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One – On Another's Sorrow

An eleven-year-old self-appointed princess. Soft, ringlet hair. Innocent blue eyes. A portrait of goodness. Popular and wealthy; kind and intelligent. The apple of her father's eye. The miracle her late mother had born. A mortal angel. The girls' whispered her name and praised her story telling and generosity.

Sara Crewe.

The name was poison of her lips. On Miss. Minchin's lips the name took on a hellish edge and fed on her insecurity…on her past. Whenever she looked at the girl she immediately felt as if she was looking into her own broken mirror.

The girl had the life she should have lived. The girl was the person she should have been. The girl was a mocking reminder of Miss. Minchin's inner torment, the one she hid behind a scowl and rigid attitude.

Dressed in rich attire, clutching her father's hand and with a fallen angel smile, Sara Crewe bewitched everybody eventually; but for Maria Minchin she was the Devil's aide who delighted in torturing the tortured. Maria Minchin knew that was what lay beneath Crewe's façade, that Crewe's saintly stance was an act; she had seen the same cruel attitude in her father. The man who was guilty of forcing little Maria's heart into a cage, never to be reopened.

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