Ryo-ohki; More Then Meets The Meow
written by: Hokata (canyonairo@aol.com)

This story is for all the impossible loves in the world.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story, I just use them for my own slightly off-the-wall sense of humor. Blah blah blah.... don't sue me... blah blah blah.... all characters are property of Viz and/or Pioneer. Anyway, on to my first fanfic (Washu puppets appear on author's shoulders) "You are the greatest Hokata!" "The best writer in the universe!" (I know, that was an uncalled for lie, but hey I got low self-esteem) I appreciate c and c's. I wrote this out of emotion, even though I'm a firm Ryoko + Tenchi = love, but I like Ryo-ohki as much as Ryoko. so I put all my feelings about her into this story.


Tenchi felt a pair of hands on the side of his head, they had a firm, yet soft hold on his cheeks. He stared into a pair of emerald green eyes that threatened to swallow him. Her hot pink bangs hanging out from the sides of her head. His heart raced, he felt a nosebleed coming on as she leaned into kiss him, "Just close your eyes Tenchi." the beautiful woman said slyly. He squeezed his eyes shut, suddenly felt the cold smooth feel of metal around his ankles, wrists, and body. He looked to confirm his fears, yes, he was strapped down in Washu's lab. And of course he was stripped down to his boxer shorts.
"Oh no!" Tenchi groaned

"Oh Yes, my little guinea pig!" said the surprisingly short little nurse in a seductive voice, "you're all mine now." She smiled as she walked toward him, her shoulders level with his shorts, "I just need a *sample*, is that too much to ask for?" Tenchi noticed a slight smile of pleasure as she grabbed the elastic waistband and giggled, "Strictly medical, right?"

Tenchi sat up with his heart in his ears. He had soaked the sheets with a cold sweat. That was the fourth time this week he had had that nightmare. Worst part was, he was starting to enjoy it! The shear helplessness of the situation actually turned him on! Tenchi slapped himself, "don't be henti, you're not like your dad!" He shuddered at the thought of how his dad would react if he found out about the dreams, 'Ah my little Tenchi is finally starting to dream about girls! Oh happy day!' Oh yeah *real* happy day, Nobuyuki would never stop pestering him to tell him what( or who) Tenchi was dreaming about till he cracked!

Tenchi look at his clock, 5:15. Although Tenchi was very tired he decided to get up anyway, since Ryoko would soon be in his room to watch him sleep( and of course scare the bejesus out of him when he opened his eyes). "Oh well, might as well get started with the field, and change these sheets." He had almost forgotten about the sweat-soaked sheets, that is until he moved onto the freezing part of the bed. That coldness brought him back to reality, he quickly jumped out of bed and took of the covers and sheets from his bed, so he could wash them. He left the wad of sheets on the bed as he changed into his work clothes in two minutes flat.

As Tenchi started out of his room with dirty sheets in hand, he was careful not to wake anyone, especially not Ryoko or Aeka. He didn't feel like being in the middle of a fight this early in the morning. As he crept down the stairs, carefully avoiding all the stairs that creak, since he was a few meters from Ryoko's "bedroom." Once he reached the bottom of the stairs he stopped to listen for any sound of Ryoko waking up, he could hear her steady breathing. He sighed as he heard no sound or movement from Ryoko. He stood on the ground floor looking up at her sleeping form, 'it's amazing how innocent she was while sleeping, but once she wakes up all hell breaks loose!' he thought to himself. He smiled as she started to talk in her sleep, "oh Tenchi, I....I.....L.....L" Tenchi had a look of concern on his face as he had always wondered what Ryoko dreamed about.

"Tenchi.... I....I...." Tenchi was getting anxious about what she was going to say. "Tenchi... I'd love to take a bath with you." Tenchi face-faulted, blushed, and got a nosebleed all at the same time. As Tenchi picked himself up, he crawled toward the kitchen. As he crept inside and closed the door behind him as quietly as he could. Inside he heard as dish fall over. He almost screamed but he caught the sound before it woke everyone in the house.

As his heart slowly crawled back down his throat, he turned to see a starving Ryo-ohki in her humanoid form foraging for carrots. He sighed at the little cabbit-girl, Ryo-ohki looked at Tenchi and cried out a sad little "miya."

"Sorry Ryo-ohki, but there aren't any carrots in the house."

The little cabbit cried enough to fill the lake outside. Tenchi walked over to the sad little beauty, crouched beside her. "but I have great news for you," that brought the cute little girl to a low whine, "today the new carrot patch is ready for picking." Ryo-ohki cried out lovingly and hugged Tenchi's neck like there's no tomorrow. "OK OK, Ryo-ohki," whispered Tenchi as he stood up, carrying her up in his arms. She nuzzled his neck, not planing to let go any time soon.

