Ryo-ohki: Aftermath
Written by: Hokata (canyonairo@aol.com)

This story is for all the impossible loves in the world.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story, I just use them for my own slightly off-the-wall sense of humor. Blah blah blah.... don't sue me... blah blah blah.... all characters are property of Viz and/or Pioneer. Anyway, on to the next part of my first fanfic (Washu puppets appear on author's shoulders) "You are the greatest Hokata!" "The best writer in the universe!" (I know, that was an uncalled for lie, but hey I got low self-esteem) I appreciate comments and criticism. I wrote this out of emotion, even though I'm a firm Ryoko + Tenchi = love, but I like Ryo-ohki as much as Ryoko. so I put all my feelings about her into this story. (note: unless said so, Ryo-ohki is in her adult

(Repeatative I know, but it's easier than thinking up a new one every time :) )


They sat there hugging, laughing, and crying tears of joy. She whispered, "Thank you, thank you."

"No, thank you my love. Before you my life was a living hell. You finally brought me peace." he cried.

She pulled back from the hug, and tearfully choked out, "Don't cry, my Tenchi."

"I can't help it. This is the happiest moment of my life. I'm finally with the woman I love." he gained control of the tears, "Come on, let's get you some sleeping clothes." nodding toward Achika's uniform.

"Oh, I guess most people don't go to bed in their uniforms." she giggled. He smiled at his fiancé. They started to rummage though the box, looking for something for her to wear. "How's this?" she asked pulling out a robe and draping it in front of her.

"Perfect." he beamed. She smiled and walked off to the changing panel, as he repacked the clothes into the box. After a minute, she walked out in the robe, even though it was modest, she made it look sexy. He blushed just enough to be noticeable, "Thank you for the complement." she smiled innocently. The blush rapidly disappeared, from his face.

He stared at her and said, "WOW!" He stood up and walked over to her, and kissed her deeply. "Come on its almost eleven o'clock." he said after the kiss. She followed her husband ('I never thought I would be able to have the privilege of saying 'her husband!' she thought) as he picked up the box and walked to the staircase. He stopped at the top of the stairs, "I'll go first." He unsteadily walked down the steps.

'I hate steps' she thought, she still wasn't used to the much larger body. She watched him reach the bottom, he set down the box and held his hand out toward her. She took his hand and started to walk down the steps, suddenly she lost her balance and started to fall. In one swift motion, he caught her and held her close to his chest. "Careful" he chuckled, he kissed her forehead as he set her down.

"Thank you oh white knight" she replied with a hint of sarcasm.

"Fine, next time I'll let you fall." trying to sound hurt. They lightly laughed as they walked toward his room. As she closed his door, he put down the box and remember what had caused the best night of his life. "I'll be right back, I need to get some wood to fix the floor." he sighed.

"Don't worry about that tonight," she grinned, "Besides, I have a feeling the house will need a lot more repaired by tomorrow night." adding sadly.

"Hey, don't worry about tomorrow, right now is all that matters." he said looking deeply into her rapidly watering eyes.

"Thanks Tench, I feel better now," wiping the tears from her eyes, "Let's get some sleep, tomorrow is going to be a big day." As they smiled at each other, she walked over to his bed, and jumped on to the mattress, "come here Tenchi," she commanded seductively.

"Oh no, not tonight." he said grinning at his future wife, "as you said, we need our energy for tomorrow."

She looked at him with her saddest face she could muster. "Ok Tenchi, if you say so."

"Hey hey hey, don't get me wrong, I want to, believe me. Just not tonight, after all, I just proposed less than thirty minutes ago! That's a little too quick for me," he said while sitting down next to her wrapping his arms around her slender frame, "Besides, I think we've had enough action for one night." He grinned, "Alright, time to sleep."

She saw that he was mostly asleep already, "OK." She pried herself out of his grip. Then she eased his head down to the pillow, and pulled the covers over both of their bodies. She curled up next to him, and whispered in his ear, "good night my Tenchi." Her eyes closed and she fell into a deep, happy sleep.

Tenchi slowly opened his eyes, and felt someone on his back. He almost yelled when he remembered that it was his fiancé and not Ryoko. He slowly and carefully twisted to face her. He grinned when he finally saw her face, "perfect as always" he whispered to himself. He kissed her lightly, hugged her close, and then fell asleep while still in their loose embrace.

The next morning everyone was starting to worry about Ryoko and Aeka. They hadn't come home last night (not that he would have heard them, mind you). Tenchi and Ryo-ohki had decided not to break the news just yet, they would wait until everyone was calm and Ryoko and Aeka had finished their demolition spree.

Everyone was sitting around the breakfast table talking about the regular stuff; Sasami got a new recipe she wanted to try out tonight for dinner, Washu bragging about her latest invention, and dad complaining that his clients weren't giving him enough time to make plans for his projects.

They all listened to each other, nobody really caring about the conversations, they were all off in their own little worlds. Except for Tenchi and Ryo-ohki, they were on their own planet, just the two of them. Suddenly the front door slid open.

