Waiting for Sunrise

It's 4.02am and I've been up all night from insomnia. Or so I thought, maybe it's because of this mission. All my nerves are worked up. Or, maybe because I'm away from her

I bet it's got something to do with all of them combined. I talked to her a few hours ago, saying I was sleepy and was going to bed soon. I wasn't lying to her. Really, after the conversation, I just couldn't sleep.


"Sasuke." Ino said softly over the phone.

"Hey." He said back, his tone suave- still, he couldnt hide the tiredness in his voice..

"you sound tired, anything going on?" Ino asked concerned.

"No, it's nothing to worry about. I'm actually heading off to bed…I'm really tired." Sasuke told Ino, "I called to say hey and check up on you…"

"That's sweet…well if you're tired you better get resting, so you can finish up with your mission faster." Ino told her husband.

"Yeah, no. Don't worry, I just really wanted to talk to you…this mission is basically over." Sasuke replied to Ino.

"What? So, your mission is really done? When are you coming home?" she asked him.

"no. Not yet- what I meant was, almost—more or less…and I'll be back in three days, at most." He explained.

She smiled a sad smile at her end. She missed Sasuke. Sasuke missed her too.

"I miss you." She said.

Sasuke smiled, "yeah, same here. I wish you could've come with me…" he told her.

Ino giggled, "I do too. But, you know why I can't…" she told him. She sounded happy, and excited, Sasuke liked that. It was good Ino was happy.

"yeah. Of course I do…" he told her, "I can't wait to get home."

"I'll be here waiting, it's almost time you know…" Ino said to Sasuke.

Sasuke suddenly felt excited, and no way near tired anymore. "I know. I've been thinking about that. I always do…" he told her.

"Well, you seriously better get to bed, Sasuke. I miss you so much already." Ino told him. Sasuke has been gone for 2 days, they both miss each other terribly already.

Sasuke chuckled, "yeah no, I promise to finish up here as soon as possible, Ino." Sasuke said. "I love you."

Ino smiled on her end, "I love you too, baby." Ino said. "goodnight. Bye."

"bye." Sasuke put down the phone with a smile on his face.


Ino, Ino. Since you brought that topic up, I can't seem to stop thinking about it. I bet that's the main reason for me not being able to sleep tonight. How can I? when something so wonderful is waiting for me back at home. It really is all I'm thinking about. And, thinking about it makes me happy. People say that being happy is a good thing…

Homesick? Is that why I can't sleep, I keep thinking about the people waiting for me back at my house. I guess I'll only be lying to myself when I say that. I'm thinking about them, the two things—the two people that make me extremely happy. But then she brought it up, and it made me remember…

So, all I'm thinking about now is my son. Him getting here…and right now, there's no one I'd rather meet than him. He's having a swim back at Konoha in his mommy's hot tub tummy…

Sitting here, in the dark, alone in this hotel room, waiting for the sun to finally rise, I wonder how he's doing. I hope he's well, I hope they both are, and I hope that he's getting some sleep, that she's getting some sleep as well, not like dad here. And, I wonder what he's dreaming about. More than anything, I hope they're good dreams…

This is it, isn't it? I feel the need to be with them. I want to see him, to be around him. Is that why I can't sleep?

How do you miss someone you've never met?

super dee-duper lame title, i swear. but whatever. this story was based on a blog Liam O'Brien wrote. I used his almost exact same words. His blog was short though. I extended it and added MUCH more lines. anyway, yeah the basic concept of this was thanks to Liam O'Brien. haha. hope you enjoyed this one. :)