Tenchi thanked god no one else was awake, or the beautiful little girl in his arms would be an ugly little tufts of blood and fur. That thought alone made the boy shutter, Ryo-ohki stopped hugging him and looked up a him with a concerned "Miya?" That snapped him back to reality, "Oh don't worry, I was just thinking about what Ryoko or Aeka would do if they saw me holding you," That made her pull back from him and her eyes watered, as she let a depressing "meow" as she jumped to the ground.

Tenchi realized his mistake, Tenchi quickly crouched down in front of her, "oh no Ryo-ohki, I don't care what they think," he said as he lovingly stroked her black stripe of hair. When she heard this as continued to latch on to his neck just like Ryoko would do, the only difference was he didn't try to pry her off of him. As Tenchi hugged her, "Myi muv mew" she cooed. 'That sounded like she said.....no, she couldn't have.' As Tenchi's brain tried to shrug it off, 'your just hearing things,' it said. His heart knew what it felt, even if his heart couldn't understand her voice, it knew what her emotions were saying in crystal clarity.

Tenchi and Ryo-ohki where locked in the embrace for what seemed like an eternity. Tenchi was reluctant about breaking off from her, but it was already 5:30, Sasami would be up soon. Then he heard both their stomachs breaking the silence. Tenchi was forced to break the moment of peace.

Suddenly, Tenchi remembered, "Ryo-ohki, I just remembered something," The cabbit slowly unattached herself from him, she had an amazingly content look on her sweet face. Tenchi put her down, and walk over to the refrigerator, he reach in and after looking around for a while, he found what he was looking for. "Here you go," he said, handing her a bag of frozen mini carrots.

She nearly screamed in delight, hugging the bag almost as tight as she had held Tenchi. he pryed the bag from her small hands, 'she's a lot stronger then she looks!' He poured them into a bowl and put them in Washu's "Insta-Nuke"(patent-pending). As soon as he closed the door, a chime went off, opening the little door, he pulled out the bowl filled with perfectly steamed carrots. He gave them to his little friend, "Tah-da!"

Her eyes watered over as she looked from the bowl, to Tenchi, then back to the bowl. She couldn't tell which made her happier, the bowl of beautiful carrots, or the beautiful man that made them for her. She slowly took the bowl from Tenchi's hands, and to his shock, slowly started to eat while she looked at him with glazed eyes. Smiling, he headed back to the fridge to get something for himself. After getting a bowl of food in his stomach, he was outside grabbing the biggest basket they had, after all, he knew there would be too many carrots to carry back in one trip, maybe it would fill another basket halfway.

As Tenchi leaned down to pick up the basket, he heard the door slide open then close behind someone. He was expecting to see Sasami or Aeka, as he started to turn around, as a pair of hands suddenly covered his eyes. he stooped moving, remembering his nightmare. He smiled and forgot all about it as heard the unbearably cute "Meow mew."

"Aeka?" Tenchi said sarcastically

"Miya" the unknown girl said while surpressing a giggle.


"Meow" she said trying to sound hurt.

"The cutest and sweetest little girl in the house?"

"Meow!" Ryo-ohki said truly happy about what Tenchi said, she hugged his neck as he stood up holding her piggy-back style. He ran around playfully, with Ryo-ohki holding on to his shoulders while prodding him lightly with her heels in his sides. They both were laughing and enjoying themselves, Tenchi stopped as he look at his watch, 5:55. Oh-oh, the others will be up any minute now.

He had to stop, much to the disappointment of the cabbit. Then Tenchi got an idea. He looked over his shoulder and saw those gorgeous eyes looking sadly back at him, "Hey beautiful want to help me in the fields?" Ryo-ohki blushed blood red. As soon as she got over the blush, she realized that she want to help him more then anything in the world. That was how she had gotten her ability to turn human in the first place.

Her will to help Tenchi had made the MASU's go out and try to help Tenchi, even if they got scared and nearly killed him. It was Ryo-ohki that saved him from the MASU. She had merged with the MASU's which gave her the ability to change her shape to that of a humanoid version of herself. She still had her big rabbit ears and her brown fur covering almost her entire body. Her eyes were golden just like Ryoko's and even more feline. Most interesting thing though, was her hair, the hair on the sides of her head was also the same color as Ryoko's, a cyan-gray color. And on the top of her head was jet-black.