They looked up to see Ryoko and Aeka stumbling into the living room, laughing for no reason. They both reeked heavily of sake, their clothes were filthy and uneven, like they had put them on in a hurry. Sasami was the first to speak, "Before you two do anything else, go take a bath!" even though she was trying to sound mad, she sounded really funny because she was holding her nose and fanning the air in front of her.

Ryoko and Aeka busted out laughing as they tried to walk out the door to the onsen. As the front door closed behind the two drunkards, everyone at the table was speechless. They didn't know whether to make a joke or be serious. "So do you think they'll accept it or kill us both?" Tenchi asked in a regular tone, sipping at his tea.

"Good question." his secret wife answered in the same tone, "we'll just have to wait and see." Everybody else was stunned at the couple's reaction, They had at least expected Tenchi to start worrying a *little*! "Takes after his grandfather." Nobuyuki sighed.

it was after breakfast and neither Ryoko nor Aeka had returned from the onsen. "can someone go and check up on those two?" Tenchi asked.

"Not me," Ryo-ohki quickly responded, "I would probably never be seen again if I did."

"We'll go!" Sasami jumped up and ran out the door with a stunned Washu in tow. As Washu and Sasami carefully entered the onsen, looking for any sudden energy bolts or small hovoring logs. Suddenly, they were both caught in a choke hold for behind, they tried to escape, but that was useless. "It's not her, let them go." said a monotone voice from their right.

"You're right, it's just Washu and Sasami." the one holding them said, it was obviously Ryoko. She let them both go, they fall to their knees coughing and rubbing their necks. "Sorry about that you two, I thought you were Ryo- um, someone else." she said, trying to make it sound like a joke.

"She was right, we'd never she her again if she came here." Sasami whispered to Washu.

"What was that!?" Ryoko and Aeka snapped

"no...nothing, we didn't say anything." they answered hastily, holding out their hands trying to settle the two women down.

"Hey! Would you to like to help us with something?" Aeka said trying to act as if she just thought it up.

"Yeah! We could use your help!" Ryoko chimed in. 'Wow, they really planned this revenge thing out!' Sasami thought. "No way!!!" Sasami yelled at the pair, "Ryo-ohki is my friend, I would never do anything to hurt her! Besides, you two should be happy for her and Tenchi."

Ryoko looked at Sasami dumbfounded, "Were we that obvious?" Sasami nodded simply at the pirate.

"Fine, we don't need your help anyway! It just would have made it easier." Aeka was on the verge of screaming.

"Aeka! If you hurt Ryo-ohki, I'll never talk to you or cook for you again." Sasami yelled back at her sister. Everybody was stunned, they never knew that the little princess had such strong feelings about this. Aeka sighed, "But Sasami, you have no idea how Ryoko or I feel."

"That doesn't matter! You shouldn't hurt the one Tenchi loves. You should, however, accept it and be happy for them." Sasami replied, calming herself, "Now I want you two to stay in here until you calm down and accept it."

"And to make sure you do," Washu said as a holo-pad appered in front of her and her fingers flew across the keys, "I'm locking you to in here with my Ryoko-proof sheild. It will disingauge when your hearts are calm and stop thinking about revenge." With a final key the onsen rummbled for a second, then stopped, "there we go!" she stated proudly wiping her hand together.

"Ha ha, but now you two are locked in here with us!" Ryoko Said with a mix of anger and pride in her voice.

"Don't be stupid!" Washu responed annoyied, "it only locks you two in here!" and with that Washu and Sasami walked out the door.

"Wait a second!" Ryoko yelled, and flew after them. WHAM! She instantly stopped five inches from the door, her face was flattened against the sheild. As she slowly started to slide down the invisible wall, she hissed, "damn you Washu." Suddenly she leaped back next to Aeka, they both screamed, and unleased their full power against the shield.

"You were right Ryo-ohki," Sasami said almost amused, as she ran back into the house, "those two were waiting for you." Ryo-ohki, who was sitting on the couch, looked worried. Tenchi, who was sitting on the other end of the couch, saw the look on her face and slid over to her, hugging her tightly to him.

"They won't be bothering us for a while though, at least until they calm down, stop thinking about killing you, and accept that they lost." Washu saying matter-of-factly.

"Washu, they didn't lose. I'm not a prize to be won. I made my own choice," he said looking deeply into his fiancé's eyes, "and I'm loving every second of it." They lightly put their foreheads together, and smiled. "by the way, what did you do to them exactly?" he asked, eyeing Washu.

"Don't worry. They're perfectly fine, just contained." she replied in her usual perky voice. Tenchi just sighed, "I'd better not ask." he whispered to Ryo-ohki. She stifled a giggle and nodded at him, "I don't blame you." she whispered back.

"Hey! What are you two talking about?" Nobuyuki asked, trying as hard as he could to pry into their business.

Tenchi leaned in and whispered something into Ryo-ohki's ear, she slowly nodded at him, it was time.


Well, there you have it chapter four of my first fanfic. Will we be hearing wedding bells or funeral bagpipes? You'll have to wait and see. As always, send flames, comments, and/or criticism to Canyonairo@aol.com. Thanks for you time. If you people like my story tell me! or no chapter 5. heh..