almost naked to his prying eyes and wished more than anything that the floor would swallow her up. "Well, I had planned to just have you work with the other maids in cleaning the building-- that is, if your father kept his half of the bet--but you're in luck." He coldly held up a paper for her to take.

"My brother's last nanny and tutor both just quit today, so you'll be filling in for them until I find someone…" Again, he looked her over with disdain. "…More qualified."

Emiko bit her lip as the voice of her sharper-tongued sister, Mirati, ran through her head. "Oh, boy, the devil-man has a brother who just drove away both his nanny and his tutor? Wow, talk about good timing, Emi. It must be your lucky day." Sucking in a deep breath, Emiko nodded.

"Ok," she mumbled, taking the paper.

"My secretary will get you directions to my mansion. Be there Monday at eight sharp. That's all." He dismissed her with a wave, then went back to his glowing computer screen. Giving a small bow, Emi made a beeline for the door, not wanting to be in the cold teen's presence for longer than she had to.


"EMI!! How did it go!? Is he really as much of a jerk as everyone says!? Did you see his Blue Eyes!? What is he going to have you do!? Tell me everything!!"

Emi blinked as her younger sister bombarded her with questions. Mirati was a short girl, even for her age of 16. Her layered hair that fell a little below her shoulders was a light brown with purple streaks that she had put in one day for fun. Her purple eyes were sparkling with amusement and curiosity as they walked toward their younger sister's school. Emiko laughed, shaking her head, trying to think of some good answers to all her questions and comments.

"It went pretty well, I guess. I didn't get to talk to him long, and he was more cold than a jerk. No, I didn't see his Blue Eyes; somehow, I don't think he would have his most beloved card sitting on his desk. He's going to have me take care of his little brother because both this nanny and tutor quit today."

"Oh boy, the devil-man has a brother who just drove away both his nanny and tutor? Wow, talk about good timing, Emi. It must be your lucky day."

Called that one.

"Mir, Emi!!" Gwyn came running from her school and lovingly collided with her eldest sister. Emiko laughed as she hugged her little sister back. Gwyn was, in Emiko's opinion, an angel. With blonde hair that was almost as white as Emi's and sparkling purple eyes like Mirati, Gwyneira was the picture of an angelic cherub. But it wasn't only her pretty looks; Gwyn was famous for her shy personality. She didn't have many friends, content with just hiding behind her older sisters and watching everyone talk. She was a soft-spoken girl who was easy to please.

Emiko loved her more than life itself. For that matter, she loved both her sisters more than anything else in the world. There was really nothing in existence that could make her happier than to see her sisters enjoying life. So Emiko did everything in her power to make it that way.

No matter what.


"I got you a new nanny and tutor," Seto informed his younger brother at the dinner table. The little black-haired boy looked up.

"Really? Wow that was fast."

Seto nodded. "Remember that guy who bet his daughter in that card game I told you about?" Mokuba laughed, recalling the story his brother had told him

"How could I forget? What an idiot." Seto allowed himself a small smirk.

"Well, his daughter came in today. She'll be here Monday."

Mokuba nodded as he started to dig into his food, silently wondering what this girl was going to be like. So far, most of the people who had worked for him were really annoying and super strict. No one had lasted for more than three months with him. He didn't think this unfortunate girl had much luck. Especially if her "luck" had gotten her into this mess to begin with.


After dropping Gwyn and Mir off at their schools Monday morning, Emiko walked off toward the Kaiba mansion. Before they had gone to school, Emi's sisters had given her their support. Gwyn had presented her with a little cord bracelet she had stayed up late making.

"For luck, and so you'll remember me during your day."

"She's only going to be gone for the day; we won't even miss her, 'cause we'll be at school. Sheesh, you're acting like she's going to die, Gwyn," Mir remarked, rolling her dark purple eyes. "Now, Sis, in case you DO die taking care of the Kaiba brat… Remember… I GET YOUR HALF OF THE ROOM!! Oh, and your books."

"Oh, thanks, Mirati, that just boosted my confidence so much," Emi said, rolling her own blue eyes "Don't get into too much trouble today: I won't be home to bail you out."

Mir emitted a slightly evil laugh, rubbing her hands together. "I'll try very, very hard, dear older sister."

Gwyn looked slightly upset, tears starting to well up in her eyes.

"Oh, sister, I don't want you to go there!" She ran to her older sister and hugged her tightly. Emi looked slightly surprised and Mir raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, Gwyn, Emi and I were just kidding around, everything's going to be fine."

"Yeah, sweetie, you'll be at school all day, you won't even know I'm gone." Emiko bent down and pushed up her younger sister's chin, wiping away the tears that were trailing down her pale cheeks. "I swear you won't even miss me."


"Swear, and when I get home, we can try out that new sheet music daddy got you."

"OK!" Giving her sister one last hug, Gwyn let go and ran toward her school, waving goodbye.

"I keep forgetting how sensitive she is," Mirati muttered, then glanced up at her older sister she smiled again. "Don't worry, I'll pick her up and we'll go for a walk in the park before going home. That way dear old mother won't have to bother with us for a while."

Emi smiled. "You know me too well, Mir."

"Of course I do, I'm your sister."

"Well, see you when I get back."

"Good luck; you're going to need it with that Kaiba brat."

"Haha, yeah."

Emi smiled, laughing slightly as she walked toward the Kaiba mansion. She loved her sisters. This morning, she had been so nervous, but now all those butterflies that had been plaguing her last night had shrunk from a swarm to only two or three.

Time to charge into battle! No Nice Emiko! Mokuba Kaiba, you're in for a treat! And really, how bad could this kid be? I've always been pretty good with kids… Better with little kids than adults, anyway…



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