She had thought she was too inhuman for Tenchi to even notice her. Actually she hadn't known her feelings toward him until this morning. Although she still didn't know his feelings toward her, she had an idea, but unlike Ryoko and Aeka, she didn't want to jump to conclusions. Not yet at least. "Hello? Ryo-ohki?" Tenchi lightly placed his hands over her delicate hands. She blushed profusely as she realized she had zoned out. She was still so happy about him asking her to help (and that he called her beautiful). All she could do was nod like a dashboard toy. He smiled broadly and took her hand, he led her to a couple of baskets. He grabbed a basket half the size of the one he had and put it inside of his basket, and put the straps on his shoulders. "All right let's go to the fields!"

In her shock she had forgotten all about the only other thing comparable to Tenchi. She started to walk toward the fields, with Tenchi holding her hand. Tenchi looked at his watch again, 'oh-oh it's 5:57 only got three minuets to get out of here before Sasami gets up.' Which in turn would wake everyone else up, He especially wouldn't want to have a fight start up with Ryoko and Aeka, not since he was having such a good time with his 'newly found *friend*' Ryo-ohki was surprised when Tenchi picked her up and carried her in his arms and said "Let's hurry and get out of here while we still can." They both smiled at each other, then he started to run slowly gaining speed. Ryo-ohki rested her head on his chest as she was slowly rocked to sleep by the rhythm of his running.

Tenchi had stopped running once he saw that she was asleep. She was breathing deeply, he could feel her softly purring with content. Tenchi unknowingly had set his pace to match with the soothing rhythm of her snore that had a slight hint of a meowing to it.

He walked the rest of the way to the fields. Once he got there, he sat down against the tree where he always ate lunch under. He was about to wake the sleeping girl, but when he looked down, he saw a beautiful sleeping face. He decided against waking her. As gently as he could, he moved her out of his arms and placed her against the tree, then he saw her shiver. Tenchi, of course being "Mr. Gentlemen", took of his outer shirt and tucked it around the sleeping angel. "You take a nap, I'll do the work." he said as he lightly kissed her forehead.

He stood up, and went to the carrots to start collecting the thing Ryo-ohki love the most, or was it....? 'Don't be silly, she loves carrots more than life!' as his brain tried to slap some sense into him, his heart disagreed. He decided to save this conversation for a later time. He only picked a few carrots before stopping and looking at the sleeping bundle. He reluctantly went back to his work, only to stop again ten seconds later and look at her again.

He tried to get back to work several times, but he couldn't focus on his chores. Finally he gave up and started walking back to the tree. "These carrots aren't going anywhere" he sighed. As he sat down next to her, she leaned onto his side and rested her head on his chest. He suddenly lost all his energy, with the last of his strength, he put his arm around her and hugged her close.

Ryo-ohki slowly started to wake up, but she didn't want to wake up from paradise. She had dreamed about Tenchi, he had hugged her, gave her breakfast, carried her, and best of all, asked if she wanted to help him. She lost the battle to say asleep, as she started to open her eyes see felt warm all over. She look up and her heart stopped, she saw her dreams turned to reality. She hadn't been dreaming! Tenchi was hugging her close to him as he happily sleep.

She could see why Ryoko watched his sleep, he was beautiful! Not that he hasn't any less handsome when he was awake, there was just a different look to him. She held his free hand, brought it up to her face and rubbed his palm against her cheek feeling his smooth skin against her fur. She took his hand away from her cheek and lightly kissed the back of his hand. As soon as she did that, Tenchi woke up.

She quickly dropped his hand, blushing, trying to pull herself away before he would yell at her. Tenchi realized what she was thinking he would do, "No, please don't leave." he begged holding one of her small hands so she couldn't run away before he talked to her. She stopped trying to escape letting out a questioning "Meow?"

"Your fur is so soft and silky, I don't see why you're embarrassed. I'm not." he said sincerely


"Yes, Your the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." he choked out, he had a knot that covered his entire chest. He wanted the knot in his chest to be gone, but he didn't what this moment to end. He saw the tears of joy in her eyes, he wiped down and lightly wiped them away with the back of his hand. Then he noticed the tears in his own eyes, he rubbed his tears away with his sleeve. And dropped his jaw when he saw the sheer beauty of Ryo-ohki's adult form!

She was a vision of perfection, he had only seen hear as an adult once before, right after she had merged with the MASU. Then she had only stayed in that form for a few seconds. She had only said the first word that came to her mind 'ca....ca...carrot.'

