10 months later

"Bella! Edward! Come and see!" Rose called. She didn't need to shout so loud to call Bella, but the excitment in her was over taking. Bella and Edward came out of their room. Edward had a huge smile on his face. Bella glared at him. Whatever Rose was so happy about, he wasn't going to share it. She didn't need to wait for so long to find out what it was. They were stood at the top of the stairs when they saw it. Their little girl was walking. Bella gave a little squel and ran down the stairs. She was stood next to Rose in a blink of an eye. Nessie was walking! She wasn't wobbling at all. She was as sure as walking as Cullens were. Bella siled widely. She looked at Rose.

"Oh my gosh!" She yelled. Edward came and stood next to them. His face mirrored Bella's.

"Congratulations Mom and Dad!" Rose said. Nessie turned around and saw her parents. She walked over to them. Bella scooped her up in her arms.

"Well done!" Edward said. Bella nuzzled Nessie's neck and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Nessie squeeled with delight. Carlisle and Esme walked through the door.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Esme said.

"Nothing's wrong, mom. In fact everything is great!" Edward said. Bella put Nessie down. Both Carlisle and Esme gasped.

"Oh my -" They both said. Esme rushed forward and kneeled down on the floor. She opened her arms. Nessie walked into them. Esme hugged her granddaughter tight. Carlise gave her a peck on the cheek.

Emmett, Alice and Jasper walked through the door next. All three of their faces lit up when they saw Nessie walking around.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" Alice screamed. She ran upstairs in a second and was down in another second. She had a cam-corder in her hand. She started to record Nessie .

Rose's POV

Bella was turned into a vampire by Edward. He couldn't let the love of his existence die like that. Bella had a shielding power. She could block any power that takes place within the mind. But her shield didn't block physical contact. Nessie was as normal as a normal baby could be. Okay, maybe she wasn't as normal. She had vampire parents. She had an impentrable skin. She also had a power. She could see the past. Not only could she it. She could feel what they feeling and hear what they were thinking. She was extremely gifted. Of course she doesn't relaise what's going on. It was edward who told us this.


It was three months after Nessie 's birth. We were all sat around. Edward stood up.

"Is it okay if me and Bella go out? We need someone to look after Nessie ," He asked looking around.

"Yeah sure. Why do you nee to ask? She's our neice-it'll be an honour," I said. Edward smiled at me. He scooped Bella in his arms. Carlisle stood up.

"Edward, please be careful," he said. Nessie smiled at Carlisle. Edward gasped. He dropped Bella.

"Edward, what's wrong?" Bella asked. He looked down at Ashley.

"I think i know what Nessie gift is," he said. Everyone stood up.

"What do you mean?" Bella and Carlisle asked.

"She has some sort of deja vu gift. But not only can she see the past, she can feel what the people in the vision were feeling and hear what they were thinking," Edward said.

End of Flashback.

Nessie doesn't understand anything. She's like a baby in most ways. A little perfect addition to our family. Me and Bella get on well now. She made all the right decisions would have made in my human life. Well except from one. They still had to get married.

Well guys that's the end of this story!! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i did writing it. I named her Nessie because i just couldn't change her name. I couldn't do it. You might have read the name Ashley in the last chapter but No I'm not calling her that. I've written an epilogue but that doesn't mean it's the end. I might write a sequel. i don't know... hah im evil plz tell me wat u think in the reviews. erm ... I kept Bella's power the sme but i changed nessie's power. i don't why... i just wanted to cuz b4 i read breaking dawn i had a sequel planned out and in that sequel i had bella's daughter with that power. I started writing this b4 reading bd and i finished writing it afta bd. lol. thankx for alll my readers. uve stuck wiv me...u have a great taste in reading. thankx a lot i love you alll

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