They looked deep into each others eyes, searching their souls. Unlike this morning, thought, the silence was not broken by their stomachs, but by Ryo-ohki. "I....I L.....I love you, Tenchi!" she cried out. Tenchi was shocked, his brain thinking about her talking, and his heart thinking about *what* she *said.* Now it was his turn to be zoned out. She looked deep into his eyes, they were focusing past her into space. "T...Tenchi?" she asked, looking worried, wondering if she had gone too far.

The war of Tenchi's heart and brain was raging. His brain wanting to ask how she was talking, and his heart wanted to know why he wasn't say anything back to her. For a man that always thought thinks through, it was a first when his heart won. "S...sor..sorry!" she cried and started to stand so she could run away.

Tenchi finally regained control over his body just as Ryo-ohki started to stand. His arms reached out and grabbed her forearms, and with out caring about the consequences, kissed her. She almost zoned out again, but she knew if she did, the kiss would end. She returned his kiss almost violently, Tenchi was surprised at the sudden burst of energy, but recovered and returned the strength of her kiss. They sat there on their knees on the ground under a lone tree kissing for what was both an eternity and a blink of an eye. They cried tears of pure, unsoiled, love. They each grabbed back of each others heads, pressing themselves together as if they were trying to merge with each other.

Then, just as suddenly as he started the kiss, he broke off the kiss. Even though she was sad about stopping the kiss, her happiness over the whole day balanced it out. He stared at her face, the pure joy shined on her face brighter than anything he had ever seen. After seeing her face, all he could say was "I love you twice as much."

They smiled at each other, until Ryo-ohki shivered he looked down, and realized she was naked! 'Oh right, in this form she hadn't been dressed like when she was in her younger form.' Tenchi actually surprised himself by acting calmly, and handing her his shirt that he had taken off earlier, she looked at it confused at first, then she also realized she was naked. Calmly taking the shirt from her love, she slipped it on. The shirt was a very loose fit that covered most of her body, all the way down to her mid-thigh. "Wow" Tenchi gasped, Ryo-ohki heard this and stood up. He got scared 'did I say something wrong!?' he started to get up, but she grabbed his shoulders and pushed him back down.

Tenchi was relived that she wasn't leaving, and sat back down, to watch her. She walked away just a little, too far for him(anywhere was too far for his tastes), and started to model like she had seen on the TV. After all if the girls weren't watching a cheesy soap opera, it was a fashion show. She started to pose, like she was on the runway. Tenchi grinned and started to make crowd noises, like cheers and wolf-whistles at the model. She smiled at Tenchi's reaction, and started to walk seductively toward him.

He was stunned, not just by her beauty, but the way she acted as well. She looked amazingly like Ryoko would when she tried to seduce him. The only difference was he enjoyed this much more then anything Ryoko had tried. As she came closer to him, he lost his voice and all other thought not about her where gone. The only thing he could do was silently mouth "beautiful..." She saw his eyes go wide with awe, and noticed him say something silently. She may not have heard it, but she knew exactly what he said.

She smiled ear-to-ear and quickened her pace toward him. He almost wish she hadn't, he enjoyed the show so much he wanted it to last forever, but he was happier that she was longing to get back to his embrace. She sat down next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. He lightly brushed her hair, and whispered, "I love you." She picked her head up and looked deep into his eyes, "I love you to" That finally restarted Tenchi's brain, that had been on hold since the kiss.

"How did you learn all this words? Not that I'm complaining." She looked away him, trying to form the words

"I listen to everyone" she said with a little unsure of her voice, "hear them talk, I practice sometimes." She wanted to make the words perfect. She knew what the words were, just not how to say them. He cupped her chin and made her look at him, tears forming in her eyes. "Don't be mad" she said, her voice shaking.

"Why would I be mad, it's a great thing. I'm so happy for you." he said, tears forming in his eyes as well. He pulled her head closer to his, but she was already leaning in toward him. They kissed, not with the power of their first kiss, but a loving, tender kiss of two hearts beating as one.

The kiss lasted much longer then the other one had, neither one of them wanting to break away first. Then much like this mornings hug, their stomachs growled at them, reminding them of the time. Sadly they broke the kiss, he looked at his watch, 12:33. No wonder they were both so hungry, it was almost lunch time! "Time to go home, break the news and a few hearts." he added sadly.


Preview of next chapter: Ground Zero

Tenchi sat at the dinner table, hearing the regular dinner table talk, but not listening to it. He was thinking about what he would say, planning it, perfecting it, but it still didn't make it any easier. He slowly stood up, "Everyone, I have an announcement......"


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